Who are we

We’re a sex education and ecommerce startup that aims to destigmatize sex and normalize conversations around pleasure in India.

We made it to the final round of Sharktank India Season 2, and even though our episode did not air on Sony TV, this is the story of what went down come.

Did you know?


Only 10% startups that pitch on SharkTank india, get aired on live television.

Even getting funded by sharks does NOT guarantee that your episode will air on television.

Manzuri X Sharktank

Our Journey

Watch our pitch

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How the heck did we
end up on shark tank?

What does this
mean for you?

Manzuri being invited and selected for Sharktank is one of the brightest and most beautiful feather in our company’s journey.


Not only does this mean that India is (almost) ready for sex to become a dinner table conversation, it also means that the selectors at Sony India thought that manzuri is fit to lead this revolution. Had we aired, it would have been nothing short of a miracle, and even though the whole of India may not be completely ready yet, the fact that we made it sooooo close, shows that Manzuri is doing something right for sure. If you’re an existing customer, or someone thinking of joining our ecosystem, you should be proud. Because we sure as hell are.


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