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Intimacy and Comfort: Designing a First-Night Kit for Newlyweds

Designing a First-Night Kit for Newlyweds

So, you’ve tied the knot, and the magical day is finally over. Now it’s time to relish another magical moment – your first night together as a married couple! Before we get there, let’s acknowledge the undeniable truth that is the incredible amount of pressure, expectations and anxiety that surrounds ‘wedding night sex’. Indian aunties and bollywood pop culture has certainly not made it easy. 

Well, we’ve got a solution. The goal to ease this anxiety is to create an environment that feels safe, comfortable and pressure-free. And we’ve put together a first-night kit that does just that!

This kit, carefully crafted with love, is your secret weapon for an unforgettable night. So what’s in it? Let’s find out!

Setting the Mood with Scent-sational Candles

A scientific study, as fancy as it sounds, proves that lighting scented candles can genuinely set the mood for romance. It’s a fact! So, pick those scented candles – lavender, vanilla, rose – that make your night special. As they infuse your room, you’ll both start to unwind and feel the anxiety alleviate. It’s the perfect start to a romantic evening.

Soothing Massage Oils

In a survey by the Kinsey Institute, 91% of couples reported that they found massages to be an effective way to foster intimacy and reduce stress. Massages help you connect, reduce stress, and simply feel looser and closer. So, include some top-notch massage oils or lotions in your kit.

Luxurious Bedding

A survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation (no we’re not making it up, there is a National Sleep foundation!) found that 73% of couples reported better sleep quality when they slept together. To ensure a great night’s sleep and even better intimacy, splurge on soft, high-thread-count sheets and a fluffy duvet. After all, if you’re going to spend your happily ever after together on your bed, you better invest in a good one, right?

A Toast to Love

A study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family found that couples who drink together have higher levels of relationship quality and lower divorce rates. Who would’ve thought that sharing a drink could strengthen your bond? Pour a glass of bubbly champagne or your favorite wine, and toast to your night ahead. Don’t forget to clink those glasses!

Sultry Lingerie – Because Why Not?

Fun fact: A survey by Lovehoney shows that 75% of couples believe that wearing sexy lingerie improves their sex life. So, bride, slip into something lacy and alluring. Black and red satin are also classics! For the groom, a well-fitted suit or stylish loungewear. It’s a visual treat for both of you!

Introducing Intimate Toys

A study conducted by the University of Indiana revealed that couples who incorporate sex toys into their intimate experiences report higher levels of sexual satisfaction and overall relationship happiness.  Regardless of sex toys being a fun and exciting addition, what they can also do for your night together is also reduce the amount of performance pressure. Because now you’ve got a helping hand, quite literally! So you can throw all worries out of the window and just focus on your intimacy and sense of closeness.  Throw some couple-friendly toys into your kit – maybe a vibrating ring or a remote-controlled massager.

A Love Letter to Seal the Deal

A survey by Hallmark shows that 82% of respondents kept love letters they received. In the digital age, a handwritten love letter is pure gold. Pour your heart out, express your love, dreams, and hopes for the future. You can also add a fun, raunchy and sensual twist to start off your night right.

Midnight snacks

Listen, if your first night goes well as planned (wink wink), trust us, you’re gonna get hungry! 

Sharing food can be an intimate and bonding experience. In a study published in the journal Appetite, couples who ate together reported greater relationship satisfaction. Share your favorite snacks or treats while you chat and cuddle in bed. It’s the perfect way to wrap up your first night as a married couple.

Your first night together as newlyweds is a significant moment in your journey as a couple. But here’s a helpful Manzuri reminder: there is no rule that says that you have to engage in sex on your wedding night. If you’re not feeling up for it, you can just spend some fun and romantic time together! Open communication and honesty is the key. Remember that the most important aspect of this night is your love and commitment to one another. Good luck on this new chapter of your life together!