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Manzuri testimonials & reviews: our community tells us why they love us

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At Manzuri, we love our community. There is no doubt that our website offers a wide variety of sex toys in India to suit every taste, body type, and kink. We test as many of them out on with the help of our close-knit bunch of community members, but sadly, we are limited in the number of genitalia we possess.

That is why our community’s sex toy reviews are so vital.

But the thing about Indian sex toys and sex toys online reviews is that they’re not just educational; they’re also supremely amusing, with narratives ranging from orgasm novices to epic projectile squirting. Here, sexual facts that you wouldn’t normally hear spoken at your casual Sunday dinner tables come to light.

In this article, you will find the cream of the crop (wink wink) of all our sex toy reviews! Other than raving about our discreet packaging as well as touting us as the first brand focusing on sex education in India, we get mind-blowing product reviews! Everything that we could uncover from religious-level adoration to unbridled curiosity. And don’t worry, we have condensed these novella-length reviews from our darling community so that you can have a quickie read on your way to work, or as you scroll away in the loo.

What our community has to say about us

The gym friend with benefits, Manzuri remote-controlled egg vibrator #1

This adult toy in India for women simply rocks, as one of our reviewers, found after giving it a complete, honest evaluation. It promises to stimulate your genitals with hands-free technology such as a remote-controlled egg kegel ball that can ALSO be used as a vibrator, and it fulfills. However, why not listen to this review from one of its numerous users instead of us?

A group of exercising individuals who are hip-thrusting on yoga mats

“This sex toy for women is actually a gorgeous kegel ball that also doubles as a vibrator (I’m screaming!!!) is sleek and in a lovely egg shape. I feel like a maharani each time I get to use this, and I’ll tell you why: this is hands-free. I bought this with the honest intention of using it just as a kegel ball. Well, my workouts are now combined with orgasms haha! The best part about this is that I can watch my porn, get through Netflix (while my egg vibe buddy here helps me with the chilling), grab a snack, anything. And by the time I get to the end of my orgasm number 4…I mean my fourth workout, my palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy… I’m choking now. I deserve this, and so do you. Get yourself this kegel ball and vibrate away to workout glory. After all, your workout buddy will be your biggest cheerleader!”

The squirt master, Manzuri’s favourite dildo (with suction cup)

There is no one-size-fits-all route to Squirt-town; but, Manzuri’s favourite dildo comes dang close. Squirting is a voyage, and different techniques and toys work for different people. A full-time submissive once told one of our team members that she would choose this toy if she ever were stranded on an island. This non-vibrating dildo is made out of 100% body-safe PVC Jelly and is super famous for being both a terrific anal and vaginal toy – especially for squirting. But don’t take it from us; take it from this review:

Water gushing from a hole

“For the longest time, while I was exploring the different pleasure centers of my body, I would be crazy frustrated. Where the *#$% is my G-spot? What was even more irritating is that my girlfriend could reach it, but I couldn’t. I mean, I’m super happy for her and that my fingers could reach the right spots to make her feel good and all that – but I wanted to feel it too. And he, in comes my girl with this dildo. She sticks it to the floor of our room (yes it has a suction base) and tells me to have fun with it. A couple of varying positions later, I’m squirting – yes, I’m not just being wet, or just dripping – I’m uncontrollably projectile squirting across the room. After two such incredible pulsating waves pass over me, and I mean this literally, I sit there crying. I think I figured what self-love is.”

The prostate massager lover, Manzuri Prostate Massager #4 – Remote Controlled

Have you ever wanted to learn more about prostate milking? Well, we’ve written a few blogs on it that you can check out before you jump into the world of pleasuring your nethers. Because there’s a world of pleasure back there, my dear. It just takes a bit of exploring, a well-lubed finger, and a sex toy for men like the – Manzuri Prostate Massager – or two to rock you all the way to P-town. Don’t believe us, read this review then 🙂

An explosion blowing up from a man’s crotch

“In all the 34 years of my penis-owning, masturbating, self and partner-pleasuring existence, I have never imagined that a thing such as a dry orgasm exists. Until I met Manzuri Prostate Massager #4, I didn’t know what this kind of pleasure would feel like. And the best part? This is remote-controlled. Wait, I don’t think you get it – THIS IS REMOTE CONTROLLED!!! This leaves me curling my toes on the bed, while I achieve one after another dry orgasm with my tongue dangling, my eyes rolling about my head, having a hands-free dry orgasm after orgasm after wet orgasm if I use my hands to touch myself as well….Oh, you need to get this my dear prostate-owning friends. Consistent, mind-blowing O after O guaranteed.”

The cult of Manzuri’s Eggcellent Wireless Vibrating Egg

Manzuri’s Eggcellent Wireless Vibrating Egg is probably not what our religious neighbour had in mind when they said that we had been given free will to do good by the divine almighty, but the same divine power also gave us all clits and prostates and penises and everything in the middle! So when we got an e-mail from one of Manzuri’s delightful community members titled, ‘This is God’s gift’, we knew our neighbour was right.

A woman’s face wide open in an orgasm

“First of all, what the hell. Second of all, I found god. My friend gifted me this adorable egg in flush pink colour with a golden base. I thought, oh, this is very cute. Would probably not do much (It was my first vibe). And then holy mother of god, I had the most transcendental experience ever. Let me describe – I had seen Lust stories and was intrigued. I wanted to try discreetly try this out in a public space. I chose my local Starbucks (don’t grin at me, I know I wasn’t thinking straight) and went in with my laptop. Nestled safely in my panty was this small egg, and I turned it on. The sound was almost imperceptible and no one noticed. Three minutes and four different vibrating patterns later, I noticed that I couldn’t stop shaking while the curves sent wave after wave of varying vibrations down me. I stopped and ran to the Starbucks washroom, I COULDN’T TAKE IT!!! I came there thrice. Heaven. God’s gift, god’s plan. Truly.”

Fifty shades of Manzuri’s Strap-on Dildo Belt Harness

So you read Fifty Shades of Grey and decided to get kinkier. Great. While we would like to mention that the book and movie franchise is probably one of the worst mainstream depictions of what BDSM is, we are glad it opened up a world of curiosity for all readers/viewers. While Manzuri houses all things BDSM ranging from handcuffs to penis cages to face strap-ons, we found this review for our dildo belt harness positively heartwarming.

A woman moaning in pleasure as a person twists her hair around his hand

“Right from my soft-porn Wattpad days to reading Fifty Shades and totally dissing it for its lack of appropriate representation, I always had a mommy kink. I identify as a top, a mommy, and a dominant. And the day my partner bought me my first strap-on, I realized that I had found my perfect baby. But the issue was finding the right strap-on harness. I tried many different harnesses and none of them gave me the leverage that I received from Manzuri’s Strap-on dildo belt harness. It comes with adjustable harness straps that make sure the harness stays on, no matter how rigorous the thrusting is. We even tried different strap-ons after that and it all fits well with this. My girlfriend is happy, and her mommy is happy. Thank you so much!”

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These are just some of the hundreds of reviews we have received since we started Manzuri and we are more than delighted to say that this is exactly what keeps us going. It is no secret that India is a country of sex-positive individuals. It is also not a secret that we use sex toys for men and sex toys for women to enhance our pleasure.

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