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How to Hide your Sex Toys from your Family?

A vibrator inside a toothbrush holder stand next to a toothbrush

Do you have trouble finding a place to store your growing collection of sex toys while you’re not using them? Or do you intend to keep them hidden from curious family members, housemates, kids, or pets? Or perhaps some of them are expensive, but you may not want people playing with your greatest toys. We have some advice on how to keep your sex toys concealed yet within reach.

Our team at Manzuri has determined that the most straightforward fixes are the greatest; commonplace products frequently perform the best for maintaining sex toys in usable shape. Just to be clear, our focus will be on sex toys that are of standard size. At least for this article, hiding your enormous sex swing or cage is out of the question (Try a closed room maybe? Where else can you hide these?)

Disclaimer: hide if required, but be proud of your sex toys.

One of the most crucial points to emphasize prior to hiding something or acting incognito is that you shouldn’t ever feel embarrassed about having or using your sex toys. Some people just lack the ability to understand how fantastic it feels to have an assortment of vibrators, dildos, prostate massagers, and pocket pussies. Your buddies may be dull and enjoy cracking crude sexual jokes, or your parents may be anti-masturbation. TBH, it makes no difference. Regardless of how much you adore them or how kind they are, they are wholly mistaken in this particular situation.

When you are old enough already to purchase sex toys and see (legal) pornographic content in your nation, you should do it guilt-free. You might be willing to go to great lengths to keep others from noticing your sex toys, lubricant stains, and even monitoring your online activities. It’s understandable because sadly, those might be your circumstances.  However, don’t feel awful about hiding everything. It’s not your fault that you have to cover your tracks.


How to hide your sex toys discreetly

Where to hide your vibrators, prostate massagers, and dildos?
The majority of vibrators are on the medium-sized end of the spectrum. The largest variety would include dildo-like designs and bunny vibrator forms. The vibrators in the rabbit and dildo styles are obviously phallic. Most adults and teenagers will be able to identify them. Fortunately, most are just 7 to 9 inches long. Therefore, even for larger toys, there are various locations to conceal them!

A toolbox is an excellent location to store a couple of dildos and vibrators if it is natural for you to have one. Choose one with holes for a padlock if you can naturally pull it off. Placing your toys in a large makeup bag is another helpful tip for when you’re traveling. If your parents or housemates are particularly nosy, you should exercise caution while using this method. If you’re using two bags, it is important to contain your vibrators in two bags in order to conceal them.

Where to hide your fleshlights and pocket pussies?
A toolbox is a perfect size for concealing fleshlights or pocket pussies. A toolbox with a padlock is a nice way to conceal a fleshlight,-sized toy similar to the suggestion made regarding vibrators above. You need to be resourceful and keep a watch on them in addition to other large sealed containers. One practical idea is to conceal them under sleeping bags. In the typical family, sleeping bags aren’t secured but they’re also rarely utilized. You can get away with it if you stow your gadget away in such a manner and make absolutely sure it will be somewhere most folks won’t look.

Select a sex toy with a low profile.

It is wise to be prepared for unexpected discoveries because they do occur sometimes. Choosing a sex toy that doesn’t appear very visible is the greatest approach to reduce the humiliation of someone discovering it when you didn’t want them to. For instance, sex toys that are really not subtly designed include huge penis-shaped vibes/dildos, sex dolls, and huge fleshlights. Sex dolls and masturbators in the form of torsos and buttocks are particularly uncomfortable sex toys to find for some.

Fortunately, there are many discreet sex toys and devices available for those who need them.

huge penis-shaped

The art of finding creative hiding places

Your surroundings and skills will dictate where you conceal your sex toys. When it involves finding locations to hide, people are quite inventive. Below is a selection of unique spots you might want to take into consideration if you must disguise your sex toys:

A bag with double zip and a padlock or a toolbox with a lock
It was already said, but I’ll say it again just in case. Some toolboxes contain tiny holes where a padlock may be inserted to secure the lid. Any bag with a double zip may be used in a manner similar to this; just be careful to safeguard everything within one of those bags because the zips frequently separate slightly.

3.5-inch Hard Drive Enclosure
By using used computer hard drives in empty hard drive enclosures, you may create your own backup drive. These may also be used as storage bins for your bullet vibrator or cock ring. They won’t accommodate much more than that, but it’s fascinating in case you need to conceal something small.

A PC tower case
An entire lot may fit within a PC tower case. Consider incorporating an outdated or malfunctioning computer that is sitting about the house idle as just a concealing location. You may clear the case and store vibrators, Fleshlights, and other toys within it as long as doing so don’t leave the case with cracks.

A book that is hollow
This classic technique is so charming, I can’t help but smile. Here, you hollow out a hardback book that has seen better days by gluing its pages into a block. You ought to be able to locate a book large enough to accommodate a vibrator because books come in any and all different sizes. Even ready-made books with empty inside are available.

Musical instrument cases
You might be able to conceal sex toys within the cases of a violin, guitar, piano, or any other sort of huge instrument if you own one.

Inside garment storage bags
Some dresses and suits are packaged in storage bags, which you may use to hang them in your closet. I keep such bags in the wardrobe for my personal suits. Sex toys might be readily concealed in such bags. You should fix them with tape or sewing if yours don’t shut at the bottom.

Between two pillows, within a pillowcase
It goes without saying that you would need to use caution in this situation, but if you can find a pillowcase that will accommodate two pillows, you might be able to conceal sex toys within the space between the pillows.

Inside a huge sunglasses case
It’s possible to accommodate smaller sex toys, such as egg bullet vibes, prostate massagers, cock rings, etc., into a huge sunglasses case. Sunglasses cases are sometimes extremely large and make excellent discreet hiding spots.


To stow, we mean, to conclude

While some go to great lengths to keep their stash from others’ plain view, others just hide it simply in their drawers.

So if you can’t seem to find a place to hide your sex toys, and you have your curious people at home, our guide is the best place to start!