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The Myth of Women’s Pleasure: A Tale of Orgasms and G-Spots

The Myth of Women’s Pleasure: A Tale of Orgasms and G-Spots 


Sexual satisfaction has never been a real thing for women, and definitely not by the hands (or pants) of a man. We can owe it all to the patriarchal nature of a sexual relationship where the woman is just a means to a fruitful end, which in this case is the visible viable orgasmic pleasure that a man receives, but let’s get real. Some women, don’t enjoy sex. And we can’t really blame them, because at the end of the day we do live in a nation where everything sex related must be kept behind closed doors, a nation where women have no knowledge of the concept of sex let alone what gives them pleasure before they get married. Does that sound quite a lot like your grandmother? 


So what can be done, you ask. The answer has never been simpler. A sex ed class in school! But oh wait, when teachers are uncomfortable teaching that 8th class chapter (if you know what I mean) then how would the sex-ed classes look like? Games periods, for sure. And that is why today we will teach you a little bit about the famous-yet-not-so-famous G-Spot. So sit back, relax, and welcome to the first series of the Sex-Education you should have received as teenagers! 


Firstly, let’s talk about some facts. Dr. Ernst Grafenberg was the first person to ever discover the mysterious pleasure spot in 1950. In the 1980s, this area was deemed by the sexologists as the “G-spot” or Gräfenberg-Spot and conceptualized by Dr. Beverly Whipple, who discovered that if you fold your fingers in just the right position to make a ‘come here’ gesture, you will find a textured spot within your vaginal hole, a little different than the surrounding parts. Just a mere touch sends sensations of sexual pleasure unknown to womankind earlier, allegedly. Some say that it leads to female ejaculation. Surprised yet? We were too! 



What Is the Magical G-Spot?  


Sorry to burst your pleasure bubble, but it’s just a tiny bean shaped-spongy organ present in the paraurethral gland, which is very similar to the prostate gland. It has a rough texture, and men can usually never find it. When a woman gets aroused, the tissue which consists of erectile tissues, swells up and becomes very open to copulation. It is usually located about 2 inches from the vaginal hole, lying on the front wall of the vagina. 


What does that mean? In simpler terms, the g-spot is not a distinct part of the human anatomy system. In fact, it forms part of your clitoral network, which has led some sexologists to believe that it may form part of the very complex clitoris that extends as deep into the vagina! However, this differs for each woman. From the texture to the position, every woman has a different anatomy making the mystery of the g-spot even more interesting. 



How to Locate it? 


If you are looking for sexual fulfilment, the first step to it is exploration. Yep, that’s right. Masturbation. As the old saying goes, ‘How can someone else love you if you don’t love yourself?’ And to get you started, here are a few tips: 


  1. Sit back, relax. Make sure that your body is not tense, but tense enough to get you aroused. 
  2. Make sure that you surround yourself with comfortable sheets, and a pillow in case required. Keeping a lubricant in hand if you are a first timer helps ease the initial pain.  
  3. Stat by circling your clitoris. Most women experience the most pleasure by stimulating it, but if you think you are ready, use your fingers (begin with one) and gently insert them inside your vagina. The experience should not be extremely unbearable, and take breaks in the middle if it hurts too much. Remember, it’s all about pleasure. 
  4. Try different positions. Lay back down, sit with your back against a wall, or lay on your stomach. Experiment as much as possible, till whatever limits you feel comfortable going to. 
  5. If you are experimenting with a partner, do not give up! Try original positions, play games with your significant other and remember to enjoy. The process can be extremely daunting sometimes, but at the end of the day the pleasure you receive after hard work will be totally worth it! Some positions that you can try out include cowgirl, closed missionary and doggy style. 
  6. You can also use sex toys like vibrators and plugs which make the process easier and helps you be in control without putting in a lot of effort! You can buy some great ones at our website.

Discovering yourself and your preferences is the new in, and you better catch up for an exciting and steamy ride! The G-Spot may be a mystery, but not one that women cannot get on top of!