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Who buys the most number of sex toys in India?

An image of different sex toys for vulva-owners spread across a peach backdrop

For starters, I am an Indian woman and I love using and buying sex toys online. I love how I can control my pleasure with sex toys. I love that I don’t need to depend on my partner for my pleasure. Well, that being said, using sex toys with my partner has also been an absolute game-changer to my sex life.

You get my drift. I really love my sex toys. So I had a really brilliant idea that I should give my best friend a sex toy for her birthday. Because why not empower her to take control of her pleasure? So I bought her a beginners sex toy online. What did she end up using it as? A neck massager that was “insanely effective” in getting rid of her chronic neck pain that she’s been carrying for lifetimes. What a disappointment for me. But that got me thinking – why are we as a society, so hush-hush about sex? Why is sex limited to our bedrooms, and bedrooms only? Why don’t we want to try and make our sex lives better for ourselves? Haven’t we all heard that sex toys only add to the pleasure of sex? I get it though, if sex itself is restricted to the bedrooms, then imagine the ordeal it is to buy sex toys online, especially for women.

But for someone looking to experiment with sex toys, where can one get their hands on one? For those living in India’s bigger metros, buying sex toys involves walking down shady allies and meeting strange people. Or asking your friends to bring you back sex toys after an international trip. But that created a great opportunity for some business people, like Manzuri, to sell them online!

Even online, it’s not so surprising that men buy WAY more sex toys than Indian women. What our sexual wellness company Manzuri noticed after analyzing data from records is that 45% of their customers are men and 55 % are women.

And what do these customers purchase? The best-selling products amongst our vulva-owning customers are the Rabbit vibrators, Bullet vibrators and Clitoral stimulation vibrators. Surprise, surprise, the best selling products amongst our penis-owning customers are the chastity cages, masturbator cups and penis sleeves. The other best selling products on our website are the long distance range and bondage products that are primarily used by couples..

Out of the 55% of vulva-owning customers who purchase toys off our website, 20% of them are from Pune, Maharashtra – 10% from Mumbai, 10% from Bangalore & 15% from Delhi NCR. The general preference is for female & couple  products.

Most couple products are purchased in the name of the penis-owner – which is hardly a surprising revelation.

We’ve found that the time of the year where people purchase most sex toys is around August & September. We wonder if that’s got anything to do with the festivities around that time of the year. From our data, we think that Navratri and Diwali may just be the best time of the year to actually put those toys to use, followed through with Christmas and New Years.

Did these statistics surprise you? It sure did, us. Are you ready to buy your new sex toy and take control of your pleasure?