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How To Use a Fleshlight For Maximum Pleasure

You take one look at a fleshlight and it’s not hard to figure out how it’s supposed to be used. For the beginners here, the fleshlight is the worlds best selling sex toy for penises which resembles a flashlight but instead of the light beam, it has an artificial vagina or a body orifice that is made of soft realistic material for stimulation. Sounds pretty simple right?  But the thing is, getting acquainted with new sex toys can be just as awkward and bumpy as getting acquainted with a new person. And for those of you who are familiar with a fleshlight already, are you sure you’re getting the maximum pleasure out of it? Either way, we’re here to help! We’ve put together a complete guide to fleshlights for beginners.

What are the different types of fleshlights to pick from?

Fleshlight Girls:

Ever fantasized about having sex with your favorite porn star? Fleshlight has partnered with multiple porn stars to come up with a range of fleshlights that have differing structures for each porn star. 

fleshight ICE

ICE fleshlights:

Want to add some style to your sex toy collection? Named after their appearance, these fleshlights are transparent and some even come in cool patterns, textures and indentations. The appeal of this fleshlight is that it allows you and your partner to look at your penis while it’s being pleasured. 

STU fleshlights:

The STU (which stands for Stamina Training Unit) fleshlight is specifically designed for people suffering from premature ejaculation. The inside of the sleeve has protrusions designed to stimulate your penis from top to bottom. If you’re preparing for a marathon session with your partner, this fleshlight is perfect to improve your sexual stamina and practice different techniques. Consistent use of this fleshlight will not only help you last longer in bed but also improve your performance. 


Prefer oral sex over penetrative sex? These fleshlights replicate the mouth opening instead of a vaginal opening. The inside of the orifice is designed to feel like the lips, tongue and throat. Whether you prefer stimulating just the tip or a good deepthroat, you can enjoy it all with this fleshlight. 

fleshlight GO

Fleshflight GO:

Preparing for a long session and worried about the large size and weight of the regular fleshlights tiring you out? The GO fleshlights are compact enough to be taken as a plus one on a trip. Now you can have company for those lonely nights in the hotel room!

fleshlight flight

Fleshlight flight:

Designed to replicate the feeling of flying, or rather, the turbulence that one faces while flying. These are textured with bumps, fingers and ribs and make for a perfect accompaniment for travel as they are even lighter than fleshlight GO. With a different look compared to the regular flashlights, these are harder to identify as a sex toy. 


Worried about making a mess? This flashlight is less than half the size of regular flashlights and is portable. This is the easiest fleshlight to clean as it has open ended sleeves that can be removed and rinsed with water. 

Before you do anything with your fleshlight, it needs to be absolutely clean. Cleaning sex toys can be tiring especially when all you want to do after using them is take a nap, but it’s important if you don’t want your genitals infected and covered in sores. So, let us tell you how.

How to clean a fleshlight?

  • Clean the case: remove the sleeve and rinse the case with liquid soap and water. Make sure to not get any soap on the masturbator sleeve or it can damage the material. Or you can use special cleaners made for sex toys like fleshwash which is made specifically for flashlights.
  • Clean the sleeve: run warm water through the sleeve and rub the material with your thumb and fingers to clear away any residual lube. Make sure to cover the entire surface area of the sleeve and give the sleeve a final run through of water when you think you’re done. 
  • Powder your fleshlight: after drying your fleshlight, powder it with fleshlight renewing powder which keeps the sleeve from getting sticky. 

Once your fleshlight is clean you’re ready to get the ride started!

If you’re wondering how to use a fleshlight, here’s a few tips to help you make the best of your ride:

  • Add some heat: Miss the warmth of a real body? Heat some water in a tub and leave the sleeve submerged for a few minutes before use.
  • There’s no such thing as too much lube: not using lube with your sex toy is the first mistake that can lead to unpleasant and unfulfilling experiences. Make sure the sleeve and the penis is all lubed up and ready to go.
  • Experiment: once you get comfortable with your fleshlight it’s important to try new things to figure out what suits you best. You can go slow, pick up the pace or try different angles.
  • Try a different mount: like having more control over what you feel? You can go case-free and use only the sleeve. This way you can use your hands to apply added pressure that the case doesn’t allow, take advantage of the surface area of the sleeve and avoid the suction feel which can be very unpleasant for some people.
  • Adjust suction: one end of the fleshlight can be used to adjust the pressure and suction to your preferred setting by tightening and loosening.

Fleshlight is known for its large 2.5 to 4 inch sized case. This is great as it provides a huge surface area but holding it in one place can feel heavy and uncomfortable if you’re planning for a long session. 

Here’s how to use a fleshlight hands-free:

hands free fleshlight

Buy a mount:

There are several mounts made specifically for fleshlights, in the market. There are different fleshlights made specifically for a hands-free experience as well. You can find mounts that suit your position of choice, whether it’s missionary,doggy style, or something else altogether. You can also adjust the speed of these to sync with your imagination or porn. Like to fantasize about doing it in the shower? You can even buy a shower mount that can be attached to the bathroom wall. However don’t skip the lube for this, water isn’t the best lubricant!

Get creative and DIY the hell out of it:

Don’t have the time or money to buy a mount? It’s time to put your thinking cap on and get creative! You can stick your fleshlight in between a pile of pillows or mattresses. If you’d like it to be more secure, you can bind it with a belt or some strap. 

We’re glad to see that you’ve made it this far! Go ahead and call yourself the master of fleshlights, if you know what we mean. (wink wink) We hope you enjoy your exploration and don’t forget to pair your fleshlight with a good water based lubricant for a smooth ride!! In case you’re still waiting to buy your first flesh light or wanna try other toys, check out our guide here.