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5 Mistakes to Avoid while using a Prostate Massager

A prostate massager

The finest kind of male orgasm has long been praised as prostate massage. This is because it opens up the possibility for males to have an inside orgasm, a sensation many women have already been gushing about for millennia. In addition to releasing sheer pleasure, prostate massage has enormous health advantages since it may keep the gland in peak shape, remove germs from the prostate, and relieve pressure.

For whatever reason, many men are uncomfortable when having their prostates massaged. It was once taboo for males to engage in these pure pleasures because of the social mores that required them to do so in silence. However, individuals feel much more at ease discussing sex toys, buying sex toys, and expressing their sex toy adventures with others because of the sexual emancipation that is now taking place. People are more forthcoming about using prostate massagers as a result. Men are still hesitant to disclose the nuances of the experience, which makes individuals more likely to use them incorrectly.

Don’t fret, Team Manzuri to the rescue as usual: in this article, we will tell you about five common mistakes that prostate-owners commit while using a prostate massager and how to prevent/solve them. Read on!

What Is the Prostate Gland?

The prostate gland is walnut-sized and located in front of the rectum, behind the bladder, and above the base of the penis. Semen is created when fluid from the seminal vesicles and the prostate are combined with sperm cells from the testicles. That seminal fluid is pushed by the prostate into the urethra, which descends to the penis. An orgasm’s intensity can be increased by the stimulation of the prostate gland, popularly called the P-spot, using prostate massage, either internally or externally.

Prostate Gland

What Is a Prostate Massager?

Prostate massagers are anal sex toys that stimulate your prostate gland. The majority of massagers feature rounded, smooth points that are simple to insert into the anus. Typically, they are bent to push against the region of the rectum that sits next to the prostate. Stainless steel or medical-grade silicone are commonly used to make prostate massagers.

Some prostate massagers are made with an external unit that pushes on your perineum, a delicate pleasure zone between your anal region and your scrotum, and many prostate massagers feature a vibrating mode for further stimulation. To guarantee that it won’t unintentionally fall inside your anus, seek out a prostate massager with a flared base when shopping for one.

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5 mistakes to avoid while using a prostate massager

So, what are the most common mistakes made when using a prostate massager?

  1. You don’t apply enough lubricant
    Before beginning any form of anal play, a quality lube is essential because the prostate and anus do not self-lubricate. Without lubricant, you run the danger of suffering unpleasant and contagious rips and abrasions in the anus. A lot of consumers love using coconut oil. It melts at body temperature and is natural. Additionally, it makes massagers just slick enough to be inserted, twisted, and pulled as required! Just be advised that since coconut oil is an oil, it is not compatible with condoms. Try experimenting with various lubes. Lubricants that are compatible with latex condoms include water-based and silicone-based lubes in addition to oil-based lubricants.Make sure to carefully read the label of any silicone or water-based lubricant you choose to use to check for any possibly dangerous chemicals. Keep in mind that your body is absorbing this. Listed below are a few of the substances and components, along with information on their potential hazards:
  • Propylene Glycol has the potential to irritate the skin.
  • Your body may easily absorb parabens, which have been connected to several types of cancer.
  • Acetate is a kind of alcohol that can cause your skin to become dry.
  • Never use petroleum products as lubricants, for example. Vaseline. It could result in more bacterial infections.
  1. Using a massager that is too large for you
    During massage of your prostate, you should be cautious to fully warm up. Starting tiny and gradually increasing in size over time is what this signifies in terms of toys. Larger toys will be easier for you to handle as you gain expertise.

But take your time. Prior to being able to utilize the bigger plugs, it may take many months. Even if you are a seasoned massager, we advise beginning every experience with a few of the smaller stimulators and progressively increasing the size of your gadgets if you choose.

  1. Not adequately prepping the area before starting.
    We advise defecating before beginning in order to ensure that you won’t need to go to the bathroom throughout the first step. The fact that massage feels better on your prostate after using the restroom, especially if it was a big load, is an added advantage. The second thing you should do is cleanse your butt before beginning. You should do this while simultaneously getting warmed up by putting your finger in your anus. Since frequent usage may inhibit the intestine’s muscles from performing their function correctly to move feces along, we do not advise using an enema every time you need to clean up.
  1. Not adequately preparing the toys before starting.
    Before starting each time, you should properly wash your toys in hot water with soap. Remember that these gadgets were present in your butt and may still retain lubrication or feces from prior encounters. This is especially more crucial if you share your toys, which is something we do not advise.
  1. You’re not in the correct frame of mind.
    The biggest error to avoid could be this one. Before beginning your prostate massage trip, you need to be in the appropriate frame of mind. If you let go of your inhibitions and allow yourself to relax, you will be able to experience the most potent orgasms and ecstasy you have ever experienced. Whether you are heterosexual or homosexual, you need to relax, take your time, and experience each sensation on this voyage. Before beginning the prostate massage, you won’t have imagined any of the feelings you’ll experience. So take a seat back, unwind, and enjoy the trip.

Safety tip: Always choose a prostate massager with a widened/flared base or handle, so that it doesn’t accidentally slip into the depths of your anus.

To butt in and close off…

There is now a lot more support than there ever was for extensive sexual experimentation. In today’s cultural environment, individuals support and educate one another about new behaviors, knocking down old taboos. It doesn’t matter at what pace this happens, some issues, like stigmas associated with male anal stimulation, collapse more slowly than others. More cis men are understanding that sex doesn’t necessarily need to revolve around the penis for them as a result of this experimental spirit. It is true that men’s sexuality is just as complicated and varied as women’s!

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