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Lube Face-Off At Manzuri- Which is the best lube in India?

Personal lubricants have been around for almost as long as condoms and more people have been using them than you think.

The global personal lubricants market size was valued at USD 1.3 billion in 2022 and is expected to only get bigger.

Lubes can single-handedly change the game in the bedroom. Anyone who has ever used a lube will vouch for it.

A recent study found that vulva owners felt that they were more likely to orgasm when using lube. Lube also helps reduce pain and discomfort during sex. You can learn more about the benefits of lube and the taboo surrounding it here.

What is the Manzuri community’s relationship with lube?

Here at Manzuri, we like to keep up with our community, their tastes, preferences, and troubles. We try to check in frequently so we can understand your relationship with sex, intimacy, and pleasure. It helps us serve you better!

A few weeks ago, we put out a survey about lube use and over 150 of you answered! Here’s what we found:

57% of you use lube frequently during sex, with over 29% of you using it all the time!

Vaginal and anal penetration is what makes you reach for the lube the most.

Your dream lube would be long-lasting, suitable for sensitive skin types, slippery, and compatible with condoms!

More times than not lubes have failed you.

You have complaints. A lot of them. And we’re listening.

Smelly lubes, tingly lubes, lubes that burn and itch and ache in all the wrong ways. Lubes that dry up too quickly or wash away before you can get started. And has anyone had an experience with flavored lube that doesn’t end with an allergic reaction?

Your experiences inspired us and fueled us. We decided to embark on a mission. A mission to test all the best lubes in the market and find The One. The one that meets all your needs! For the Lube face where we blind test x different lubes to find the best one, you can skip to the end of the article.

To understand more about the types of lubes and how to pick the right one you can read ahead!

Types of lube:

Water-based lube:

The best and most popular lubricants are water-based lubricants! Water-based lubricants have no flavor and are the most suitable for sensitive skin as they have the least amount of irritants.

Just like water, these lubes are very easily absorbed by the skin so you might have to reapply them every once in a while. For this reason, most water-based lubricants contain moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera which help make it last longer and also help in keeping your skin from drying.

Oil-based lube:

Reapplying lube can be tiring and take the fun out of sex, we get it. Oil-based lubes last much longer than other lubes and they’re great for sensual massages! However, if you’re planning to use latex condoms (Your gentle reminder that using condoms is the only way to stay protected against STIs!), oil-based lubes may not be a great choice. Oil-based lubes can break down the components of latex causing tears and rips which defeats the purpose of using condoms in the first place!

Oil-based lubes have also been linked to higher rates of vaginal infections like bacterial vaginosis. They also tend to leave stains on sheets and clothes. So if you have new fresh sheets on your bed we suggest laying down an old towel before getting to work.

Silicone-based lube:

How about a long-lasting lube that works spectacularly with latex condoms? That’s silicone lube to you! Silicone is by far the lube with the most distinctive feel as it contains no water. They’re also hypoallergenic! So if you’ve got sensitive skin that’s prone to irritation and allergies we suggest looking into silicone lubes. The only downside to silicone lubes, and pay attention to all our sex toy users, this one for you, is that they can corrode and damage sex toys that are made from silicone. The abrasions caused by lube residue can make your sex toy unsanitary for use.

Natural lube:

It’s 2021 and there’s a natural option for everything now! Heard of coconut oil being used as lube? That’s a natural lube! If you’re concerned about the chemicals and ingredients that make up your lube, then this is probably an alternative you can go for. You can even find commercial natural lubes available in stores. With natural lubes, make sure you do your research. Certain popular options like coconut oil pose similar risks as artificial oil-based lubricants: risk of condom breakage and sheet staining.

What is the best lube for anal sex?

Anuses don’t self-lubricate as a vagina does, hence water-based lubes that are easily soaked into the skin and need to be reapplied frequently are not recommended. The anal walls also tend to be thinner and more sensitive than the vaginal walls. Hence a thick and rich lube can help prevent any tears or skin breakage. This brings us to two options: oil-based lubricants and silicone-based lubricants. We suggest you go for silicone lubes as they can be easily used with latex condoms. Anal sex is especially risky when it comes to STI transmission. So you don’t want to skip out on that condom!

What is the best lube for shower sex?

You want to avoid water-based lubes at all costs. They wash away with water easily and would prove pretty ineffective. Silicone-based lubes by a mile! They are super water resistant and can last for a long time. They’re also compatible with latex condoms and shower sex carries just as much of a risk of STIs as regular sex.

What is the best lube for sex toys?

As mentioned above, silicone based lubes can not only damage your pricey sex toy but might also make it unsanitary to use. If you’re using a sex toy for solo play and don’t like to reapply lubes you can go for the oil-based lubricant. If you share sex toys or use sex toys in bed with your partner, water-based lubes are the safest option.

How to use lube?

There is no “right way” to use lube. You can apply it on your condom after you put it on or you can also apply it directly on your penis, vagina, or anus. For anal sex lubricate the anus thoroughly. Warming the lube in your hands before applying it will also make it feel more comfortable. There is only one rule when it comes to lube: the wetter the better!

Which is the best lube in the market?

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of picking a lube, we can jump right to the main event!

The Manzuri team decided to gather the best players in the market and have an impromptu Lube face-off. A blind lube test! What resulted is a messy, eye-opening, and super fun time!

The team rated the lubes based on these main factors

  • Viscosity
  • Feel
  • How long it would last
  • Smell
  • Texture

Which lube do you think is our winner? Did we accomplish our mission and find The One? Watch the video below to find out!