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Ass-asination: What you need to know

Ass-asination: What you need to know

-Zeba Zoriah 


What do you think when you hear the words “anal sex”?


There are a multitude of thoughts that come to mind. If those words make you feel uncomfortable, ‘viewer discretion is advised’. It’s not a new thing. It’s considerable that diving into an uncharted sexual territory can be quite daunting. But we have some good news to start with! It has made its way into the mainstream, by at least initiating a conversation.


So, some of us might secretly want to try it. But have lots of questions and are afraid to ask them. But there are people who are gradually gaining wholehearted acceptance across cultures and age groups. So, even though it is gaining popularity that doesn’t mean everyone will enjoy it. 


It’s possible to overcome all our feelings that make us uneasy to talk about it openly and potentially discover a new way that might become a bedroom staple. Don’t know how to? Fret not my friend, because I am here to your rescue! Read on to find out how exactly does it feel while doing anal sex and the precautionary measures related to it. 


So, Let’s get started!


The anal region is rich in nerve endings that can make for a delightful experience. The pudendal nerve is a huge nerve stemming from the bottom of the spine.


Fig:  Pudendal Nerve: An overview

Interestingly, 80 percent of it is reserved for sensation, meaning it’s a pleasure jackpot. So, what we are trying to say is that you can add extra fun to the equation if you are a fan of G-Spot action. (wink, wink)


First things first: TAKE IT SLOW!


It’s not and I repeat it’s not how you feel when he puts it in the wrong hole !

(Courtesy : ) If done in the right manner, there will be difficulties in trying to get hold of it with the ins and outs of trying anal sex for the first time. You might potentially have a fear of having a bowel movement, farting ( p.s. it’s normal), or hurting yourself. With enough preparation and giving each other time to settle, it will lead to lesser negative thoughts and more fun.


So, as we mentioned, embarrassing moments are very common and are a part of the entire process. Our muscles surrounding the rectum will spasm if we have a bowel movement. But at times having anal sex can lead the muscle to distend. So, the reflex action through contraction tends to slow down a tad bit. But don’t worry it’s completely natural.




Lubrication is a must. Whether you are using an artificial one or using your self-lubricating machine- our superstar vagina. The glands in our vagina produce lots of juices. It is very important to take your time and lubricate your butt hole. Include it in your foreplay and you reduce your risk from tearing the fragile tissues around your anus.


The best advise that we can offer to you for a successful experience at anal sex is to go slowly. The muscles around the anus will involuntarily spasm when you touch that area. Once your body is accustomed to the sensations and you are enjoying it, that’s when you are ready! Massage the area, finger it until you feel relaxed before moving on to a penis or even a bigger sex toy (try out our American Whopper Dong Dildo :


Now that we have set some rules, let’s talk about all those chic positions people recommend for a better experience. I would say choose the one that puts you in control so that you can make sure you are comfortable (you do you, boo).That is all on you and practice. The more you and your partner will explore the more comfortable you will be. Everyone is different, everyone has different bodies. So, naturally all pictorial representation or even pornographic content won’t suffice. This is where you need to take control of your body and get an idea about your comfort zone.


So, some word of caution from team Manzuri in case of hygiene. 

  1. Trim your nails
  2. Wash your hands prior to all your fun 
  3. And don’t mix anal penetration and vaginal penetration at once to avoid infections. If you are using condoms for anal don’t use the same one for vaginal sex. Also, going from anal to vaginal penetration can be a recipe for a UTI. Be careful girls!


It might seem out of the ordinary, but anal play could become one of those things you really enjoy, especially if you parallel it to clitoral stimulation.


Lastly, we would like to leave you with a few thoughts to help form an opinion. Do not judge yourself for liking it! Of course, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. Anal sex can help deliver some incredible powerful orgasms for men and women alike. In fact, men tend to reach their ultimate Nirvana stage when they are practicing anal sex. For them every hole is a goal! But it’s a serious turn on for them and for you too if done slowly with precautions in a proper manner.