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5 Books You Need To Read To Get Cliterate!

Hey there, you know how everyday is an opportunity to learn something new? Today’s our opportunity to gain some cliteracy! Growing up, we’ve obtained our sexual knowledge from a variety of sources, but we believe we’ve got sex all wrong! Whether it’s pornography or mainstream media, the focus is almost always on PinV sex, whereas everything else is overlooked. 

The problem with giving importance to just PinV sex is that, a majority of women don’t orgasm with penetration alone. We’ve made it okay to neglect female pleasure, leading to the current orgasm gap. So, here are some insightful and informative books that might just help close that gap a little!

Becoming Cliterate by by Laurie Mintz, PhD 

Date of publishing : 9 May 2017

You didn’t think we’d pass on the opportunity to mention a book with ‘cliterate’ in the title in this list, did you? This book from sex therapist and psychology professor Laurie Mintz, makes a strong case for focusing on clitoral stimulation. The great thing about Becoming Cliterate is how it brings together evidence from biology, sociology, linguistics, and sex therapy into one comprehensive, accessible, and prescriptive guide. It also has a chapter dedicated to penis owners, because you don’t have to have a clitoris to be cliterate!


Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski, PhD

Date of publishing : 3 March 2015

Do you know what we love about this book? Its non-judgmental look at sexual desire that’s backed by scientific research and data. Emily Nagoski, a sex educator and former researcher at the Kinsey Institute, in her book aims to provide insights on the functioning of female sexuality and how orgasms don’t need to be elusive! She also explains the need to understand that everyone has their unique sexuality and needs, especially vulva owners. She argues that sex isn’t a stand-alone isolated act, but a combined experience of several factors, and proves it with facts!

Three Women by Lisa Taddeo

Date of publishing : 2 July 2019

We know what you’re thinking and no, this book isn’t about that! Lisa Taddeo is an author and journalist who immersed almost a quarter of her life on this book that explores the lives of three American women, Maggie, Lina, & Sloane. While reading this book, you might get so engrossed and moved tha you’ll probably end up forgetting it’s a non-fiction work. She has successfully captured sex and desire, trauma and longing, power and vulnerability, and the invisible forces that shape our sexuality gracefully in this book that’s a Newyork Bestseller. 


Sex for One by Betty Dodson, PhD

Date of publishing : 1 February 2012

Exactly what it sounds like and proudly so, this is an unapologetic guide to sex for one abd self-pleasure by Betty Dodson. She’s a rockstar sex educator who was featured on Netflix’s the goop lab with Gwyneth Paltrow! She takes away the focus from partnered sex and shifts it to masturbation in this guide full of intelligent observations and informative line drawings. Taking out the taboo from masturbation, it explains how fulfilling and satisfying sex for one can be combined with ways to improve it.


The Vagina Bible by Dr. Jennifer Gunter

Date of publishing : 20 August 2019

Ever wondered if your labia looks normal, or whether the white discharge coming from your vagina is a sign of a yeast infection, or a hundred other questions about your sexual health? Great, then this is just the book you need! Coming from an OB/GYN, this book aims to take the mystery away from vagina while debunking myths about your reproductive health. Whether it’s fads like vagacials (yep, that’s a thing!) to simple questions about changes after pregnancy, she answers them all in this Vagina Bible.

I’m sure you’re curious and excited to get your hands on these wonderful and information-packed books already, so choose the one that peaks your interest and order away. We don’t know about Winter but the revolution is cumming and getting cliterate is a great way to be a part of it!