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Where can I find a Vibrating Egg in India?

Manzuri’s Eggcellent Wireless Vibrating Egg

Vibrators have been around for long enough to be further modified and made into different designs and ‘types’. While you may be tempted to pick the good old bullet vibrator (a mighty little pleasure tool), might we suggest (without belittling the powers of the classic bullet vibe!) that you take a look at the various types of vibrators before you decide on one? Now, you may be fairly familiar with the rabbit vibrator, brought to fame by ‘sex and the city’, but have you also heard of the vibrating egg? Let us tell you about it!

A vibrating egg is an egg-shaped toy that vibrates to send waves of pleasure across your body! It is discreet and tiny and can fit in the palm of your hand, but don’t underestimate its powers, this tiny toy is enough to pack a powerful punch! Its size makes it easy to carry around to make your business trips fun, and your vacations even more pleasure-filled. Moreover, a vibrating egg is versatile – you can use them on various body parts and stimulate your erogenous zones. Some can also be used internally. Be it to spice things up with your partner, or to enhance your solo experience. You can use a wireless egg in various ways – stimulate your nipples, inner thighs, perineum, penis head, the clitoris (obviously), anus (just the rim, objects without a flared base must not be used for anal penetration!), or any other body part that’s calling for some action!

Now that you know of the magic that a vibrating egg creates, you have to try it out! But where can you buy a vibrating egg in India? There are online as well as offline stores, but it’s best to buy a vibrating egg online, or any sex toy for that matter! Simply because online stores are safer, more reliable and offer better quality and variety! If you have been searching for the perfect sex toy store, it’s time to celebrate, because your search ends here – we know just the right sex toy store for all your pleasure needs – Manzuri!

Manzuri is an online sex toy store offering a wide collection of sex toys for anyone and everyone, ranging from affordable to premium. It has safe payment gateways and is secured with SSL. when shopping from Manzuri, you can rest assured since the sex toys are made of body-safe silicone and they also provide discreet, express shipping (to save you from your nosy neighbours and unite you with your bundle of pleasure ASAP)!

Along with other sex toys such as dildos, vibrators, prostate massagers, chastity cages, and many more, Manzuri also has a collection of vibrating eggs or wireless eggs. You can check out the collection here! Moreover, if you need a few suggestions, we’ve got your back. Here are some of the best vibrating eggs online:

●    Basic

The basic design of the vibrating egg is a handheld version of it. It’s simple, easy to use and packed with pleasure! Check out these versatile 10 mode wireless vibrating eggs for all your pleasure zones – Hand-held massager, Manzuri 10 Frequency Vibration Egg.

●    Long Distance

Who said couples in a long-distance relationship can’t have fun? Of course they can, while sexting, video chats and phone sex do amp up the sex life, the MVP has to be a long-distance vibrating egg! The long-distance vibrator comes with an app-controlled setting, through which you can create patterns of vibrations to your partner and be an active participant in your partner’s sex life! Tease them, play a sexy game, challenge them or dabble in power dynamics. Check out the collection of long-distance vibrating eggs here!

●    App controlled

Take control of your pleasure through your smartphone, or better yet, link it with your partner’s phone and take your foreplay to the next level! App control eggs make pleasure more accessible for everyone, from partners and long-distance couples to solo users, find them here!

●    Bluetooth

Relish the luxurious and premium bluetooth eggs by Lovense, they guarantee premium quality, body safe material, an easy and amazing experience, and unending pleasure!

●    Remote controlled

Haven’t you always wanted to own a remote controlled toy as a kid? Well, you can now, and you don’t need to be a kid! Remote controlled vibrating eggs come in wearable designs, which are great to spice up your sex lives, try wearing it on a date with your partner, and hand them the remote, you’ll have a blast! Check them out here!