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A Guide to Being Virtually Intimate

The ways and means have kept evolving but humans have always prioritised communicating love. Whether it’s hand gestures, or stick drawings, or love letters- the delivery may have changed, but the message remained- “I love you and I want to be close to you even when we’re far apart.” In this regard when the internet came about it changed the outlook of long distance relationships. All of a sudden we could transcend time zones and see them face to face without moving a muscle. It’s really no surprise that the next thing we wanted was to find a way to get intimate. 

By the time the global pandemic rolled around and forced all of us to figure out how socially distanced sex works, there were a quite a few couples who had already got this down to a tee, and we get to build from where they left off. If you have been left with no choice but to satisfy your needs through a screen, remember that cybersex has the lowest chances of STDs and pregnancies, and allow us to help you make your sexcapade more interesting

At Manzuri, respect for positive enthusiastic consent is ingrained in not just our approach but our name! Manzuri translates to female masturbation in Japanese, and consent in Hindi. Virtual encounters are not exempted from this basic requirement. Your partner may not be comfortable with NSFW texts while at work, or with family. Or maybe you are not comfortable sending nudes, or trusting websites with such information. These are all concerns both parties have to respect. Speak to your partner about what you both are interested in trying out, set boundaries, and remember, everyone is allowed to change their mind at any given point! 

Let’s start with the basics. You’re in a romantic relationship, virtually, and want to now get your sexy on. How do you do it? Of course, you can pleasure yourself. You’d be just as satisfied, but you want to get your partner involved. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.


Sexting is a great way to initiate sexy talk. Being the most non-explicit form of cybersex, you can either start your foreplay on text and transition to other, more visually engaging mediums or have a full-fledged sexual encounter here. Send your partner NSFW texts throughout the day, letting them know you want to get naughty with them. Don’t shy away from sending each other little snippets of you touching yourself while you think of them if that’s something you’re both into, and watch the magic unravel.

Erotica/ Pornography:

Erotica and pornography are primarily associated with solo pleasure, but they can very well be watched together with a partner or with them at a distance. Now, since mainstream porn is infamous for its misogynistic views on sex, this is a great opportunity for an idividual or a couple to dive into ethical porn. With a wide variety of niche categories to suit everyone’s tastes that hit that sweet spot, these can be an exciting way to indulge in some self or partnered pleasure. 

Webcam sex:

Webcam sex is sex where two or more individuals engage with each other sexually through the lens of a webcam. While this may seem a little awkward in theory, or to engage in for the first time, to watch another person get off while you watch, or vice-versa, is definitely something that has scope for more, especially if you’re someone that derives pleasure from that of your partner’s.

This act involves two or more parties watching each other while they basically masturbate. Yes, we know how this sounds but trust us when we say that consent is key.

Now here are a few tips to make it less awkward:

  • Use your words: silence is not the best way to indulge in this act as it has the scope to very effortlessly get awkward. Let your partner know what you’re doing, tell them how you like it, ask them if there’s something they’d like to watch you do.
  • Use more than just your hands: While your trusty hands are the most accessible way to play with yourself, it usually takes a while to get to that climax, and from personal experience, we can tell you that longer is not always better. Invest in a sex toy. A sex toy is a great way to help you attain that big O in the quickest way possible.

Performing for the camera:

This is another form of cybersex involving the camera, but this time, the two parties are on the same side of the camera. 

This one is for all you exhibitionists out there. If you get off knowing that others are watching, there are online platforms where you can broadcast your sex tape. Some NSFW streaming websites that allow sexual content are,, Kupaa Networks and Plexstorm.

While there is a lengthy process to get authorization on these platforms, it’s for safety reasons and we’re glad these practices are comprehensive and strictly enforced. You can always take precautions to avoid being recognized on such platforms, positioning the camera to avoid your faces being captured, only broadcasting certain acts and so on. Make sure you take precautions that ensure the comfort of both parties beforehand. This could include setting clear boundaries on what activities you will be performing, a safeword and method to immediately cut the recording and so on. Do your research, and have fun! 

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation where one can interact within a 3D environment using special goggles or gloves fitted with sensors, or both.

VR sex is another niche community where users watch pornography in 3D to make them feel more involved in the act. It allows the user to be a part of the simulation, making them feel like it’s happening IRL.

There are several websites, for example, ‘virtualrealporn’ ‘vrbangers’, etc. that facilitate this form of interaction.

Alternate reality:

Alternate reality, similar to a parallel universe, is a way for users to escape into a virtual world where they can carry out daily activities such as work, play, eat, etc. Building relationships and having sex is also part of these activities. 

Engaging in sex in this alternate universe might seem bizarre to many because it could feel like a game. However, this can be a great way for users to get to know themselves better in terms of their sexuality, sexual identity, etc.

‘Secondlife’ is one such website where users can live an alternate life.

While all these methods of cybersex can come off as a shock to many, they are just taboos that will feel normal once tried and tested. 


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