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Masturbation can help you get a good sleep!

Who glorified sleeping late at night?

Who started boasting about sleeping only 4 hours a day?

Who said you’ve to drink 4 cups of coffee every day to survive in the corporate world?

Someone did! And we all fell for it. 

We’ve turned into ghosts who are ready to attack food at 3 AM! Clearly, not just our sleep cycle but the food cycle has also gone down the drain! Our guts don’t have the guts to stay afloat anymore!

But life isn’t all that bad! It gives you chances to stand up again and take what is yours. So, let’s take our good sleep back, shall we?

Before we dive into how to get good sleep, let’s skim through some shocking sleep deprivation facts that will definitely wake you up.

Facts, Facts, and Nothing but the Facts:

  1. People with <= 6 hours of sleep are 33% more likely to have a road accident.
  2. Lack of good sleep can lead to erectile dysfunction, infertility, & a lower sex drive.
  3. Sleep deprivation increases the risk of depression, mental illness, strokes, insomnia, cancer, Alzheimer’s & more.

At Manzuri, we aim to get you a better sleep by bringing pleasure into the equation.

Good Sleep = Wow Orgasms + Focus on Well-Being

Masturbation leads to these Hormonal Changes:

When you masturbate, your body releases:

  1. Endorphin (the body’s natural pain-relieving hormone)
  2. Serotonin (the mood-stabilizing hormone)
  3. Dopamine (the happiness hormone)
  4. Oxytocin (the bonding hormone) & more!

All of these make you feel relaxed and help you sleep.

Is Masturbation Bad?

Masturbation or in slang terms, fapping which is majorly used for men, is absolutely normal and harmless! In fact, it has various benefits such as: 

  • Helping you last longer during sex
  • Boosting immunity
  • Enhancing sleep
  • Increasing sexual desire or libido
  • Improving your skin, and more!

There’s often a guilt attached to masturbation but you shouldn’t pay any heed to it. For those of you who might’ve heard some myths about masturbation, let us clarify- No, masturbation won’t make you blind, impotent, or infertile. There is no evidence to support these and therefore, these are just that- Myths.

Masturbation can be a problem if done in excess so much so that it becomes your escape from regular problems. But isn’t that “Excess of everything is bad”? The same goes for masturbation, no big deal.

In fact, as per a 2020 survey on sex in India with 2,000+ respondents of 18+ years of age, 90% said that they masturbate at least once per month. 85% of them also showed interest in sex toys which is still considered a taboo in India.

How to have Better Orgasms?

Masturbation is an art and you can be the artist. It should not be just another activity to get done with, it should be enjoyed. Oh, yeah!

  1. Amplify the Ambiance
    Masturbation isn’t a setting-specific activity. So, come out of that bathroom and try different locations, light settings, and music options, and slowly build up your mood.
  1. Try ‘em Toys:
    Pleasure has found a way in many business ideas and today, there are different vibrators, masturbators, and other products. Play with those for enhanced pleasure and a better orgasm.
  1. Switch the Stances:
    Stand up if you’re sitting! You can also try that kitchen slab, just saying. The basic idea is experimenting with your positions. Understand your body and feel the pleasure.
  1. Take your Time:
    No hush-hush, okay? We can last longer only if we try to last longer. Experiment with speed- 1x, 2x, 0.5x, pause, play, stop, play- Just enjoy your “me time”.

Did we set up your mood? Great, go ahead and masturbate because, after all, you also deserve some quality sleep.

Always remember, “Pleasure zaroori hai, isliye Manzoori hai!”