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Sex Toys and Erectile Dysfunction | 5 Toys to Ease Your Ailment

sex toys for erectile dysfunction

Society has all but condemned men to be hedonistic creatures. They are expected to constantly be chasing sexual pleasure, and contrary to women, are lauded for such efforts. Being virile then is less an expectation, and more a characteristic of the ideal man. It is a flawed ideal. Men are just as complex as women are but ultimately virility isn’t always in our control. 

Men can face a host of issues from premature ejaculation to loss of sensation or the inability to hold an erection, all of which are different conditions, however, societal conditioning keeps men suffering from all of these isolated and ashamed. At Manzuri, we believe these things ought to be talked about as exactly what they are- conditions that define your manhood about as much as a sprained ankle would, but more importantly, as conditions that can be treated so as to allow you to live a satisfying lifestyle. 

What is Erectile Dysfunction? 

Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to engage in complete intercourse. Depending on the cause and severity, Erectile dysfunction is broadly used to refer to not being able to get an erection at all, or not being able to sustain an erection or loss of sensation. A tangential issue faced by men is that of premature ejaculation, which refers to finishing faster than one would desire, often right after or even before penetration. Similarly, anorgasmia, i.e the inability to achieve orgasm even after ample stimulation is a condition that men face. 

Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by a variety of factors including:

  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Anxiety and/or depression 
  • Obesity 
  • Kidney Disease
  • Old Age 
  • Hormone Imbalance 
  • Stress 

While sex toys were not designed for this purpose, they have been proven effective when dealing with such concerns. They’re also guaranteed to be one of the more enjoyable remedies you’re going to try! 

How Can Sex Toys Resolve Erectile Dysfunction? 

Sex toys help to lessen the impact of Erectile Dysfunction in one of the following ways, 

  • They can provide alternate ways for men to experience pleasure 
  • They can allow for or enhance an erection 
  • They can be used to train the body and mind to the sensation of intercourse. 

However, it is important to note that sex toys cannot necessarily *cure* your ailment, merely reduce the impact it has on your sexual life. Finding the right toy for you can be daunting, but lucky for you, we’re here to help! Depending on what your desired outcome is, we recommend the following types of toys. 

If you face difficulty getting and maintaining an erection but still wish to indulge in penetrative sex, penis sleeves and strap ons are the answer! 

Sleeves or extenders are hollow and slip over your penis and are attached by a strap around the scrotum. The strap around the scrotum can also be pleasurable in and of itself, adding a layer of pleasure to the activity. 

Strap ons secure a dildo against your body, and allow you to use it without your hands. While commonly associated with lesbian couples, strap ons can be used in a variety of sexual contexts including pegging, for both homosexual and heterosexual relationships. Since most penis sleeves and extenders can only be used with some form of an erection, strap ons can be helpful for those who are unable to get an erection at all. 

Such toys have interiors that are created to resemble vaginas. This serves as a training ground for those wishing to improve their endurance while engaging in sexual intercourse. 

Such toys can simulate vaginal penetration, oral sex, and even anal penetration depending on your preference. Further, they can be attached to a wall via suction cups at their base, allowing you to thrust away to your heart’s content adding to the realism of the act. 

Cock rings are perfect if you’d like to enhance your erection- both in size and endurance. Some cock rings also vibrate, adding to the sensation felt by the penetrator and receiver. If the recipient is a vulva owner, this also allows for clitoral stimulation during sexual activity.

Vibrators are not just for women anymore! If you find yourself facing a loss of sensation, vibrators can provide an alternative route to pleasure- one that cannot be achieved through manual stimulation. Try using a bullet vibrator to stimulate the head and shaft of your penis-  our readers also recommend stimulating the perineum for added sensation. 

A Handy Guide 

We absolutely recommend going to a doctor to get yourself checked out if Erectile Dysfunction is a recurring issue that you are facing. Alongside it, we definitely encourage you to explore the use of toys as outlined above to provide relief. 

We recommend exploring the toys alone first, so you can understand what works for your body in the absence of performance anxiety or the awkwardness of navigating this with a partner. This allows you to be more communicative and confident when you do bring it into your relationship. 

As with all sex toys, always invest in lubricant! To test this theory from where you’re sitting right now, touch your lip when your finger and lip are both dry as against after when they are coated in saliva. As we said, wetter is always better! Find the right lubricant for you here. 

Happy sexplorations!