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Sex Toys 101 | A How-to Guide for Sex Toys

how to guide for sex toys

The taboo around sex impacts our society in a number of visceral ways, from a lack of pleasure in consensual encounters to the rampant perpetuation of harassment and sexual violence. Manzuri and Pratisandhi are two organisations committed to breaking that stigma in their own ways to replace our world with one that is well-informed and sex-positive. 


Pratisandhi’s key focus is to bridge the social and educational gap around sexual and reproductive health by providing workshops by trained mentors on a variety of subjects, including but not limited to Safe, Unsafe, and Unwanted Touch and Navigating Puberty and Menstruation. However, a majority of Indian adults too lack the resources to healthily navigate their sexual and romantic encounters and often end up on looking for advice from uninformed toxic corners of the internet. Pratisandhi’s newsletters, manuals and blogs fill this gap on the internet and provide a refreshing alternative for these adults.  


Manzuri is a sexual wellness startup that markets sex toys for everyone. From the outset, Manzuri recognised the lack of inclusivity and sex-positivity within the Indian landscape of sexual and reproductive rights and decided to take matters into their own hands. With their blog and Instagram handle @getcliterate_manzuri, Manzuri aims to destigmatize all things sex and pleasure and empower women by helping them embrace their sexuality. Their efforts have built a community that is sex and body positive and can provide a sanctuary for those who need it. 


One such subject that receives the brunt of the stigma is self-pleasure, especially with sex toys. From misconceptions suggesting they create dependence or are replacements for partners to a lack of knowledge of where one can purchase them- sex toys are given no reputation or worse a bad one. Pratisandhi and Manzuri decided to collaborate on this manual to fill this gap and enable everyone’s informed pursuit of pleasure- judgement free!


Download the How-to Guide for Sex Toys today and join the sexual revolution!