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Why men don’t use sex toys in India

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Don’t we all have our guilty pleasures? Be it binge-watching sappy shows, cringy rom-com movies, eating a tub full of ice cream, spending a fortune on shopping, choosing video games over work, and so on! There’s one more, it’s more of a pleasure, and while there is some guilt involved, we feel there must be none – masturbation and (consensual) sex! Do you remember the first time you masturbated? What did you feel? Most of us felt a rush of guilt almost as soon as we felt the rush of pleasure. Then we grew up, some of us got used to it and over it, and unfortunately, some of us are still stuck with the guilt! That explains why most people deny pleasure, and how!

However, with time, people are getting more comfortable using sex toys, women more than men! While most women don’t feel a threat to their femininity or feel insecure about having to use a sex toy, things aren’t always so simple with men! Men in India have a whole different set of roadblocks when it comes to using male sex toys!

The stigma around men using sex toys

While there are many myths one can fall for, some can be potentially harmful, some can be totally harmless, and some can haunt you with regret later on! Myths about sex toys can cause similar effects! It is a known fact that India is a land of taboo as much as it is a land of desire, love and sex (Kamasutra). Conflicting as it may be, that’s India – on one hand, ancient structures depicting sex are preserved and displayed, while on the other, the act itself and any conversation around it has to be hush-hush! Despite that, we can’t deny that times are changing, and for the better, India is becoming progressive and sex and pleasure (especially pre-marriage) is not a universal sin. Although some stigmas have managed to make it through all this time and development, they still stick, especially around men!

This stigma is not only limited to sex toys, but it also extends to masturbation! Be it a reduction in sperm count, penis size, loss of hair, eyesight, erectile dysfunction and whatnot, you need to bust these myths right away! Here’s something to help you: Read – 6 Myths About Masturbation For Penis Owners That You Need To Stop Believing

Male sex toys stigma sounds like ‘Seriously, sex toys? Aren’t you man enough?’, ‘Anal sex toys? Are you gay dude?’ ‘You use sex toys? When did you become so horny?’ Sex toys?! There’s a reserved place in hell for the likes of you!’ and so on! Most of us have either been on the receiving end of comments and remarks similar to these, while some of us have been at the giving end! Either way, this chain of thoughts needs to be replaced by a more logical and inclusive one! Stick around to clear the stigma around men using sex toys!

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Sex toys for men in India

One major reason why men don’t use adult toys in India is because of the stigma around it, as discussed above, but that’s not it. There’s another major factor that affects the use of sex toys for men – the availability of sex toys! While you may come across a dildo or a vibrator quite often in shady street shops, it’s not very likely to stumble upon a prostate massager or an automatic masturbator. However, you will find a wide collection of male sex toys online! Once the availability issue is solved, there’s more knocking at the door – Are sex toys legal? Is it safe to buy online? Are sex toys safe to use? They are so expensive! Is it worth the cost?

Let us pull all your doubts, questions, myths and hesitations to rest!

Facts to clear the stigma around men using sex toys

●     Sex toys don’t make you any less of a man

Did you know that the only thing/act/person that gets to decide your gender is you, and only you? While society may attach various labels to people who use sex toys, why sacrifice your pleasure for illogical labels? Sex toys help you get in touch with your sexuality and explore your needs and preferences beyond the surface! Don’t miss out on the good stuff, because nothing can make you less of a man!

●     Sex toys are designed to enhance pleasure – solo or couple

Whether it is using sex toys for personal use, or with a partner, if you have hesitations regarding either or both of them, let us get rid of them! Most men who are hesitant to use sex toys with their partners are usually insecure about toys, viewing it as a competitor more than a partner in pleasure! Sex toys are designed to create sensations that the human body just cannot, they can enhance your pleasure, as well as your partner’s pleasure! Moreover, if you’re going solo, sex toys will replace your hand, guaranteed. Experience pleasure like never before with masturbation toys for men! Moreover, you can practice techniques, positions, stamina training and longer erection with a variety of sex toys for men!

●     You’re not alone, many men do want to use them, and most do

If you are thinking that you are weird or strange for having the desire to use sex toys as a penis owner, let us tell you, men and women equally contribute to the purchase of sex toys!

●     You can always hide them

If you are worried about your family finding your sex toys, and that is what’s keeping you from buying one, there are many ways to deal with it! Many male masturbation toys or sex toys for men come in discreet designs of a flashlight, can, cup, or a big egg. Moreover, if you are worried that your nosy neighbour or sibling might find out what’s on your parcel, you can simply ask the store to send your toy in discreet packaging. Manzuri ships all your toys in a discreet package! Once you get your sex toy there are plenty of ways to hide them – tuck them in your pillow, store them in your locker/wardrobe, or put them in a sock and tuck it away at the end of your wardrobe! Read How to Hide your Sex Toys from your Family? for more ideas to hide your sex toys!

●     Is there a safe store for sex toys?

Of course, there is – Manzuri! Be it safe payments, SSL security, body-safe silicone, express delivery, discreet packaging or being 100% legal, Manzuri has it all!

●     Body-safe sex toys

If you are worried about your toys being safe to use, you are on the right track! Sex toys are intimately used and must be made from body-safe materials to ensure that you don’t catch an infection! You must not have to compromise on the quality and material of the sex toy at any cost! Who said you can’t find quality and variety in the same place – it must definitely be someone who doesn’t know about Manzuri! Manzuri has a wide range of sex toys to choose from, made from body-safe silicone! Have A Look into Manzuri’s Sex Toy Testing Process and rest assured!

●     Are sex toys really expensive?

Now that we have discovered body-safe sex toys, let’s deal with the next concern – budget! Since sex toys are usually shipped from international markets and the buying and shipping costs are accompanied by high taxes. That explains the high cost of sex toys. If you are looking for durable and long-lasting (yes, both ways!) sex toys, we suggest you keep your budget slightly flexible, since the best things come at a good price! A safe, durable and pleasure-packed sex toy can range from anything between 299 to 25,000 here. Moreover, sex toys may seem expensive, but they serve you as often as you want, day or night, and have a shelf life of about 5 years or more if taken care of properly. So save up and make an investment you won’t regret!

●     Is buying and selling sex toys legal?

While there is no general ban on ‘sex toys’ as such, there is, however, a ban on ‘obscene objects’. So as far as the toy is not packaged in an obscene manner and not displayed publicly, we’re good to go! While most offline shops are shady and illegal, it’s best to make your purchase from a legal store like Manzuri! Read about Sex toys and legalities in India – all you need to know!

Now that we’ve (hopefully) addressed all your worries and hesitation, you must be all set to try them out, and if not, here’s a little nudge – What men who use male sex toys know that you don’t. Happy shopping, wishing you lots of pleasure!

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