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Vibrators’ Faceoff: The Rabbit vs. Clitoral suction vs. Bullet

Two hands holding a vibrator

When I first dipped my toes into the world of self-pleasure, not going to lie, I was overwhelmed and had a ton of questions– is this the right way to do it? How do I do it? Yes, my rabbit hole of overwhelm led me down to finding the right way to maximize pleasure for myself, and maybe my partners too! Unfortunately, the world still believes that masturbation is a taboo act to indulge in. I tried asking my friends, but was obviously left with no answers to my questions. But over the years, I have learnt that there is no “right” way other than what feels right to you. Indeed, my way or the highway!

Along with getting your hands dirty, what helps in exploring what works best for you are sex toys. However, looking at a long list of sex toys with many names and many images may confuse you. I know it confused me. While I wanted to buy everything on the website, I wanted to find the perfect one for me. Just like me, if you have scrolled through Manzuri’s products a million times but are still confused about what to add to your cart, you have to read this till the end.

Making your debut into the world of self-pleasure using sex toys can be overwhelming. Scrolling through a sex toy website (although Manzuri has specific sections to help you navigate your way) can be daunting too. So, before you commit to your new best friend, you’d want to know what the best way to start is. While no amount of description can match the clearity you will get after you test it out for yourself, we’re going to start the conversation! Yes, we’re going to be the friends who actually give you answers this time. Through this article, we hope to spark your curiosity, get you started and answer some of your questions. So, here are 3 toys you deserve to have for various reasons. Let’s explore them together.

You say Double Trouble? We hear Rabbit Vibrator

A purple rabbit vibrator


To help ease your entry into the world of self-pleasure, we have beginner friendly toys that will come to your rescue. The rabbit vibrator tops this list. If you’ve watched sex and the City, you probably know why. The rabbit vibrator is used to stimulate both your clitoris and your G-spot at the same time. Yes, you get the drift. This is a great toy for penetrative sex, while the bunny ears sit on your clitoris to give you just the right amount of stimulation. It’s a double whammy down there! While this is indeed a fun way to go about it, there are no boundaries! Since a rabbit vibrator can stimulate two erogenous zones at the same time, it qualifies as one of the top-rated vibrators for vulva-owners. With it, there are no limits to experimenting!

Without wasting another minute, type in the words “rabbit vibrator” on the search bar on Manzuri’s website, and you will know exactly what we’re talking about. And voila, you’ve landed on the best place to buy the best toy!

Sucked your soul out? Quite literally.

A rose-shaped clitoral suction vibrator


Thinking about the time your partner went down on you? Are you more of a clitoral stimulation kinda person? Do you desire a little more than rubbing or vibrations at your clitoris? Here is yet another vibrator, known to do wonders! As the name suggests, the clitoral suction vibrator creates a sensation on your clitoris that’s quite exactly like sucking in air. To understand this better, try sucking in some air. Now imagine this exact same sensation at your clitoris. Now you can imagine what we mean! We’re not over-promising when we say it feels like oral sex. A clitoral suction vibrator will help you vacuum your way to the BIG O! Thus, providing you with the experience of oral sex, even when you’re with yourself.

Manzuri has a range of clitoral suction vibrators that are not difficult to find on the site. Hands down the best rose you could gift to your partner or yourself this Valentine’s Day!

One Shot to Orgasm: Bullet Vibrators

Three Bullet Vibrators


If you’re looking for someone who would take a bullet for you, we’ve found just the one! As the name suggests, bullet vibrators are named after the way it looks. Not to forget the way it cuts itself to your orgasm.

Bullet vibrators are available in various sizes as per your liking. If you are a beginner, this vibrator is a good way to start. If you’re curious about how it works, here me out.

While bullet vibrators are mostly used for clitoral stimulation, you can try them out for vaginal stimulation as well, but not for penetration! Since the bullet is smaller in size, it is not recommended for penetration. We don’t want any mishaps. In this case, and only in this case, size does matter because you don’t want a bullet to get stuck in your vagina. We’re not scaring you, but we do not want you in the emergency room! We’re here to help you navigate your way to your next favorite vibrator and for that, we must know the right way to use it. This is to maximize pleasure and avoid awkward situations, if any.

The only way to be comfortable with your sex toy is to know the best way to use it. Of course, this can be experimented and modified to your liking. For instance, you are the control station of your vibrators– you command the pace, the pressure and even your orgasms!

While these are just three of our favorites, Manzuri has a splendid line up for you. The possibilities are endless. That said, we’re here to bridge the gap between female sexual pleasure and help you try out what works best for you. Life is too short to settle for the wrong vibrator!

Maybe you won’t find “the one” for you in one go. However, don’t be afraid to experiment – a fun ride I am inviting you on! Trust me, it’s always worth putting yourself out there to explore. With Manzuri at your fingertips, there is no reason why you should settle for less. We’ve got your back, and more!