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8 Types of must-have Sex Toys for Women

Sex toys for Women

There are almost as many designs of sex toys as there are penises out there. Trying to pick one that fits you best can be cumbersome. If choosing from the diverse list of sex toys was not enough, there are all kinds of sizes and materials that are available. If there’s a part of your body that you like to stimulate, there will be a sex toy available to do just that – are you a sucker for nipple play? Nipple squeezers and vibrating nipple clamps are your go-to! Do you like your pleasure served with a side of pain? Floggers, whips, and sensation pinwheels to the rescue!

For instance, a quick search on the Internet will tell you that there are SO many options to explore from. The toys may be realistic, strap-on, anal dildos, strap-on dildos double-ended, or packers. Similarly, the material may vary from glass, metal, wood, and stone to plastic.

Despite the increasing availability of sex toys, and the diminishing stigma around them, the orgasm gap is still very much present – 95% of heterosexual men almost always orgasmed during sexually intimate activities, whereas only 65% of heterosexual women reported having an orgasm almost always during sexually intimate activities. That’s where sex toys for women come in – they help women achieve orgasms and pleasure, bridging the orgasm gap to an extent! A study by a leading sexual health and wellness products retailer indicates that 86% of people reported an improvement in their sex lives with the use of sex toys. 29% of people said that sex toys allowed them to experience blended orgasms, while 16% said that they had better orgasms from a vibrator than from sex itself.

Sex toys are basically bundles of pleasure that double up as a tool to empower women and bridge the gender gap! Since there is an abundance of variety when it comes to sex toys (as we mentioned earlier) you may need some assistance.

Fret not, because we at have got your back. Read on to find out the most common and preferred types of sex toys used by women (and some tips on how to use them):

1.   Wand vibrators

Vibrators are the most commonly used sex toy. They typically offer vibrations at a higher RPM so they are more intense than other vibes. True to its name, the Magic Wand Massager, as the name suggests is a wand vibe that has been one of the best-selling vibrators for over 30 years now. Some might even say that it is the ‘Little Black Dress’ of sex toys (yes, Cosmopolitan actually said that in 2017), which is to say that it’s definitely a classic. If you are a beginner and are looking to try out a wand vibrator, we’d suggest you first use the wand on other parts of your body, such as your arm or leg, moving to sensitive areas such as your nipples and explore all vibration settings. Once you have a fair estimation of the intensity, you can then move on to your clitoris to experience the ultimate pleasure!

2.   Dildos

We all know this one, don’t we? The end-all-be-all of sex toys. To provide a better picture, they are vaguely phallic shaped and are meant for penile penetration. They can be any length or girth, depending on your preferences. A dildo has no moving parts and they are pretty straightforward (even if they aren’t straight at all). Your need for feeling an internal fullness will be satisfied and how! Using lube will ease the process and make it all the more pleasurable.

3.   Butt plugs

Butt plugs are your go-to equipment for experimenting with anal play. They help in making you overcome the initial discomfort as well as they are awesome for stimulating the ring of nerves around the anus. Since the anus doesn’t lubricate naturally, keep a lot of lube handy to avoid any pain or minor injuries.

4.   Rabbit vibrators

A rabbit toy is different from a vibrator because it consists of the whole package. This ‘too good to be true toy is a combination of an external vibrator and a G-spot toy. The external part i.e. the rabbit ears provides vibration to the clitoris whereas a second attachment goes inside the vagina for G-spot stimulation. Such a toy is recommended to people who want to experiment with blended orgasms. Experimenting with various settings will help you hit your sweet spots in just the right way, also, lube can help enhance the experience. Are you already tempted by blended orgasms and double the pleasure, and want to get your hands on it ASAP? If you are wondering where to buy rabbit vibrators in India, you can get your rabbit vibrator online!

5.   Clitoral Suction and Vibrators

As the name suggests, these toys are specifically designed for clitoral stimulation. The suction toys use air pressure to create a gentle sucking. These are typically for people who really like oral sex. At the same time, the vibrators are suited best for people who like direct clit stimulation.

6.   G-spot toys

The G-spot (speculatively) is an erogenous zone said to be located on the front wall of the vagina. Research shows that hardness seems to be one of the most important criteria for a toy to deeply stimulate the G-spot. The choice of toys for this particular erogenous zone is quite versatile. Thanks to their curvature design or expertly positioned bump, the toy makes it easy to apply firm pressure to the G-spot (which, yes, does exist).

7.   A-spot toys

So, we are not going to tell you to just forget about the G-spot but don’t get fixated because a treasure trove awaits, just a little further back from the G- spot. The A-spot stimulation is often compared to natural lubrication, which means multiple orgasms in a short period of time. Typically, the toys look like long, narrow variations of the G- spot toys.

8.    Bullet Vibrator

If ‘great things come in small packages was an object, it would definitely be a bullet vibrator! Compact, convenient, intense, and travel-friendly, a bullet vibrator is the best option if you are looking for a toy to enhance your pleasure and help you reach an intense climax! If you love clit stim, this toy is for you! We’d suggest you use some lube to keep dryness and burning sensations at bay! Looking to buy bullet vibrators online? Check these out!

Selecting the right toy: All said and done, you want to choose something that you will be comfortable using. If you are a beginner, you may want to take it easy and experiment with thinner toys. We recommend a small vibrator. For someone who has been in the biz for a while, we would encourage you to switch it up a notch and try out the Rabbit Vibrators. Don’t forget to use LUBE! (Read: Lube It Up: All you need to know about lube)

Most importantly, don’t forget that this is about YOUR body. This is about you. Choosing a sex toy that fits your body is a way of thanking and appreciating that body. It is about finding and exploring its insides and limits. It is about nourishing it with kindness and, as and when required, domineering it (because, well, your body is not always a temple).

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