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Guide to Using Dildos for Anal Play

Anal sex toys

Anal sex is something that most of us have thought about – will it be painful? Do I really want to try it out? How must it feel? Does one poop during the act? Can you do it with a toy? Well hold on, we’ve got answers! Sex toys in India are not too hard to find, and you can find a variety of anal toys online, from buttplugs to anal dildos. While each toy has a specific function, you can choose the toy based on your needs. You must buy a dildo if you are looking for deep penetration (don’t worry, a dildo in India is easily available online).

Whether it is for solo play, partnered sex, or pegging, this guide on how to pick and use a dildo for anal play will surely come in handy!

  1. Keep it clean

Before you pick up your dildo or any toy for that matter, you have to make sure that it is clean! You don’t want a breeding ground of germs and bacteria up your butt! To begin with, we would suggest you store and clean your toys in a hygienic way after every use. And to ensure extra safety, it wouldn’t hurt to wash them quickly with a clean wet cloth before you begin. Also, make sure you wash them thoroughly with water after using a gentle, fragrance-free disinfectant or a mild soap, and avoid bleach and harsh chemicals at all costs!

  1. Don’t switch it up – between the anus and vagina

You must have read this quite a few times on our blogs, but we just can’t miss this step out whenever anal play is involved! Let us take a quick biology tour – since the anus is technically the end of our digestive tract, and it’s where your stool passes from. Any bacteria that has been inside your gastrointestinal tract is likely to end up in your anus via the stool! And while it may be normal for the bacteria to hang around in the anus, it could be potentially harmful if it ends up in your vagina!

So even if you do plan on switching, use condoms, and change them every time you switch! Don’t be in a hurry.

  1. Choose a toy with a flared base

Did you know that the anus can suck in almost anything that’s halfway up there? Yes! The anatomy of the anus is such that it includes 2 sphincter muscles around the butthole, and unlike most muscles, we cannot control these ones. The natural state of sphincters is closed and they open only when engaged. So just like a suction machine, if something is already halfway up there, it is very likely that the muscles will draw it in and close. And the only way out would be a way to the emergency room.

No, we are not trying to scare you, just trying to urge you to take the necessary precautions during anal sex! Only use objects, in this case, a dildo with a flared base! If you are opting for realistic dildos, opt for the ones with the scrotum since they act as a flare.

  1. Consider the size and material

While you may be tempted to go with a huge dildo since most of us (wrongly) equate size to pleasure, we don’t think that’s the way to go. It may work for the vagina, considering that it expands when aroused and is also self-lubricating, the same can’t be said about the anus. You can most definitely opt for huge dildos for anal play, but it’s best to save them for later when you are an expert. When it comes to anal play, it’s best to opt for an average-sized dildo, and if you are a beginner, start with less girth!

The material of the dildo must be safe to avoid any infection or injury. When checking the material check for two things – porosity and chemical composition. Go for non-porous toys made with safe materials. Here’s a quick guide:

Materials to opt for – Body safe, medical grade silicone, glass, metal, ceramic, wood, and ABS plastic.
Materials to Avoid – Jelly, Rubber, PVC, TPE/TPR

  1. Prep time

Now you must have heard all sorts of things to do before you have anal sex, some of which you might want to do because of certain fears – accidentally pooping during anal penetration or the dildo touching the poop inside your anus. While you may be tempted to take an enema, it will only irritate your anus further and make the experience uncomfortable. If you are worried about the poop (which by the way, is normal!) just empty your bowels beforehand and wash your anus with simple soap and water. If you still insist on deep cleaning, we would suggest douching over an enema.

Feeling like farting after penetration, or farting during the act is absolutely normal, and while getting poop residue on the dildo may be embarrassing, that’s normal too, considering where you’re putting the dildo! Address these fears beforehand and normalize them with your partner to make your experience more fun and relaxed.

  1. Setting the scene

Now that you have all the things taken care of – hygiene, precautions, and size, let us set the scene for some amazing anal play! If you are doing it with your partner/s, remember the 3 Cs – Consent, Communication, and Care! Only proceed after all parties have consented enthusiastically and have communicated their desires, expectations, boundaries, and limitations. If you are the one penetrating, then keep in mind that inserting a dildo in the anus can be uncomfortable, especially if they are a beginner, so proceed with care and caution, and actively communicate to ensure that your partner is feeling okay.

In any kind of anal play, it is important for the person being penetrated to be relaxed – be it yourself or a partner. If the person is tense or anxious the muscles around the anus will further contract, making the experience uncomfortable and potentially painful. So give your partner a relaxing massage, talk to them and ease their worries, use aromatherapy or some soft music!

  1. Condoms and Lots of lube

Colourful condoms in packets

Once you or your partner are relaxed, it’s time to bring in the condoms lube and a lot of it! It’s best to keep a lot of lube handy before you start. Since the anus is not self-lubricating, lube is a must to avoid any friction, minor cuts, injury, or pain. Opt for a body-safe, (ideally) glycerine-free lube that is compatible with the material of your dildo. Read: Lube It Up: All you need to know about lube. If you will be switching from the vagina to the anus in the same session, it’s easier to replace the condom instead of washing the dildo and then starting again. Also, if you and your partner will be taking turns being penetrated, or if the dildo will be used with multiple partners, condoms will make it all the more convenient and safe!

  1. Foreplay (Warm-up)

When inserting the dildo, make sure that the person being penetrated is relaxed and in a comfortable position. Good foreplay will ensure that both parties are aroused, which can help you take your mind off the tension. Moreover, foreplay acts as a warm-up to the actual act, and in a way preps your body for the pleasure to come. We would suggest engaging the anus by anal play using your fingers and hands, or anal beads and buttplugs – this step is especially important if the person being penetrated is a beginner.

  1. Penetration and pleasure

Banana penetrating a Fig as a metaphor for a penis-shaped object penetrating a butthole-shaped object.

While this may seem like the only part that matters, all the steps preceding this one are equally important, and when practised carefully, they enhance this step – penetration and pleasure. When you begin penetrating, start slow and gentle, you don’t want to insert the dildo all the way up in the first thrust itself. The anus can take some time to open up and take in the dildo. Patience is key! Do not force the dildo inside, it will not only cause discomfort and pain but can also potentially harm your delicate anal canal. Once the dildo is inside you can play with the depth of the penetration. Remember, the anus is not the vagina, so avoid vigorous thrusting, and be gentle and patient every time you insert the dildo again after taking it out.

If you play with more sensations, you can there are anal sex toys for that too! Vibrating dildos double up as vibrators that can be used for penetration. They send waves of pleasure and stimulate just the right spots. A vibrating dildo is great for p-spot stimulation among penis owners and a-spot stimulation among women owners. If you are a beginner, we would suggest starting out with low-intensity vibrations and increasing the vibrations as and when you or your partner get more comfortable.

  1. Be gentle

Throughout the entire act, remember to be gentle. While porn may show violent and wild thrusting movements during anal play, that’s not what you want to do in real life!

All prepped up for anal penetration, just don’t have a dildo? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – Check out the perfect dildo online for anal penetration! While a dildo is absolutely adequate to deliver pleasure, it won’t hurt to experiment with other anal sex toys!