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Unlearning myths about masturabation

Unlearning myths about masturabation

-Naushaba Madni


It’s quite frequent that we hear a sense of astonishment and strange unfamiliarity when females discuss masturbation or accept the terms that they enjoy it in a social circle. Behind closed doors and beneath cosy sheets, women also find masturbation as pleasurable as men. However, the society that we breed in always distinguishes gender on the basis of their prejudiced beliefs and inclined hypocrisy. Questions like “Oh! So women masturbate too?” or “why do you masturbate when you have a husband?” never seems to leave us alone. With it comes a trail of uncomfortable silences and awkwardness. Women and masturbation are still considered a fairy story, only the fairy is not allowed to practice her magic. Women who openly talk about it are tagged ‘Sluts’ or ‘Easy’. And some, as a result, choose to relinquish it under their breaths to escape the bulldozing burden of name-tags. No matter if you talk about it openly or choose to stay mum, the truth is most women masturbate and there is no shame in it.

Imagine, in a society like ours, where utterance of the M word is a taboo, the misconceptions would be countless. Some myths are based on societal norms to refrain young girls from exploring pleasure positivity whereas others are just the deconstructed facts that hardly comprise any truth now.

Here, at Team Manzuri, we are trying to burst the imaginary bubbles for young girls and women like us who believe that our body should only be subjected to our OWN choices and nothing else

  1.     Sexually Dissatisfied! Are you?

Masturbation is only for sexually deprived women

No pleasure counts as too much pleasure! Age-old beliefs are aged and old for a reason now. Women today have moved ahead, leaving behind the stinky orthodox principles. They know how to rule the world, run empires and what not! We sure as hell can be responsible to revert the patriarchal prejudices. Ladies! You don’t always need a man to make you feel good about your bodies. Neither does having one abstain you from pleasing yourself. Burst all those bubbles, one at a time. Masturbation is not only for sexually-depressed females. You can have an absolutely amazing sex life and yet choose to masturbate. The freedom always lies in your hands.

  1.     Shush! She is a sex maniac!

Masturbating women are nymphomaniacs

Our society is built on a fragile foundation of slut-shaming. Ladies! Don’t let anyone question your choices, when it comes to your own body, your own skin, and your own preferences. This myth stems from the fact that ‘pleasure’ is a concept reserved for only men of the world. Masturbating does not make you a nymphomaniac. It, in no manner, justifies that you have an excessively uncontrollable sex drive. Opting to drive pleasures and support body positivity is your own choice and no one gets to decide what or how you wish to do it, as long as you are not hurting anyone. So if you masturbate or not, you are still the 21st Century bold and beautiful woman.

  1.   But what about your future child?

Masturbation affects fertility

And yet another big bubble that is as old as the Ice Age and is still passed on to generations like a lucid legacy! No, masturbation does not cause infertility. It does not affect your chances of getting pregnant in future in any possible way. However, if you share your sex toys with your partner, always ensure its clean and hygienic right before use. The reason lies under the medically-claimed fact that using shared unclean sex toys increases the chances of spreading sexually-transmitted infections. STIs can lead to infertility if it’s grave and left unattended. Hence, masturbation does not directly affect fertility whatsoever.

  1.   No Penis, No Masturbation!

Only men masturbate

Well, who would have thought that it takes you to be of a certain gender to take pride in the privilege of pleasuring their own bodies! Ladies, don’t let these stringent societal norms dictate the norms to you. Masturbation is as normal for women as for men and there is no science behind this myth. Spread your wings (or fingers in this case) and soothe your nerves, be confident and proud of your orientation. There is no shame in masturbation. Talk about it, share it with your girls, and break the fragile glass ceilings with your opinions.

  1.     Poor girl, no longer virgin!

Masturbation causes you to lose your virginity

Firstly to begin with, virginity is conceptual, it is a social construction. When we have sex for the first time we do not actually lose anything. It does not change our identity, it is not life-altering and it does not affect our worth…. It praises those who remain “pure,” and shames those who choose to have sex before marriage. 

The association between purity and virginity serves to police women’s bodies. The idea of virginity equating to moral and personal purity has long been used to control some bodies – usually those seen as female, through a lens of gender as both binary and fixed.

 In addition, many people with a vulva and vagina don’t orgasm from penetrative sex, and get the most pleasure from clitoral stimulation. But because our understanding of what it means to have sex is shaped by this idea of virginity, it’s often thought penis-in-vagina sex is the ‘main’ way to have sex, with the result that people don’t explore other parts of their body, for example the clitoris (Check out our section of toys specifically designed for clitoral stimulation https://www.manzuri.in/product/compact-clitoral-and-nipple-vibrator/). Many miss out on a lot of pleasure because they don’t understand that other types of sex exist. We believe that it’s time we rid ourselves from the shackles of this myth!

  1.     We all are the same– said no one ever!

Everyone masturbates in same manner

Who are we seriously fooling! No two human beings are the same and that is true for their preferences as well. While some prefer to use fingers to twitch and rub, others prefer using sex toys to stimulate their organs. All women have their own way of pleasing themselves. And there is no sequential pattern or a fixed way of masturbating. Feel free and let it flow! After all, if you won’t know what your body wants, how can you expect your partner to? What works for you IS the right way to do it!

So women, you are every inch worthy of each pricey orgasm! Own it like a boss and flick it like a diva.