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Why are rabbit vibrators so popular in India?

A rabbit vibrator in a bathtub with flowers

In a 2005 interview with Self magazine, actress Eva Longoria stated, “I give rabbit vibrators to all my girlfriends.” “When they open it, they shout. An orgasm is the nicest present I can give them.” And we need to admit, we understand exactly what the fuss is about.

While some people enjoy oral sex toys, others can only make it happen if they are penetrated, which is where thrusting dildos and vibrators come in. There is a heck of a lot of sex toys that simulate the sensation of penetration, ranging from throbbing bunnies to quivering thumpers. The nicest part is that you can sit back and relax without having to use actual hand and wrist motion to do the thrusting. Theoretically, you could make any vibrator or dildo into a thrusting toy by making a pushing motion yourself – but we’re sure you agree with us when we say this seems like a lot of work.

Actress Eva Longoria saying ``What you really really want…”

Did you know you can safely and discreetly buy rabbit vibrators online in India? Rabbit vibrators, also known as dual vibrators, are a common type of sex toy for vulva-owners that were created to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and the interior of the vagina (precisely engineered to hit you at the G-spot). They usually have an inner shaft for vaginal insertion and a rabbit on the outside that can snugly nestle the clitoris between its bunny ears and tickles it from both sides by vibration.

Let’s look at the renowned rabbit vibrator, from its humble origins to the greatest bunny usage tips. You wouldn’t believe it, but this famous sex toy has only existed since the beginning of the 1980s. Read on if you want to get your hands (or other parts) on a bunny vibrator!

What are rabbit vibrators?

You’re more likely to enjoy the trip to orgasm city if you select a vibrator designed exclusively for this purpose – to get an orgasm!

Here is the most fascinating detail about a rabbit vibrator: unlike wand or bullet vibrators, these are meant to simultaneously stimulate both the G-spot and the clitoris. This is possible due to the dual-action vibrators that are used within a rabbit vibrator. The outer clitoris and inner vaginal canal are the exact two erogenous zones that these are intended to excite.  You will experience exquisite pleasure as you soar through the powerful orgasmic cloud thanks to the combination of internal and external stimulation. They do this with the help of their cute Lil rabbit design. But don’t be fooled by its cute appearance – the experience can feel rather deadly. Take it from us and our team of bunny worshippers.

Monica from Friends saying “Seven seven seven SEVEN SEVEN”

The rabbit has changed over time, and today you can find several variations with movable rabbit ears. Because every woman’s vagina is unique, this feature is designed with each one’s physicality in mind. After a small amount of tweaking the bunny ears such that it sits correctly on your clit, wait for the killer orgasm to rise upon you, wave after wave.   Additionally, the bunny vibe gives you a blended orgasm because they stimulate multiple erogenous zones at the same time, whereas most vulva owners are unable to attain an orgasm by penetration alone.

Humble beginnings of the rabbit vibrator

As a workaround for Japan’s harsh obscenity regulations, the sex toy manufacturer Vibratex began producing sex toys that were shaped like and looked like animals in 1983. Manufacturing sex toys at the time was prohibited, especially those with phallic features. Along with the Rabbit, they also produced a Kangaroo, a Beaver, and a Turtle, but the Rabbit was the one that endured the test of time (it was introduced a little later in 1984)!

The first rabbit vibrator, known as the Rabbit Pearl, was released by Vibratex in 1984. It included rotating beads inside the shaft for additional sensations in addition to the shaft and rabbit stimulator moving, and a remote control linked to it that you could use to change the vibration’s intensity.

Why is there a demand for rabbit vibrators in India?

The rabbit vibrator came in the 1980s. Known as the Sex And The City sex toy, it made Charlotte come for five minutes straight, but you’ve come here to get to know your rabbit vibrator better so that you can come the right way.

What, then, is unique about a bunny vibrator? To begin with, because the sex toy business was regarded as vulgar at the time these were released, the manufacturers made the rabbit vibrator look charming and colourful. As a result, the rabbit vibrators not only do not resemble a phallus, but they also appear more enticing. Hence they became a smashing hit among vulva and vagina owners everywhere!

These even aided in normalizing sex toys and opening up a discussion about masturbation, particularly among women. Shame and taboo were replaced with immense self-gratification.

Plus they are more affordable over time: Rabbit vibrators under 2000? Rabbit vibrators under 5000? No matter what your budget they are super accessible now!

What are the kinds of pleasure you feel from a rabbit vibrator?

