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Did you know upto 50% of women who use sexual lubricants find it easier to orgasm? Bridge the orgasm gap with our extensive range of safe and sexy personal lubricants.

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Buy Lubricants online for smoother sex

Say Goodbye to all the uncomfortable chafing and rubbing during sex. Buying a lube will make your sex wetter and better. We have water based lubes, oil based lubes and silicone based lube. Incorporate lubes in your sex life now for a smooth and safe ride. Whether its anal sex, oral sex, p in v penetration, queer sex or straight sex, lubricants can make all kinds of sex better.

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Types of lubes available online

Shop for lubricants online at Manzuri which offers a variety of lubricants for you to choose from. We care for all of your comfort needs and have water-based lubricants, silicone-based, all natural lubes, Durex lubricant, tingle lubes that provide a warm tingly sensation and flavored lubes that you can use during oral sex.

Why buy a lube? Benefits of lubricants

Lube can help close the orgasm gap in your bedroom as lubricants can help increase arousal in women, making sex better for both the people involved. Lubes can help reduce friction, this helps you focus on your pleasure, they can be used for any kind of sex. While it is a fun addition to your sex life, sometimes it can also be a neccesity and there is nothing wrong with that. Vaginal dryness can happen for a number of reasons, and the natural lubrication levels of the penis can also change, so lube can smoothen out your sex life for you . Sex can’t be pleasurable if there’s pain involved. Lubricants also helps reduce pain and discomfort during sex. Adding lube to your sex life can literally guarantee more orgasms. A 2013 study from Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion reported that lube makes it 50 percent easier to orgasm for the participants that were both men and women. We know you must be already sold but the benefits of lube are never ending! lubricant gel can also make sex safer. It prevents the vaginal membrane from tearing which can indirectly help prevent STIs. Into anal sex? Lube should be in your arsenal at all times since the anus doesn’t self lubricate like a vagina and its easy for the anal tissue to tear. Buy a water based lubricant every time you buy anal toys like anal plugs.

#Manzuritip Incorporate applying lube into your foreplay session to make it hotter by asking your partner to apply it on you.

Lubes make great gifts

Whether it’s for your partner or a bachelors party gift for a friend, lubricants make for a great, thoughtful gift. A lubricant gel as a gift shows that you care about your partner’s needs and comfort.

With a manzuri gift card worth as little as ₹500 to ₹1500, you can let the other person choose from the different types of lubes available in our collection. Or you can leave a little message listing your favourite lube with the gift card.

Lube you should use with sex toys

The first thing you should know is that silicone lubes are a big no no when it comes to sex toys made of silicone. Using silicone lube with silicone toys can cause beaks and tears on the surface of the sex toy making it unsafe for use. How to know if your sex toy contains any silicone? When you buy a sex toy from Manzuri you can look at the product description which usually lists the material used. Water based lubricants are most commonly used with sex toys as they are the easiest to clean off.

Lube you should use with condoms

Lubricants can prevent condom breakage yes, but only when you use the right kind of condom! Both water and silicone lubes are safe to be used with any kind of condom. Oil based lubricants should never be used with latex condoms or it can damage the condom. The last thing we want is holes in our condom! Strictly avoid any condoms made with the following materials: any oils, petroleum jelly,lotions, cold creams,butter, cocoa butter, margarine.

The Safest Lube For Beginners

Water based lubes by a mile! They are water soluble which means they wash off easily, whether from condoms or sex toys. Buy water based lubes like ky jelly or Durex lubricant gel at manzuri.

Why trust manzuri with your lubricant needs

Manzuri is the one stop solution for all your sexual pleasure needs and what’s sexual pleasure without lubes? At Manzuri we promote safe and healthy pleasure and lubricants are a great way to practice that.

We provide discreet packaging to keep your sex toy safe from the eyes and judgment of your family members or neighbors. Your privacy is in our best interests, which is why we offer a cash on delivery option! We guarantee confidentiality with secure payment that ensures that your payment information and personal credentials are protected. We use body safe materials because your health is our utmost priority. We believe in inclusive pleasure which is why we have exclusive categories for men, women and the LGBTQ+ community.

Pair your lube with one of our sex toys like vibrator or anal plug

You can buy one of our intimate care washes, sensual massage oils and menstrual cups along with your durex lubricant gel to make your very own body care kit.

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