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Couple sex toys that will intensify your passion

Who said sex toys are just for single people? Whether it’s a new relationship and you’re feeling adventurous or a long term relationship in dire need of reignition of passion…

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Who said sex toys are just for single people? Whether it’s a new relationship and you’re feeling adventurous or a long term relationship in dire need of reignition of passion, introducing a third in the relationship can be the answer to your problems. No we’re not talking about another person, we’re talking about sex toys! Adding a sex toy (or two!) to your bedroom can be just what you need to spice up your sex life.

Types of partner sex toys online to buy from

Buy sex toys for couples online at Manzuri. You can explore anal play with your partner with our anal plugs or delve into bondage with our BDSM products. Whether its app controlled vibrators, games that make foreplay more fun or strap ons of all sizes that meet your comfort requirements, manzuri has got it all.

Find the right sex toy online for you and your partner

Want to try your hand at mutual masturbation? Our remote or app controlled vibrators are the perfect addition to your collection. Don’t know what mutual masturbation is? Learn about it here and hop in on the new trend!

Want to get kinky and explore your darker side? Our BDSM collection features super lightweight whips made specially for beginners and red faux leather handcuffs just begging to be used on Valentine’s day.

The easiest way to take your sex life up a notch is to get comfortable with experimenting. Enter the exciting world of pegging with Manzuris strap on collection. With comfortable harnesses and vibrating dildos, these are perfect for both queer and straight sex!

Don’t forget to pair these with our best water based lubricants for a smooth and frictionless ride.

Why buy sex toys- benefits for couples

Sex toys can help bridge the orgasm gap. Research shows that about 75% of women can’t orgasm by penetrative sex and nearly 50% have faked orgasms at least once. Women have a much higher chance of orgasming with a sex toy that provides clitoral stimulation compared to penetrative sex. With a sex toy, you can focus on enjoying your time together rather than worrying about the end result. Over 30% of the Indian men below the age of 40 face erectile dysfunction. This can put a strain on a couples sex life and a little help from sex toys can be just what you need. There are also some adult toys made specifically for men who face erectile dysfunction that can help them maintain an erection and delay ejaculation.

Couple sex toys make great gifts!

Looking for a Valentine’s day gift? Look no further. What better way to show your love and appreciation to your partner than with a shiny new sex toy! Away from your partner and don’t want them to get lonely? A gift card can be a good token to let them know that you’re thinking of them.

We’re mindful of your budgetary needs! You can buy a gift card worth from as little as ₹500 and ₹1000 to ₹1500! You can also leave a little message with the gift card. A sex toy with a love letter attached! What could be better?

Manzuri tip: Send your partner a gift card with a note asking them to pick out something special ahead of your date night to make it more exciting and fun than usual!

Why manzuri is the best online spot to buy sex toys for couples

Manzuri prides itself on curating every part of the shopping experience with the Indian customer in mind. With the heavy stigma attached to everything related to pleasure and sex, it takes immense courage to even make the decision of buying a sex toy in the first place. We strive to make the rest of the process as anxiety free for our customers as possible. We provide discreet packaging to keep your 100% legal sex toy safe from the prying eyes of your security guard, family members or neighbors. Worried about having the purchase listed on your credit card statement? Avail our cash on delivery option! We guarantee confidentiality with secure payment that ensures that your payment information and personal credentials are protected. We use body safe materials because your health is our utmost priority. We believe that pleasure for one is pleasure for all which is why we have exclusive categories for men, women and the LGBTQ+ community.

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