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Pre-order at Manzuri: What, When and How

What is a pre-order? What is the choice of products that I have under this category? When will I receive my order?

These are some of the questions that we receive about our exclusive selection of pre-order products.If you’re considering pre ordering a product from us, you’ve come to the right place! Read on below to find out more about our very special range of pre order products.

What are pre order products?

It is a selection of products that YOU asked to source and bring to you. We lay plenty of emphasis on the feedback that we receive from our community and do our best to include it into our mechanisms. A pre-order is an order placed for an item that hasn’t been released or is not currently in stock. They’re shipped to the customer once available. Pre-orders allow customers to order products before they are available. 

At Manzuri, we constantly strive to bring the best products for our customers.  These are products that we have listed after extensive customer research. We have a community based active input form of business model to bring our audience exactly what they want. These products are not currently easily available in India, and if they are, they are very expensive. We believe in pleasure that should be accessible to all and this is an attempt by us to bring exclusive products to you at affordable prices.

How does it work?

Here’s a sneak peak into what goes on behind the scenes at Manzuri as we try and get your preorder product to you. We’ve broken it down into steps!

Communication is important (even when running a business): We do depend on members of our loyal and trustworthy to communicate their needs. This helps us experiment and add more products to our website. We also take on-demand requests.with our existing customers to find out which are the most in demand products.

Sourcing them: We source them from China or other countries and list them on our website.

Placing the order: Once you place an order with us, we send a request to our China warehouse to send these products.

Conditions to be met for the order to be placed: We only bring these products if we have enough orders. if we do not receive enough orders for a certain product, we refund the money back to the source.

Getting your order to you: We take care of all the import, customs, logistics etc for you and promise to deliver the products within 90 days.

“Who are the preorder products for?”

– The preorder products are for anybody who wants great, exclusive products that they cannot find anywhere else in India.

– They are ideal for people who do not mind waiting 90-120 days to receive their product and are not stretched for time.

Who are these products not for?

Anyone who has time constraints! If you are in any kind of hurry, then these products are definitely not for you, and we’re sure you can find something of interest that fits your pleasure needs from our regular section of products!

Why should you pre order a product from Manzuri?

– These are exclusive in the market, and in most cases, you will not be able to find them anywhere else in india.

– These are available at heavily discounted prices, usually upto 50% OFF.

– These are risk free and come with a 100% guarantee of refund if we fail to deliver them in the stipulated time period.

– Between placing your order, and before it is shipped which in most cases is a period of 90 days, you can replace your pre order product with a choice of any other product from our inventory free of cost. Just write to us at and we’ll take care of the rest.

What are the risks/cons of ordering a pre order product from Manzuri?

– You may never actually get the product. But don’t worry: Your money is 100% safe.

We have a 90 day guarantee on delivery, failure to meet which, we will refund your money 100%.

– There is a high risk of further delays.

– We cannot accept COD on pre-order products due to the complicated nature of the process.

– Coupon codes are not valid on pre-order products for the same reason.

– Once placed, the order cannot be cancelled.

A look at the exclusive range of preorder products we provide for you

Black Beauty – The two-in-one vibrator + dildo

If you don’t like to choose between a vibrator and a dildo, this ones for you as it offers the best of both worlds!

Caresmith X Manzuri – Waterproof Sports Vibrator with carry pouch

If you’re looking for a vibrator that can double as a travel buddy, this is the one for you! The waterproof design and internal batteries makes it perfect for water play as well.

Gulaabo – The Rose Sucking All-in-one vibrator

Enjoy oral sex more than penetrative? Look no further. This vibrator is the only vibrator that mimics the sucking sensation of oral sex in addition to the vibrating function of regular vibrators. 

Manzuri Rechargeable Waterproof Bullet Vibrator

The cheapest rechargeable bullet vibrator available in the country, this one’s for you if you enjoy targeted stimulation and have a tight budget. 

Manzuri’s Premium Waterproof sports massager

If you’re looking for something playful, fun and yet traditional, this wand vibrator has your name on it. You can use it as a body massager and a water sports buddy!

Violetta – Remote wireless egg vibrator

For all our wireless egg enthusiasts, Violetta is perfect for any kind of stimulation that you prefer. Whether you use it for solo play or to spice up your long distance relationship, this makes an ideal addition to your masturbation routine!

Patience is a virtue and to conclude, we would ask you to only order a Manzuri pre order product if you have the time to spare and want to invest in never seen before products in the Indian market. Trust us to trust you, that is, let us do the job for you while all you need to do is sit back and relax.Once you do get the product in your hand, we can assure you that you’ll see the wait was worth it!