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11 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Vibrators

Fun facts about Vibrators

Here’s one topic we never get tired of talking about and you never get sick of listening about: Vibrators! A fan favorite and a must-have essential of every sex toy collection, it’s easy to think that nothing about this simple beginner-friendly sex toy could surprise you anymore. Well, you cn’t be further from the truth! All the different types of vibrators and the numerous ways to use them for mind-numbing sensations (which you can read about here) are only the tip of the iceberg! From the surprising history of their invention to which countries are the biggest fans of vibrators, these 11 fun facts about vibrators will make you wish you had a sex toy class in school!

1. It was invented as a cure for depression and anxiety in women

What, you thought we were just exaggerating when we said masturbation is self-care? George Taylor, a physician in 1896 originally designed a device to cure symptoms of various mood disorders which was then known as “hysteria”. Orgasms in the form of “genital massages” were prescribed as they were seen to bring some form of relief to their symptoms. We know today that masturbation releases neurotransmitters like endorphins and dopamine known as “feel-good hormones” so they had the right idea! Now you know how to beat the blues – with some vibes! (Have a look at a variety of vibrators online – from wireless vibrators to bullet vibrators!)

2. It wasn’t exactly a vibrator

It was patented as “the manipulator” and it was really just a padded table with an attached throbbing ball in the middle. The first electrical vibrator was invented in the 1880s by Joseph Mortimer Granville, a British physician.

Hitachi manufactured the ‘Hitachi magic wand’ in 1968 as a personal massager and back massager, while some people realized its use and made the most of it, some didn’t until it was used by an artist and a sex educator, Betty Dodson (kudos to her!) in a ‘sexually explicit’ exhibition! Not only that, Betty Dobson even conducted workshops to sexually liberate and empower women, by teaching women how to masturbate! About 45 years after its release, Hitachi realized that their massager had multiple uses and was being used for sexual pleasure. They didn’t want to be associated with a ‘sex toy’ so they decided to pull the item off the shelves. Fortunately, the distributor, Vibratex came to the rescue of the magic wand, and our sex lives, and offered to continue manufacturing the wand without the branding of Hitachi.

3. You could order a vibrator from a magazine

Yes, you didn’t have to scour the Internet for a trustworthy website, all you had to do was the home appliances section of the Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalogue to buy a vibrator.

4. Married women vibe with the vibrator much more than single women

The stereotype might say that only single and lonely women use vibrators but the stats say otherwise. According to this study , 69% of married women use vibrators as compared to only 29% of single women. Besides, vibrators are also used by couples in the bedroom to spice up their sex life! 80-90% of men and women from the study reported using a vibrator with their partner. Vibrators can also be used to bridge the orgasm gap. Research shows that 75% of women can’t orgasm by penetrative sex alone and around 50% have faked orgasms at least once. Women have a much higher chance of orgasming with a sex toy like vibrator that provides clitoral stimulation compared to penetrative sex. Especially for women with a low libido, busy schedules, low energy levels or a lot of stress, a vibrator works wonders – it leads to arousal much quicker compared to other means!

5. The reason your rabbit vibrator looks as cute as it does is legal

Nope, it isn’t just the alluring ears or the phrase “f*ing like bunnies”, the rabbit vibrator is designed the way it is because of archaic “obscenity laws” that make any object that resembles the shape of genitals illegal. Japan, one of the biggest producers of sex toys back then, is one of the few places with this law. To squirt around the logistics of it, Vibratex, one of the companies manufacturing sex toys decided to fashion them in the style of irresistibly adorable animals and dare we say it worked wonders! After they debuted on television, on the ‘Sex and the City’ series that they became widely popular.

6. New Zealanders really really love vibrators

According to a study, the people of New Zealand own the highest number of vibrators. At the rate of 38%, nearly 4 out of 10 New Zealanders own a vibrator. It’s safe to say they’re the biggest fans!

7. If you own a vibrator you’re more likely to get regular ob-gyn exams

Sex care is healthcare, in this case literally. According to various studies, women who own a vibrator were found to be significantly more likely to visit a gynecologist for their regular health check-up. Looks like investing in vaginal care comes in many forms.

8. The vibrator business is buzzing

Sex sells, everyone knows this but finding out just how much it sells is always a ride. According to a study the global vibrator market was valued at $2.93 billion in 2014 and has increased to $6.42 in 2019. Indians aren’t missing out either! The Indian sex toy market is currently valued at $91.34 Million and is expected to reach $122.96 billion by 2026. Sex toy sales saw an increase of 65% during the nationwide lockdown induced due to the pandemic, that said, the sex toy market does not see a drop in sales or suffers loss during recession. On the contrary, during recession, there is an increase in the sales of sex toys, they are always in demand! At Manzuri, vibrators (especially rabbit vibrators) are some of the best-selling toys!

9. To test a vibrator, give yourself a boop with it

No, we’re not kidding! Like at wine tastings you sniff the wine before taking a sip, at sex toy testings you touch it to your nose!  The tip of your nose contains super sensitive nerves which can give you a fair idea of the strength of the vibrations and you can pick one that matches your preferences! Next time you go shopping for vibes, you know how to choose the right one!

10. Fifty Shades of Grey brought vibrating rings to Target

Fifty Shades of Grey was responsible not just for a surge in sex toy sales. The merchandise for the movie which included vibrating cock rings was sold in Target and right next to the kiddies toothbrushes aisle!

11. Cleopatra was getting the buzz on too!

According to a historical rumour, Cleopatra had a super creative and a slight health hazard of a makeshift vibrator which was a hollow gourd filled with angry bees that would buzz!

Impressed by these wonderful vibrator facts and don’t own one yet? What are you waiting for! No, we don’t suggest you make your own using a gourd and buzzing bees, instead opt for safer, durable, and more pleasurable sex toys. Confused about where to find vibrators in India? Or are you just hesitant to go shopping for a sex toy in a public store? Don’t worry, we’ve got one solution for your multiple problems – buy a vibrator online! Here’s a beginner’s guide to help you get started.