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Intimate Gifts for the Holidays: A Guide to choosing the Perfect Sex Toy

Holidays are like a big cozy blanket for spreading love and joy, right? Well, picture this: You and your partner are unwrapping the gifts, and among all the boxes and bows, there’s a little something extra – a surprise that’s gonna amp up your holiday season in a whole new way. Yep, we’re talking about sex toys! These little gems can take your holiday festivities to a whole new level, bringing you and your partner even closer and making those good vibes sweet and sinful! It’s all about sharing the love in a, well, let’s say, “unique” way this holiday season. 

When I first decided to buy a sex toy, I was overwhelmed. I mean, there were so many options that had me thinking, “Wow, the possibilities are endless!” Ready to explore intimate gifts but unsure where to start?

Here’s a friendly guide from a millennial to picking the perfect sex toy for you and your partner.

But before we get into the “how” to choose the right toy, let’s first talk about the “why.”

Things to Consider When Buying A Sex Toy:

  1. Budget Matters: Start by figuring out your budget, whether you’re splurging or going for a more affordable option.
  2. Material Must-Haves: Look for body-safe and easy-to-clean materials like medical-grade silicone to avoid allergic reactions. The humble yet sexy Manzuri Crystal Anal Plug when playing solo or yet again as a team, can be mind-blowing!
  3. Solo or Duo Play: Decide whether you’re using the toy alone or sharing the experience with a partner. I’d suggest a personal favorite, Sherry – The Mini Rabbit Vibrator that can be used to go solo or even let your partner help you with it!

Or even the Manzuri Prostate Massager #2 for penis owners can be THE thing!

  1. Water Fun: If you plan to use the toy in wet environments like the bathtub or shower, ensure it’s 100% waterproof for added versatility. While you want to do more than just shower together, beware of those wet tiles without hurting yourself on the of the shower! Thus you can experiment with our Nightwing – Vibrating Penis Stroker and the for those ‘wet’ moments! 😀
  2. Power Play: Choose between USB-rechargeable or battery-powered options for convenience and avoid unexpected dead batteries. I would suggest Dory- The Wireless Fish Egg Vibrator or the All In Stroker – Masturbator Cup with probably the Fifty Shades Of Love – Bondage Kit give your dominant / submissive sides a chance to come out and play! Trust me, it will surely be some powerplay, pun intended!  😉
  3. Clit Vibes: Opt for clit-stimulating toys like the Jet Bullet vibrator for precise pleasure or the Manzuri Tongue Vibrator and Penis Ring, and both of you shall be on a rollercoaster ride together!
  4. Don’t Just Wand-er, Get one! : Ever found yourself wondering whether a wand vibrator was the right choice for you? Select wand vibrators for broader stimulation and a more versatile experience. Manzuri’s Mini-Mate Wand Vibrator is such a delight! Its convenient to travel with because of its size and it being shaped like a Mic, you know just in case it comes up in the scan at the airport! Its USB chargeable, waterproof and fits in the palm of your hand! 
  5. Suction vs. Vibrations: Decide whether you prefer suction or traditional vibrations for your stimulation. For vulva owners, suction also works wonders, especially if you are playing solo! Fingerlicious – Clitoral Finger Vibrator is the best go-to!
  6. Double the Fun: Consider dual stimulation with a toy like the Love Rabbit Silicone Vibrator/dildo combo for you and your partner together! 
  7. Look and Feel: Choose a toy that matches your personal style and preferences. Some toys could come with a super realistic look and feel like our Mr. Pleaser or the luxurious black coloured LOVENSE Edge 2 Smart Prostate Massager

How To Toy with Perfection:

  1. Research and Education: Take the time to educate yourself about different types of sex toys, materials, and their functionalities. Knowledge is essential for making informed decisions.
  2. Communication: Discuss your desires and boundaries openly with your partner to guide your choice and ensure mutual comfort.
  3. Purpose: Determine the specific purpose of the toy, whether it’s enhancing intimacy, exploring fantasies, or solo play.
  4. Size and Shape: Consider the size and shape of the toy that best suits your preferences, whether discreet or anatomically designed.
  5. Functionality: Determine the level of functionality you desire, such as various vibration patterns, intensities, or remote control features.
  6. Maintenance and Cleaning: Proper maintenance and cleaning are crucial for keeping your sex toy safe and hygienic. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use a high-quality toy cleaner for best results.
  7. Pricey or Pocket-Friendly: Start with a toy that fits your budget and preferences to learn more about what works for you. You don’t necessarily need to hit your wallet hard to get what you need! With a toy or an accessory within your budget, you’d rather go hard on something or someone else! Hehe! 


Well my partner and I have started to build a collection of said toys to explore with! Now it’s your turn!

Embrace the experience and explore how it might benefit your sensuality. And remember, if you’re just starting out, it’s all about experimentation, so go for something more affordable to figure out what feels the best to you. Happy exploring and enjoy the journey to a more satisfying intimate holiday!