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Is a prostate massage enjoyable?

Manzuri Prostate Massager

Hello, penis owners! Have you heard of the P-Spot? Not the G-Spot, but the P-Spot? If you don’t know what that is, we’re just talking about your prostate. Every penis owner has one, but since several heterosexual men do not indulge in anal play, let’s just say that you are missing out on a whole lot of sexual pleasure you can experience. This tiny, walnut-shaped gland has a TON to do with sexual pleasure and ejaculation! What most people don’t know is that this gland is enclosed with three nerve endings that can bring you life-changing orgasms if rubbed the right way.

Often, cisgendered men shy away from prostate play. But what you didn’t know is that unlike western cultures, several Tantric and Taoist cultures recognise prostate massage techniques of preserving sexual energy and increasing men’s libido. Apart from sexual pleasure, regular prostate massages can have several health benefits. Let’s start by understanding where the prostate is located.

The prostate gland is located in the pelvic area, and can be felt externally in the space between the scrotum and anus. It can be accessed by inserting through the rectum. The main function of the prostate is to produce fluid that makes up semen. The fluid is composed of proteins and hormones that protect the sperm. The nerves that run outside of the prostate are responsible for male erections.

Are you convinced to give this a try? Keep reading to know just how pleasurable a prostate massage can be.

Shots of milk

The process of a prostate massage can lead to an oh-so-glorious activity called prostate milking. When the prostate is massaged in a certain way, excess seminal fluids are released from the inner ducts of the prostate gland. This leads to a thin stream of milky fluid being released from the penis (hence the term ‘milking’). Prostate massages can also lead to prostate induced orgasms, which are supposed to feel otherworldly. But these orgasms do not release any actual ejaculation fluid or seminal fluids. And the bonus, you can actually have multiple! Prostate massages and orgasms are actual full-bodied orgasms, instead of just being localised to the genital area. Unfortunately, only penis owners can have prostate orgasms (oh no!).

How does one actually have a prostate orgasm?

Accessing the prostate yourself can be challenging for some penis owners, especially if they haven’t indulged in anal play before. Having a partner or using a prostate massage toy is an ideal start for beginners who want to give it a shot. At first, prostate massaging feels like you need to pee, especially if you haven’t indulged in anal play before. The key is to keep pushing through the urge to pee, you will find more pleasure and a decreased urge to pee. Most penis owners will tell you that a prostate orgasm will feel like you are stimulating your penis inside-out! Who wouldn’t want that kind of pleasure?  If the pleasure keeps increasing, keep going, you will be minutes away from your first full-body orgasm. As the sensation heightens and you are getting closer to climax point, you may start leaking prostatic fluid, or the ‘milk’ from the glands, which is a great sign that you are about to climax!

A prostate massage toy is the perfect starter kit for your first prostate orgasm. Use a toy  that is flared at the base, so there can be no scare if it slips inside – this means no bullets or eggs. You can use any flared dildo or vibrator for prostate massage; although, those toys with a curve are going to be best at milking your prostate. Some penis owners love the sensation of vibrations inside the prostate, so you could try that too. Check out Manzuri’s selection of prostate toys here.

Happy exploring!