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The Ultimate Honeymoon Kit: Must-Have Essentials for Every Couple

Hey there, lovebirds! Ready to explore the exciting world of honeymooning? We’ve got a one-way ticket to spice up your romantic escapade with our ultimate honeymoon kit – a collection of must-have essentials that’ll make your post-wedding adventure unforgettable. Picture this: sandy beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and, of course, a little extra somethin’-somethin’ to ignite the passion.

In this guide, we’re breaking down the art of curating a honeymoon kit that’s not only interesting but fun – because who said your honeymoon can’t be playful and a tad bit cheeky? Get ready to explore the secret of intimacy!

Plug in the Fun!

Amidst the various couple toys that will elevate your romantic date nights, there’s a contender that’s ready to make its debut – the anal plug. Playfully designed, these plugs offer an fun twist to your honeymoon. The anal area has a dense network of pleasurable nerve endings. Anal plugs can create sensations that complement other forms of stimulation, leading pleasure for both partners. And this is why we suggest that you get red hot with Red Rocket!

Red Rocket

The anticipation of trying something different can increase your level of arousal and create excitement, leading to a more passionate and fulfilling experience. Red Rocket can bring playfulness into your bedroom. Sharing this experience can help you connect on a deeper level while enjoying each other’s company

Honeymoons are perfect to explore and experiment. Including anal plugs in your honeymoon kit opens the doors to creative experimentation, allowing you to discover new ways to pleasure and satisfy each other. 

Anal play encourages people to explore their own bodies and preferences. This self-discovery can lead to better self-awareness and improved communication about desires and boundaries.

Buckle up For Some Spice!

Honeymoons are all about building a strong foundation for your marriage. Engaging in consensual bondage activities requires trust and communication. It’s a beautiful way to show your partner that you trust them completely with your vulnerability. What better way to do that than indulge in some bondage action?

Bondage often involves sensory deprivation or restriction, intensifying the sensations that both partners experience. Blindfolds, restraints, and feather ticklers can create a heightened awareness of touch, sound, and even taste. So kindle the sizzle with Fifty Shades of Love! Doing it the Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele way!

Bondage Kit

Just like exploring a new destination, exploring bondage together can be an exciting journey of discovery. Discussing your desires, boundaries, and fantasies openly fosters a deeper emotional connection. On your honeymoon, you’re free to escape from your daily roles. Fifty Shades of Love can offer a chance to playfully switch roles, letting one partner take control while the other enjoys being guided, creating a fun dynamic shift.

Effective communication is vital for any successful marriage. Engaging in bondage requires clear communication about preferences, comfort levels, and safety, helping you both become more attuned to each other’s needs.                                             

Incorporating bondage elements in your honeymoon kit can be a surprising and spontaneous way to keep the honeymoon spark alive. The unexpected introduction of silk ties or soft restraints can add a thrilling twist to your intimate moments.

Prostate Paradise!

Incorporating a prostate massager into your honeymoon kit is an opportunity for both partners to engage in shared exploration. Learning about the male anatomy and pleasure points together can enhance your connection and deepen your understanding of each other’s desires.The prostate is often referred to as the “male G-spot.” Massaging this erogenous zone can lead to intense sensations and heightened orgasms, creating an entirely new level of pleasure for the receiving partner. So let the Maestro play a symphony that will set you on fire!


This will encourage open communication and trust. Discussing desires, comfort levels, and boundaries fosters an environment of understanding and acceptance, laying the foundation for a strong and fulfilling marriage. Exploring each other’s bodies in new ways can lead to deeper emotional bonds. Prostate massagers can help you forge an even stronger connection as you communicate your desires and create intimate memories together.      

Strap in to Sizzle!

In the world of honeymoon kits, where passion and connection intertwine, consider adding a playful twist with the inclusion of a strap-on. This versatile addition has the potential to elevate your honeymoon experience in ways you might not have imagined.

A strap-on allows partners to switch roles, where the giver can experience what it’s like to be in the penetrative role and the receiver can explore a different form of pleasure.

Incorporating a strap-on can provide a different kind of stimulation compared to other forms of intimacy. It can offer a way to explore erogenous zones and sensations that might not be as easily accessible otherwise. So why not make it a happy honeymoon with Happy Hulk?


It can deepen emotional and physical intimacy. It requires open communication, trust, and vulnerability, all of which contribute to a stronger bond between partners. For couples interested in power dynamics, a strap-on can play a role in dominance and submission scenarios, allowing partners to explore their desires and fantasies in a consensual and safe manner. 

Happy Hulk stimulates erogenous zones in unique ways, potentially leading to heightened pleasure and more intense orgasms for the receiver. Using a strap-on can be educational, especially if either partner is unfamiliar with the anatomy and sensations of the other. It provides an opportunity to learn and appreciate each other’s bodies in new ways.

Proper preparation is essential for a positive experience. Ensure that the strap-on is properly fitted and adjusted to prevent discomfort or accidents during use. Lubrication: Using an appropriate water-based lubricant is crucial for comfort and safety. The anus does not naturally lubricate like the vagina, so applying lube generously is important to prevent friction and potential discomfort.

Get some Eggcellent Intimacy

Adding a touch of modernity and thrill to your honeymoon kit, wireless eggs can be a new experience. These discreet and innovative devices have the potential to elevate your nights in various ways.

Exploring wireless eggs together fosters a unique kind of intimacy. The process of discovering each other’s preferences and reactions can lead to a deeper emotional connection. And Dory is just the right companion to help you do that!

The Fish Egg Wireless Vibrator

    • Remote Play

    • Wireless eggs often come with remote control capabilities, allowing your partner to control the vibrations from a distance. This can add a sense of excitement, even in public settings, as you share playful secrets only the two of you know.
    • Variety of Settings 

    • Most wireless eggs offer a range of vibration settings, catering to different preferences and moods. You can experiment to find the perfect rhythm that resonates with both of you.
    • Sensory Exploration

    • Incorporating wireless eggs introduces a new layer of sensory exploration. The vibrations can awaken your senses and lead to heightened pleasure, adding something fun to your honeymoon kit.
    • Playful Teasing

    • The remote control feature of wireless eggs allows for playful teasing and surprises. Partners can take turns controlling the vibrations, turning ordinary moments into exciting memories.

    So, dear honeymooners, embrace the fun, the love, and the joy that comes with this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Your honeymoon kit will be the catalyst for unforgettable memories that will stay with you for years to come. Bon voyage and happy honeymooning!