Sex Toys

Everything you need to know about carrying sex toys on a flight in India

The wing of an airplane mid-flight

You’ve probably heard of having an “airport look”. Finding the perfect balance between comfort and style, so people glance, but don’t stare. What’s my airport look like? My Nike tights, a comfortable hoodie, and my favorite hippie backpack from Goa. But on this trip to the airport, I didn’t want anyone to look at me. I wanted to throw on an invisibility cloak like Harry Potter, and float through the airport and onto my plane.

But why was I so nervous? Well, for the first time ever, I was carrying my sex toy on a flight. I’ve been in a long distance relationship for a few months, and in the interim, I’ve had every fantasy in the books. We promised to fulfil all of them when we finally meet, but that involves a few tools, or aids or pleasure products. 

So I put my sex toys that I bought online from Manzuri wrapped safely within three t-shirts, inside a smaller bag and hoped that no one would look. Thankfully no one cared, and it was in my head. The security check went smoothly, where I claimed my vibrator is a massager. Well, it’s not technically a lie, I do use it for stress relief.

Anyways, what the anxiety did was lead me to look up every law and restrictions when it comes to carrying sex toys on flights. And I’m here to save you from the stress!

  • Vibrators are good to go, just follow my lead and call it a massager.
  • Strap-ons and dildos are okay, just as long as they are not obscene or too realistic.
  • Egg and bullet virators and small, subtle, and good to go on a flight!
  • Male masturbators are a bit more of a challenge. If you can find one that doesn’t mimic reality, then you can carry it!
  • Lube is good, just try avoiding ones with obscene writing or art on the bottle. And also remember the 3oz rule!
  • BDSM toys are not an issue, so if you’re looking for options to fly with, your hands are not tied.

But what does the law actually say about carrying sex toys on flights? For that we need a small history lesson. 

In 2011, a judgement by Calcutta High Court said that some sex toys and adult games were imported by a seller to be sold to consenting adults, were confiscated by the Additional Commissioner of Customs by applying charges of obscenity under Section 292(1) of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

The Court held that the order of confiscation was not sustainable in law. In light of the morals of present-day society, the goods in question cannot be called so obscene as to render them prohibited articles.

So, as long as you follow my golden-rules mentioned above, you’re free to have all the pleasure and fun that you would expect to have by carrying your sex toys on a flight!