The various sorts of vibrators available on the market each have unique advantages for a person’s repertoire of pleasures. A wand massager can be your best bet if you’re looking for a reliable and basic toy. And if you’re looking for something inconspicuous, compact, or travel-friendly, a bullet vibrator might be more your thing. Of course, there’s no harm in expanding your pleasure arsenal to enable you to enjoy ecstatic sessions, whether with a partner or alone. And a rabbit vibrator is an absolute necessity for anyone interested in blended orgasms.

Nowadays, the majority of rabbit vibrators are devoid of any elements that mimic rabbit ears. You can now get dual-action vibrators that don’t look like bunnies, and many of the more luxury versions (Read: Bunnies from brands like Lelo and Zalo USA) appear like beautiful works of art because they are available in so many different styles and materials.

A woman looking at a rabbit vibrator

What is the cause of their endurance in the space of sex toys? The fact that rabbit vibrators are well suited to gratify more than one erogenous zone at once may be the reason they have stayed so… rumbly over the years. They can also produce earth-shattering orgasms by doing this. The G-spot and clitoris are two internal pleasure sites that can be stimulated simultaneously by rabbit vibrators, which can give pleasure-seekers a synchronized and blended orgasm.

What kind of rabbit vibrator should you buy?

Now that you have a basic understanding of what rabbit vibrators are and are probably considering purchasing one, the challenging part begins: what type of rabbit vibrator should you purchase?

It all depends on your preferences. Consider this: what types of experiences do you enjoy? A rabbit that thrusts with high intensity? Would you like for it to rotate inside you while it’s thumping away? Yep, there are bad bunnies that can do that as well. Or do you want something that feels like someone fingering your G-spot? Do you prefer larger internal heads, for the feeling of fullness, or do you prefer something that resembles a penis? Or maybe one that warms up your G-spot while it’s going at you?

A woman in ecstasy saying, “Oh, yeah, right there!”

Those who have difficulty handling sex toys or limited hand movement can benefit greatly from thrusters and pulsators, and some thrusting dildos can even be used as hands-free sex toys. There are a few important considerations to make, just as there are when purchasing any sex toy. As with any purchase, you should confirm that it is made of silicone that is safe for the body and/or of medical grade, and is a USB rechargeable rabbit vibrator (if that’s what you’re looking for), is extremely quiet, and has positive web reviews.

Do your homework and find the one that feels like it’s made specifically for you. Rabbit vibrators come in a variety of shapes and sizes (including pocket-sized rabbit vibrators!), with varying levels of strength, loudness, water resistance, and size.

Some tips to keep in mind while using a rabbit vibrator

    1. Make sure your environment is ready for the squirts!
      It can feel wonderful to combine clitoral stimulation with a G-spot, and, importantly, this could occasionally result in squirting. (What is squirting? To simply put it, it is female ejaculate but is not urine! Continuous stimulation of the G-spot can result in squirting and it’s a lovely release to experience if you are prone to it)  It’s better to lay down a towel before getting down to business if you discover that this happens to you. If you are someone who squirts a lot, consider investing in a waterproof sex blanket to keep your bedsheets safe.
    2. Keep things clean.
      It’s crucial to make sure you completely clean your vibrator in between uses. You can use warm water and unscented soap to wash your sex object. Be careful to rub everything vigorously, just like you would when washing your hands. A vibrator’s motor will be harmed if you put it in the dishwasher or boil it – so always read instructions fully before use. To prevent them from accumulating a lot of lint between usage, store your toys in pouches or silky bags in a sealed box.
    3. Slick on loads of lube.
      Last but not least, make sure you always choose lubrication that is safe for usage with toys. This will greatly improve the overall ease of the session. Typically, you should choose a water-based lube that is also paraben- and glycerin-free. A silicone toy should never be used with silicone-based lubrication as this can damage the toy’s surface. Check to see if the condom isn’t covered with silicone lubrication if you’re using one with your toy.

Water gushing out of a bottle

And now for the final act: turn off the lights, get into bed, and get down to action!

Be gentle with yourself if this is the first time you are using a rabbit vibrator. Always start with the lowest vibration/motion setting and slowly dial your way up as you get comfortable.  Explore how it feels on different parts of your body –   use it on the inside of your hands, the recesses of your neck, the tips of your nipples, the curves and edges of your hips…the sky is the limit!  Make sure to take our advice to lube up well,  settle in, relax, and begin slowly while exploring, learning, and playing around.

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