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LOVENSE Domi 2 Wand Massager



LOVENSE Max 2 Automatic Masturbator



Lovense Lush 2 wireless smart vibrator



Lovense Quake Dolce Bluetooth Vibrator



Lovense Nora



Lovense Lush 3 – App Controlled Toy


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LOVENSE Hyphy G Spot Vibrator


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LOVENSE Edge 2 smart Prostate Massager


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Lovense Ferri Lingerie Vibrator


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Lovense Hush 2 Vibrating Anal plug


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Lovense Gush Vibrating Penis Ring


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LOVENSE Calor Heating Male Masturbator


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LOVENSE Masturbation Sleeve for Max 2


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Take Your Pleasure Into Your Own Hands with Manzuri’s Line of Sex Toys for Women online!

Indian women have been told for too long that their pleasure is in the hands of their (male, of course) partners, or worse that their pleasure is irrelevant. Manzuri is proud to join the revolution, and put your pleasure back in your own hands! Order sex toys online from the comforts of your own home, and enjoy- we’ve got all the sugar you need.

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Trust us when we say this is more important than you think, orgasms have various benefits from lowering stress to improving your sleep quality- they can even improve your skin! More importantly, incorporating pleasure into your mental and physical health routines can help you connect with your body in a meaningful way. This leads to self-confidence that radiates from you in every context- be it professional or personal. That’s right, all of that is just from using our sex toys for women. You are empowered insofar as you now know exactly what you want and how you like it. You’re also able to connect with the needs of your body, and feel more aligned with it in every movement. Something that feels this good often feels like it ought to be bad- but we promise our sex toys for women are legal and let’s be honest, probably better (for you) than your ex.

Most women are unable to achieve an orgasm through vaginal penetration alone, and our line of the best sex toys for women provide just the right amount of stimulation- whether that’s anal, vaginal or clitoral. Check out our range of sex toys for girls and adult sex toys online, and lubricants of course, for the ride of your life!

Your Online One-Stop Shop for Female Sex Toys, Lube, Intimate Hygiene and more!

If you’re looking to make the shift to sustainable menstrual products, check out our menstrual cups. Not only are they better for the environment, with protection up to 12 hours you can finally say goodbye to the hassles of smuggling pads and newspapers into the restroom in the middle of a workday. Pair it with our line of intimate care products to feel clean and comfortable all the time.

Perhaps all you’re looking for is a good time, in which case you’re definitely at the right place. Our range of sex toys for women covers vibrators, dildos, wireless eggs, and anal plugs too!

Shop online from our line of vibrators that range from sleek and discreet jet bullet vibrators to those gold old “body massagers”, we mean female vibrators,  that definitely help to unwind. We’ve even got a lipstick-shaped bullet vibrator that’s bound to replace your favourite shade.

If you’re looking to finally track down that elusive vaginal orgasm, our dildos are bound to find your g-spot. From those that you can strap on, to rotating dildos, to dildos that can hold temperature– we’ve got all the sex toys for women in India that you need.

We saved the best for last, at Manzuri we don’t think you have to pick between pleasure spots, our silicone rabbit vibrators will stimulate your clitoris and your g-spot to give you irreplaceable orgasms- there’s no going back! And of course, sex is only as good as the lubrication, check our range of lubricants for a pain-free experience every time. Explore pleasure for penis owners with our male sex toy collection and partnered pleasure with our couple sex toys.

Which Female Sex Toy For Girls Online Should You Go For?

Silicone rabbit vibrators, dildos, bullet vibrators, wand vibrators- there’s a plethora of female sex toys online that you can pick from! Unsure where to start?

Jet Bullet Vibrators: A bullet vibrator is a staple- and great for first-time users. Bullets are easy to use and pretty affordable. Plus, they are smaller than other vibrators, and thus have the added advantage of being discreet. Their shape is perfect for targeted clitoral stimulation that a lot of women require for orgasming.  A bullet is arguably, the easiest vibrator to use. It’s variability and simplicity make it a sure pick for a first-time user.

Violetta Wireless egg vibrators: Egg vibrator is an egg-shaped sex-toy that is incredibly versatile: it can be used to stimulate many different parts of the body—nipples, the outside of the bum, clits, the G-spots, penises and perineum, and more! Like a Kegel ball, you can also insert the egg into your vagina. Often, eggs come with a dangling tail for easy removal, rechargeable batteries, or a remote that helps you set a tempo and enjoy some hands-off play! If you want a vibe that offers penetration, the egg is not for you.

Wand vibrators: These are commonly used as a massaging device, and also as a sex toy. A wand is a powerhouse, fellas: it offers intense vibrations and incredible stimulation: give your nipples, clit, butt, perineum, a sweet ride! A wand offers versatility. A wand vibrator can be angled in a variety of positions and hard-to-reach places. Plus, it feels good for pleasure and relieves pain like muscle soreness! Wands are designed for external stimulation only.

Rabbit vibrators Online: Rabbit-style vibrators have a slim phallic shaft for penetration and a smaller head to stimulate your clitoris. Blended orgasms, here we very literally come! A rabbit vibe stimulates both your G-spot, and clitoris for earth-shattering orgasms!

Dildos: When it comes to penetration, nothing can beat the good ol’ dildo! Dildos are truly exciting, and many come with inbuilt vibrations, temperature settings, a ribbed silicone shaft, a curved head, vibration settings- all to resemble a penis as closely as possible. If you enjoy G-spot penetration, then we recommend that you buy a dildo!

Why Trust Manzuri with Your Pleasure Needs?

We recognize that buying female sex toys online can be a daunting process not just because of the stigma, but because of the nature of our products, but we want to do everything we can to put you at ease.

All our female adult toys have been tested for quality and safety, and we use only 100% body-safe silicone. Orgasms shouldn’t be impacted by class barriers, and our range of products have something for every budget. We’re as invested in your privacy as you, and assure discrete packaging and even have a cash on delivery option!

Buy sex toys for women online, we’ve even got  remote-controlled egg vibrators to help you cum closer together. Or maybe, you want to let her pick the ride this time, in which case, check our options for gift cards. Nothing says I care about your pleasure more than putting her in charge of it! We believe that pleasure for one is pleasure for all which is why we have exclusive categories for men, women, couples and the LGBTQ+ community.

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