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How to order and import any sex toys in India?

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Imagine living in a world without access to good quality, safe sex toys! Seems like hell, doesn’t it? Well, that was the reality a decade ago, and in some places, it still is! We believe in pleasure positivity – everyone must have access to pleasure, we hope to unite you with your bundle of pleasure, hassle-free!

The struggle was real when we had to browse through international websites, pick an expensive sex toy, and wait for someone abroad to return to India to get our hands on the coveted pleasure provider. Some unfortunate souls, who had nobody in that particular country, had to arrange for the toy/s to be imported into India and bear the additional costs, and taxes, and don’t even get us started on the cumbersome customs! Luckily, times have improved and sex toys in India are no longer a rarity, and although they may still be associated with shame, taboo, and indecency, the Indian sex toy market is only booming with each passing day!

Why would you want to import your sex toys?

●     Trust issues

Despite the increasing availability of sex toys online, some still have reservations about the quality, safety, or legitimacy of the toys available in India. They’re not to be blamed, considering how the situation of adult toys in India was back in the day. Even today, quite a lot of sex toys you find are unsafe to use and are made from toxic substances, most of them being sold offline in shady street shops. The online market is a recent development, one that all of us are thankful for, however, during gloomier times, sex toys were only available in nooks and corners, usually after dusk. There was no way of knowing if the toys were pre-owned or used before, how durable were they, and more importantly, how safe were they to be used intimately!

It’s only normal for one to develop trust issues and turn to the safer, more reliable options available in first-world countries!

●     Availability

Moreover, sex toys were not easily available, you’d have to travel to the other end of the town and scan through the limited options quickly before your nosy neighbor or snoopy uncle spots you in the ‘illicit’ vicinity! Unlike today, you couldn’t have access to sex toys at your fingertips, in the comfort and privacy of your house, and have them delivered to your doorsteps in a short period! Availability and accessibility were the second major reason why most sex toy users preferred the international market and the hassles of importing sex toys, over the trouble of finding safe adult toys in India!

●     Variety

A variety of sex toys

While the classics will remain evergreen and brilliant, there’s still a wide variety of sex toys that can further enhance our sexual experiences and pleasure in multiple ways! The most common toys that were available for purchase in India were either vibrators disguised as massagers, dildos, or fleshlights. And while they too were imported (since there were no known sex toy manufacturers in India), they were usually made from cheap, unsafe, or toxic materials! And so back then, the best way to get your money’s worth seemed to be to import your sex toys and get what you’re looking for!

Importing sex toys – have times changed?

Importing your sex toys back in the day seemed like the only dependable way to get the pleasure you deserved, but do you still need to get your sex toys the old way? Or have times changed for the better? Let’s find out!

We get why you may still want to import your toys, but guess what, we did some research, and the list of cons is longer than the list of pros. We’ll leave it up to you to set your priorities, here’s why importing your sex toys (especially all by yourself) may not be the most convenient option!

●     High Cost

Those of you who have gone down this road, or browsed through international stores, must be aware of how costly the good-quality sex toys are, with an additional increase due to the currency differences. Moreover, the hidden taxes don’t make your purchase any cheaper!

●     Legalities

The Indian legal system does have some loopholes that you can work around when it comes to sex toys, that’s how online sex toy stores operate without breaching the law. However, working around the law to avoid any legal notice is not easy! Many of us have either had firsthand experiences or have heard stories about sex toys being confiscated and blocked during customs!

●     Customs


Since ‘obscene objects’ are illegal in India, sex toys, especially the ones packed in boxes with ‘obscene’ pictures are likely to be held back by customs and restrictions. Not only that, but you also receive a legal notice seeking an explanation/clarification for your purchase! Who would have thought that when you place an order for fun and pleasure, you will instead be delivered distress and hassles?

●     Fines

As if the legal notice and confiscation weren’t enough trouble, importing your sex toys can also bring you heavy fines instead of orgasms!

●     Long wait

If you do manage to get past all these hurdles, find your way through the customs and restrictions, manage to avoid additional fines, and can afford the international pricing and taxes, you still have to face a long waiting period!

With the increasing difficulty in getting your toys through customs, there has also been a rapid growth in the popularity and demand of sex toys in India, giving rise to a whole market of sex toys here! It’s safe to say that times are changing, and for the better! That said, we’ll leave it to you to make your pick, but before you do so, read to know about the easier, more convenient alternatives!

Can you really find good sex toys in India?

Importing sex toys can be an arduous task, but what else can we resort to? Although it’s best to source sex toys locally to avoid any such hassle, can you really find good, safe, reliable sex toys in India? Offline markets are infamous for their shady and illegal shops, not to mention, cheap and unsafe sex toy materials. Where shall we look? Fret not, we’ve got your back!

Gone are the days when you had to search hard and think twice before you buy a sex toy in India. Thanks to the online market and the booming sex toy industry, you can now access the best sex toys online! Yes, it is very much possible to find good quality imported sex toys in India, and most of them are readily available for purchase! Since India does not have any known manufacturer of sex toys, they are imported from China (one of the largest sex toy manufacturers) or other countries.

India is becoming a hotspot for sex toy users and buyers, and the Indian sex toy market is better than ever! Finding the best sex toys in India is no longer difficult, all you need is a little guidance – we’ve done just that, in the next section!

Here’s how to order and import any sex toy in India

Now you know that you can order and import sex toys easily in India, but how? Can you buy imported vibrators in India without a hassle, or get your hands on the best imported fleshlight in India without breaking the law? Yes, with Manzuri, you can!

Manzuri brings to you premium quality sex toys made from body-safe, medical-grade silicone at your doorsteps! Not only that, you can choose from a wide range of variety – be it butt plugs, vibrators, dildos, prostate massagers, or BDSM products, you name it, and you’ll find it! Secured with safe payments and SSL security, you can keep your worries aside when shopping from Manzuri! We understand the importance of your privacy, and wouldn’t want to put you in an awkward situation, hence we ship all our products in discreet packaging!

Most of the products at Manzuri are readily available to purchase and will reach you within a week, we also have premium imported products and toys that you can pre-order. They may take a bit longer to reach you, but trust us, you can rest assured during your wait, we’ll take care of all the customs and legalities for you! Oh, and did we mention, Manzuri is 100% legal? Expect only pleasure and orgasms in a bindle coming your way, and not legal notices and fines!

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What better way to celebrate this good news than to buy a sex toy? Browse through the finest imported sex toys in India at Manzuri and explore a variety of toys for all your pleasure zones! Whether you need help with picking a suitable toy, using and assembling toys, cleaning up, or just some fun informative reads on sexual health and sex toys, we’ve got you covered – visit our blog section and get all the guidance and information you need!