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10 ways to use Rabbit vibrators

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Sex and the City’s most famous guest star, the rabbit vibrator, has revolutionized female pleasure. The rabbit is here to stay and for a good reason. They are designed to activate vaginal and clit stimulation at the same time — specifically, the ‘hard to find a hot spot inside the vagina which you might know as the G-spot. According to a 2018 survey from the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy of women ages 18-94, only 18% of respondents reported they could finish from penetration alone. Further, 72% of respondents said they need clitoral stimulation to finish or prefer having it when getting it on. As rabbit vibrators can provide both penetration and clitoral stimulation, there is a higher chance of you having an orgasm.

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Using a vibrator gives you the opportunity to prime your body for other sexual experiences by getting nerve endings firing, and it enhances blood flow circulation. Using a vibrator can be seen as a self-care practice similar to getting a massage. It is not just for your genitals but your whole body. The whole body is designed for pleasure, which means there are different, unexpected erogenous zones apart from your go-to erogenous spots.

Shannon Chavez, Psy.D., a psychologist and sex therapist in Los Angeles, says that Some people feel the back of their knees as an erogenous area,” she says. “Their eyelids, their ears, also the belly — it’s such an important, sensitive area where we tend to hold a lot of tension — and the inner thighs, inner arms.” she further elaborates.

Rabbit vibrators are extremely versatile, they can be used on their own or with a partner. It is also not only limited to pleasing your vulva. It can be used for nipple or anal stimulation as well. Let us look at 10 different mind-blowing ways to use a rabbit vibrator.

1. Take it on a solo ride to clitoral heaven

For most women, clitoral stimulation is what gets the orgasms going because only about 20 percent( Numbers do not lie) of people with vulvas orgasm through penetration alone. There are 18,000 (Woah) sensitive nerve endings in the clit, making it the hotspot for pleasure, says Rachel Sommer, Ph.D., clinical sexologist and cofounder of My Sex Toy Guide.  Whether it’s your first time playing around (wink) with masturbation, or you’re looking to introduce clit vibrators into your partner’s play, there is no shortage of styles to help you reach peak pleasure. Rabbit vibrators can get you there.

2. Venture into the erogenous zone of the nipples through nipple stimulation

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While most people focus on clitoral stimulation, there are other parts of the female body that when stimulated can bring pleasure during a steamy session with yourself or with a partner. One overlooked but highly sensitive erogenous zone is the nipples.

There are up to 2000 nerve endings in the nipple! Imagine the pleasure you could achieve if this area is stimulated. For some people, nipple stimulation is more pleasurable, while others get off with a blended orgasm. Your hands can assist but they may not be able to stimulate you in the way vibrators can. You can move the vibrator around the nipples to stimulate every region.

3. Toy with the forbidden through anal stimulation

There are several sex toys for the backdoor like butt plugs, anal beads, dildos, etc. If you are new to anal play and are afraid of putting an object in, vibrators are perfect as you can use them externally. If you want to venture deeper then you can slide the vibrator in. DO NOT FORGET LUBE. Unlike the vagina, the anus absolutely does not wet itself so you will need some outside help here.

4. Put on a show: Masturbate to get off your partner

Looking back at history, we can infer that masturbation has been sort of taboo. Often there is some shame associated with it. It is mostly done in private even away from the eyes of our partners. We’ve been socialized to believe that masturbation in and of itself is ‘naughty,’” So the idea of doing it openly in front of another person can seem exciting and even turn you on. Apart from being naughty, masturbating in front of a partner allows us to be vulnerable in front of them thus it  creates intimacy and connection.”

5. Foreplay is serious business

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Foreplay is one of the most underestimated but important parts of sex. Even though it happens before the deed, it is what physically and emotionally prepares you for what is to come next. You can use the shaft or the external nub to stimulate not only the clitoris and vulva, but also the anus, nipples, or testicles. If the vibration and shape of the toy feel good on some part of the body, you can use a rabbit vibrator that way. It doesn’t need to be exclusively for clitoral/vaginal dual stimulation. There are no rules stated in stone in the game of foreplay. Bringing in a toy along with your hands and mouth only makes it sexier.

6.  Thrusting your way to pleasure

If you are looking to use a rabbit vibrator for significant thrusting movement, you’ll want to be mindful of what you get and learn how to best use it.

A difficulty with rabbit vibrators is if you move the handle to move the shaft, that also moves that clitoral nub – and depending on the design of that nub and how you use it, it might move the nub to places you don’t want. We have yet to see anyone figure out a single design that works for everyone’s bodies and preferences, but there are some who come close and can do well for many people. Some toys are better designed for different body types or masturbation styles.

7. Grinding: Hold on, this is the ride of your life

One of the most foolproof ways to use a rabbit vibrator (provided you like how it feels) is the grinding motion. Basically, after any foreplay you might do, you insert the shaft and position the clitoral stimulator where you like it (adding lube to the shaft beforehand if you need some extra lubrication). Then once you start using it at your preferred settings, you basically grind on the clitoral stimulator and can rock the shaft back and forth, rubbing against your g-spot.

You can use your hand on the clitoral stimulator to add a bit more pressure or control over the clitoral nub for more precision as though you’re fingering yourself but only the external vibration gives you superpowers.

 8. Maximize the use of both handles of the toy

The two-handed technique involves using both the handles of the rabbit vibrator at once. You can use one hand to hold the handle and the other hand to hold the external nub (provided it’s flexible enough to move around).

Another way to use it is by relying on the external nub of the sex toy. You don’t have to hold on to the handle. You can hold on to the external nub instead so you can have more control over where you focus vibration on yourself. You can try it along with the grinding method.

9. Double the pleasure: Combine with a cock ring

Hands holding rabbit vibrator and a cock ring

If you’re feeling adventurous with your partner and desire an unforgettable experience then after using your rabbit vibrator together, let your partner use a cock ring for an even more earth-shattering orgasm. If your partner has a penis, these genius sex toys can allow your partner to maintain a firmer erection for an even more pleasurable experience.

10.  For the busy bee: Your guide to a quickie

Sex is great. Staying up all night, and pleasing each other is even better but a day only has 24 hours and too much to do. Too many things to do and too little time? Get in a quickie. quick does not mean any orgasm. Use your reliable rabbit vibrator to speed things up. Lay back on your bed missionary style and have your partner slip the rabbit’s ear on your clitoris. Guide your partner to your preferred level of speed and intensity. Trying new things creates core memories for a couple. Shared excitement and closeness are going to lead to spicier sex life. The orgasms you both will make you less bothered about the commitment that made you have the quickie in the first place.

Almost every part of your body is designed for pleasure. And by now you know at least 10 different ways to use a rabbit. No one can deny, that you and the rabbit vibe are a match made in heaven by the pleasure gods. You can find your perfectly legal, reliable, and safe match with us at Manzuri. Buy Vibrators Online for Women in India – Manzuri

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