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Ejaculation Delayer Cock Ring Set


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Manzuri’s Rockin Rabbit Enhancer 2


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Buy Cock rings online to discover a world of pleasure possibilities

Cock rings also go by c-rings, penis rings, tension rings, or constriction bands. They are exactly what they sound like: rings that fit around your penis. They are designed to constrict blood flow around the penis, and the testicles which increases sensitivity and arousal. They’re made of different materials from silicone to leather and some are even of the vibrating kind!

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Why You Need To Add Cock Rings To Your Sex Toy Collection: Benefits of Penis Rings

Sex toys are a wonderful way to explore your body and sexuality. This in turn can prove beneficial not only in your sex life but in your confidence and holistic growth as an individual.

Cock Rings in particular can play an array of roles for you. It can be used to make an erection (and by extension, sex) last longer or it can also be used simply for pleasure. Penis sleeves and masturbation toys are some of the most common male sex toys.  But cock rings are pretty versatile and you can use them while going solo or with a partner.

Research shows that over 30% of Indian men below the age of 40 suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction. The shame and stigma around erectile dysfunction can put a huge strain on a couples sex life.  sex toys can swoop in to save the day. There are many adult sex toys made specifically for men with erectile dysfunction and cock rings are one of them. They can help maintain an erection and delay ejaculation – skills that can come in handy even when going solo.. Cock rings are a ton of fun and can take your masturbation play to another level. They can also be used for anal play and to stimulate the perineum from the outside. Vibrating rings can also be used to stimulate the clitoris.

Why Manzuri Is The Best Online Shop To Buy Men’s Penis Ring

Manzuri prides itself on curating every part of the shopping experience with the Indian customer in mind. At Manzuri, we believe that taking the reigns of your pleasure in your hands is the first step in the process of taking charge of your life in other aspects as well. Whether its the heavy stigma attached pleasure and sex or the stigma attached to erectile dysfunction, we acknowledge that it takes immense courage to seek help and choose to buy a sex toy. With this in mind we wish to make the rest of the process as anxiety free for our customers as possible.

A society that doesn’t allow for conversation around pleasure at all, doesn’t prime it’s members for operating pleasure products. To bridge this gap so you can gain the utmost pleasure out of our products, confidently, we provide manuals and maintenance guides on each product page.

We provide discreet packaging to keep your 100% legal sex toy safe from the prying and judgy eyes of the society. You don’t have to worry about having the purchase listed on your card statements. You can avail our cash on delivery option! We guarantee confidentiality and ensure secure payment processes to prioritise your privacy and protect your personal information. We use body-safe materials because your health is our priority. We strongly believe that pleasure for one is pleasure for all which is why we have exclusive categories for men, women, couples and the LGBTQ+ community.

How To Use a Penis Ring?

Using a cock ring can be tricky for beginners who often make the rookie mistake of sliding it on an erect penis. It should be worn and taken off when the penis is flaccid or semi flaccid. If you have cock rings that are adjustable, you can slide them across the testicles and shaft. Regular cock rings make it difficult and uncomfortable to pass through the testicles. cock rings can be worn and used according to everyone’s preferences and provide a good chance to experiment and find out what’s most pleasurable to you!

Cock Rings Make Great Gifts!

Whether you get one together or give it as a surprise, gifting your partner a penis ring is an excellent way to show how much you love and appreciate them. Recognizing someone’s sexual needs and giving them an opportunity to embrace and celebrate their sexuality is a love language of it’s own.  With a Manzuri gift card they can take their pick from the wide range of adult sex toys online available on our store. We care about our customers and try to make the shopping experience as accessible as possible. You can buy a gift card worth from as little as ₹500 and ₹1000 to ₹1500! You can also leave a little message with the gift card!

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