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A secret love letter to an erotic admirer

A red rose on some pages of a book

There was a time before you, a time when I did not know your touch. I had no idea how you would feel – or rather how you would make me feel – but I longed to have you for myself one day.

Before I met you, I withdrew to the recesses of my fingers to make me feel good. I didn’t think I could feel pleasure any other way. I’d check you out on social media as my friends sent me your photos. What drew me in were your curves – it would turn me on so much that I’d blush hard thinking of all that you could do to me.

A hand touching the skin of another person’s curves

The day you were here, I was nervous, you were a gift to me. I stole a glance at you and grew apprehensive, you are so beautiful… but would you make me feel how I want to feel? So smooth and elegant, I knew I simply had to play with you! Impatience for the next hour got the best of me, as I waited for you to charge. When you were finally fully charged, I caressed you in between my fingers and started eagerly exploring.

I was so doubtful before I laid my eyes on you for the first time, I didn’t think my body would allow me to feel all that you could offer. But I was wrong – it took me a lot of time to get to know you, and how my body responds to you (unlike some of my friends, much to my impatient dismay), but now you are my biggest source of pleasure, my best friend.

A hand clutching at the bedsheets

At first, I tried you alone, it was intimate and the feeling of silicone against my skin was warm and provided some potential. I can never forget the day of jubilant victory when I felt my first wave of pleasure with you. Instantly I had decided that you had become my ride-or-die buddy. Eventually, you became a key figure in my shared experiences with other people. It was wonderful that I could use you in so many ways on such different surfaces and spots. And let me make it clear to you, it was never just about the hum of a device, but rather the power of technology that helped me achieve what I was uncertain of all my life. You brought about an immense flow of confidence within me. My body moves and feels so much differently since I met you.

Now, my body curls and twitches just at the thought of what you can do, of how my body feels and moves with you. Never thought a vibrator would be my greatest ally in having incredible self-pleasure and mutual pleasure, but here I am. Your varying speeds and modes make me feel the force of a raging ocean, or the most gentle breeze – whenever and however I want it to be. And over time as technology evolved, I saw that you are changing as well, and I hungrily wanted you even more. You can now be compatible with my phone (or a partner’s!), and all the more compatible with my passion.

A tremendous waterfall

Now I think of all the time I wasted, longing to feel this pleasure when I could have had you for myself much earlier! You transformed my idea of sex toys and their various uses. Gone are the days of being a performer, I am now more connected to the desires of my body, and in turn that of my partner.

I write this letter to you, my vibrator, to thank you for all the things you do to assure that my body can feel the way it does.


P.S: This is by no means an exhaustive letter – just the tip of the iceberg of what you make me feel. 🙂