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Most men make this one big mistake when buying a sex toy for their partner

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Most men make this one big mistake when buying a sex toy for their partner

Female sexual pleasure has historically been neglected and disregarded in many societies and cultures, including ours. Globally, 65% of cis-gendered heterosexual women orgasm while having sex, compared to 95% of cis-gendered heterosexual men. But in India, only 35% of cos-gendered heterosexual women orgasm in bed. Historically, women’s sexual pleasure and sexual well-being have not been a priority. There are several reasons why, and we’re here to tell you about some of them.

In many cultures, there is still a significant gender gap in terms of sexual education and gender roles. Women are often taught to prioritize men’s sexual pleasure over their own. Many societies also have taboos around female sexuality, which means that discussing or exploring female sexual pleasure is not socially acceptable.

There is a significant lack of research on female sexual pleasure, which means that there is less understanding and knowledge about female sexual responses and needs. The medical community has historically focused more on male sexual health and pleasure than female sexual health and pleasure. This has led to a lack of understanding and treatment options for female sexual dysfunction and pleasure.

The mainstream pornography industry has a significant influence on popular culture, and it tends to portray female pleasure as being solely for the benefit of male viewers rather than as a priority in and of itself.

That being said, there is, however, a growing awareness and movement to prioritise female pleasure, and many individuals and organizations are working to address this issue.

Are you a cis-gendered heterosexual man, who is looking to bring maximum pleasure to your partner? Are you looking to do this by buying your partner a sex toy? Here is the BIGGEST mistake men make while buying their partner a sex toy!

We at Manzuri sell cool adult products to equip folx with the tools to take their pleasure in their own hands, literally. And before you ask, all Manzuri’s products are 100% legal, are made with medical-grade silicone and body-safe materials, and come in super discreet packaging. And because we keep getting asked and interrogated about data and numbers and insights about some of our products – this is exactly what this blog is about.

The truth is out! Our worst-selling product for women is the highest-selling product when purchased by men for their partners.

What is the product?

A realistic dildo. When women buy sex toys for themselves, they almost NEVER buy realistic dildos for themselves.

Fun fact: Did you know that 80% of women cannot orgasm through penetration alone? The cultural ignorance of the clitoris and clitoral orgasms combined with a lack of pleasure-positive sex education is the reason why the sales of this product are still so high in India, especially by male buyers.

When men buy sex toys for their female partners, they almost always choose the realistic dildo and its variants.

The more realistic the way the dildo looks and works, the more women will like it, is what men assume.

Realistic, phallic-looking toys could also become a pain point to hide from family. Women tend to get for themselves, more discreet toys like the vibrating egg or pretty vibrators or the ever-pleasing, ever-loving rabbit.

But here is the reality:

Penetrative sex for women is NOT their favourite part.

“The bulbs of the clitoris surround the vagina, and that’s why — when the clitoris is engaged and aroused — penetration can feel amazing, but when it’s not aroused, it can feel really uncomfortable, or like nothing, because the sensation and pleasure come from the clitoris, not the vagina,” says feminist and artist Sophia Wallace.

And we wish more men understood that.

But why do men choose a realistic dildo for their female partner’s pleasure?

Is it because of sex education through pornography? Because pornography often portrays unrealistic and exaggerated depictions of female sexuality that can create harmful and unrealistic expectations for both men and women. Pornography often depicts women as willing and enthusiastic participants in all types of sexual behaviors, even those that may be uncomfortable or painful. This can create unrealistic expectations for women’s sexual behaviors and desires and can pressure women into engaging in activities that they may not be comfortable with. Also, have you seen you seen how QUICKLY women orgasm in porn? Pornography often depicts women as experiencing intense and frequent orgasms, often without any effort or stimulation from their partners. This can create unrealistic expectations for women’s sexual pleasure and can lead to feelings of inadequacy if they do not experience orgasms in the same way.

Clearly, when we say our worst-selling product for women is the best-selling product amongst men to buy for their female partners. That shows how little sex education we have, and how female pleasure, bodies, and orgasms are just not a priority. It’s time to take notes and learn, men!