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Best 5 Bullet Vibrators for You to Try

Manzuri’s rechargeable Waterproof Bullet Vibrator

The sex toy market has an abundance of variety, there are so many sex toys that getting overwhelmed is the only natural response! We’ve got the good old dildos, the classic fleshlights, and vibrators, the versatile rabbit, the amazing anal butt plug, or BDSM toys like chastity cages, floggers, or handcuffs. With such a wide range, it is hard to name a body part that doesn’t have a corresponding sex toy to stimulate it. You know how it’s hard to pick one dessert amongst the many delectable desserts on the menu, that’s the case with these sex toys too, you can’t choose one! If you’d ask us to pick our favourite, we’ll name a few from each of the categories. While some toys are a popular choice, others aren’t and some toys surpass these trends and are timeless. One such toy is the classic bullet vibrator which has been a go-to sex toy for women. One may easily get deceived by its tiny form, but mind you, bullet vibrators may be tiny but they are far from mediocre and are loved by many due to their many characteristics! Read on, to find out.

If you have never used a bullet vibrator before, or are new to the world of sex toys, let us help you! Bullet vibrators, as the name suggests are compact, bullet-like vibrators that fit perfectly in your palm and are equipped with motors, multiple vibration patterns, intensity, and speed. They make an excellent toy for targeted clitoral stimulation, but there are no rules, you can use them to stimulate any part of your body that calls for it (with safety measures, of course). They can make your masturbation sessions filled with pure ecstasy and have a similar proficiency when used with your partner/s as well! Moreover, the discreet and compact design of the toy makes it convenient and easy to carry or keep hidden away. While some do make a buzzing sound, silent vibrators are available as well to keep your privacy intact. Some of the bullet vibrators are battery-operated and also come in a waterproof design, making them hassle-free and easy to use whenever you’re in the mood for some sexy ‘vibes’ – without having to worry about charging it or causing water damage.

Now that you know about the power of bullet vibrators, you must want to get yourself one ASAP (we can relate!), but before you buy a bullet vibrator online, we have something for you. Here are the best 5 bullet vibrators that you need to check out!

  1. Coco USB – The Big Bullet Gspot Vibrator

Coco USB - G Spot Vibrator

This cute and classy vibrator is suitable for everyone, it is also beginner friendly and a pro pleasure provider. Since it offers 10 speeds of vibrations, you can adjust the intensity as per your needs. Beginners usually start off with subtle vibrations and as you become a pro, you can switch and experiment with the speeds and go for a fun ride with Coco! Keep all your worries aside, when using this vibrator, because Coco is body-safe and is made from the highest quality, 100% medical silicone! Moreover, if you have always wanted to know what masturbation feels like in a bathtub or underwater, Coco can be your water buddy too! We know how important your privacy is, and Coco does too, that’s why she will keep it quiet, all you need to worry about is keeping your moans low! Its durable tungsten stainless steel motor will ensure that you get deep, power-packed vibrations and the best clitoral orgasms for the years to come!

  1. Manzuri Rechargeable Waterproof Bullet Vibrator

Rechargeable Waterproof Bullet Vibrator

This sleek and classy vibrator will add a stylish touch to your vibrator collection, and if you don’t own one yet, this makes for the best first vibrator! If you are hesitant to spend a fortune on sex toys but don’t want to compromise on safety and quality, you should definitely go with this vibrator! It is the cheapest rechargeable vibrator in India and is made of platinum-grade silicone, so throw your worries about the safety along with your panties, because you won’t be needing either of them once you get your hands on this beauty! If that wasn’t appealing enough, there’s more to boast about when it comes to this vibrator – it is waterproof and will make a perfect addition to your shower routine!

  1. Manzuri’s Mini Mate

Manzuri’s Mini Mate Vibrator

Manzuri’s Mini Mate is the perfect ‘mate’ you’d want for all things related to relaxation and pleasure. Want to lay in your tub? Take her along! Want to unwind the knots in your back? Use targeted vibrations with this versatile toy! In the mood for self-love? Mini Mate will only make it better! While this toy has the cutest design, it does provide intense vibrations! Don’t worry, if you prefer milder sensations, just adjust the vibration settings and choose from the 10 vibration patterns (we didn’t call this toy ‘versatile’ for nothing!). Moreover, if you are worried about hiding it from your parents or family or want to take it along on your future trips, this toy is barely 12 cm tall and can easily be tucked away in a safe space, and its compact design makes it travel-friendly! When it comes to safety and quality, you need to rest assured – this massager + vibrator is made with medical-grade silicon which is completely hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and skin-friendly. Additionally, you get a 1 Year Guarantee with this product, and can apply for hassle-free replacements in case of any malfunctions or defects! And to top it all, it has a long battery life of 1+ hours, long enough to fulfill your needs and leave you satisfied!

  1. Jet Bullet & Jet Bullet Mini

Jet Bullet

Black Jet Bullet Vibrator

This bullet-shaped vibrator is sure to shoot you down with loads of pleasure and overwhelming orgasms! It comes in a classic jet-black color that gives it a suave look. Its design is discreet and doesn’t take up a lot of space so you can easily conceal it if you are living with your family, and take it on trips easily! Moreover, this vibrator is battery-operated, ready to serve you with pleasure at a click. It gives you 10-speed vibration options to play with, whether you are craving soft bursts of pleasure or powerful intense sensations, you can get it all with this vibrator! This waterproof vibrator is made of 100% medical silicone making it safe for use, anytime anywhere!

Jet Bullet Mini

Jet Bullet Mini in various colours

This mini version is perfect if you are looking for something similar to the Jet Bullet but in a lower price range! This battery-operated mini vibrator is perfect for traveling, it can easily be hidden away at home as well! Moreover, the waterproof design makes it available for use at any place! While you are paying a lesser price, the quality and material remain safe, made with 100% medical grade silicone. You can add this versatile vibrator to your sex toys collection and experiment with it – use its single-speed strong vibrations for solo sessions, or with your partner, and play with sensations on various sweet spots!

  1. Bullet Vibrator #1

Manzuri’s Bullet Vibrator #1

If you have always wanted to own a vibrator but were put off by the price tag it came with, this one will definitely be of interest to you! Priced at just Rs. 299, this vibrator is the best pick if you are a beginner and have a low budget. This one-setting vibrator is hassle-free and easy to use for everyone. You can use it for long hours, without worrying about charging it in the middle of a session, because this vibrator is battery-operated and can be recharged in seconds by just replacing the batteries (We recommend using AA Duracell batteries)! The compact and battery-operated design makes this toy a great travel buddy (the only one you’ll need ;)) be it a trip to the beach, a long shower, or relaxing in the pool, there’s hardly any place where you can’t use this vibrator (pun intended)! Yes, we mean you can use the vibrator to stimulate your nipples, the back of your ears, and your anal opening (it’s best to not insert it though). This tiny toy can easily be hidden in nooks and corners and has low sound vibrations, so privacy should be the least of your worries! You have to try out one of the most pocket-friendly and beginner-friendly vibrators for women in India

Now that your clitoris is throbbing with excitement, we suggest you buy a vibrator ASAP! If you love exploring, here’s where you can buy bullet vibrators online, with a variety to choose from. If you are worried about your privacy, these discreet and almost silent toys will maintain your privacy, and for extra safety, Manzuri sends your products in discreet packaging! (Read: Manzuri’s Discreet Packaging: Your Pleasure, Our Secret) So drop your worries now, and pick up your vibrators! It’s time for self-love!

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