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Couples Explain How Adding a Sex Toy to their Bedroom Changed Their Relationship

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Sex toys have been around for quite a while now, and so has the taboo around them. Fortunately, with time as the variety of sex toys increases, the taboo is slowly starting to slip away. However, some rigid myths still stuck around and infested people’s minds and their chance to explore all things pleasurable! Most of us have heard of such myths and some of us have let them live in our minds – sex toys ruin relationships (read on and you’ll find how they do the complete opposite); they replace the man in the relationship (a product of toxic masculinity, sex toys, on the contrary, are man’s best friend, they help him pleasure his partner!); sex toys are only for youngsters and people with a high sex drive (Sex toys can be used by anyone regardless of your age, and they actually help you overcome your sexual insecurities)!

If you too have been thinking of introducing a sex toy in a relationship, but are afraid that it will change the dynamics – it will, but only to make it better! Let us show you how!

How sex toys can change your relationship (explained by couples):

While we may know that sex toys can change your relationship for the better, and take your sex life to unimaginable heights, not all of you may have heard of the powers that sex toys possess. Since we believe everyone must have access to smashin’ sex toys for couples and get the most out of them, we wanted you to know how sex toys can enhance your relationship – be it casual, no strings attached, or marriage with kids!

We thought – what better way than to include people’s actual experience regarding sex toys and relationships? So we did some digging, and compiled the public take on sex toys through stories from our personal experiences, our friend’s experiences, their take on it, and online research! Here’s what we found:

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  1. “Sex Toys Spice things up and Liven up our sex lives”
    Most of our friends who had been using sex toys in bed reported a feeling of excitement and ‘something new to look forward to in their relationship, especially during the beginning. One of the seasoned users (let’s call them Meera and Aaryan) said that while the element of novelty did last quite a while – owing to the wide arrays of things that can be done with sex toys, even once they got familiar, every experience unfolded a new layer of sensation. Meera and Aaryan aren’t the only ones, according to a study of 100 people, around 50% of the participants relied on sex toys to spice things up and add excitement to them! They reported that using sex toys not only adds surprise and adventure but also enhances the experience as a whole!
  1. “Communication is at its peak”
    Did you know just the act of purchasing a sex toy improves communication among partners, about 51% of those who purchased a sex toy together talk often or very often about sex or sex toys. It’s fairly obvious that using one would have the same effect, if not an enhanced one! Meera and Arjun have been together for quite a while now, and they too said that while they have always been open when communicating when they first introduced sex toys, it led to a series of other conversations which made them communicate about things they didn’t before. Another couple, who’s just started dating casually, recently purchased a vibrator and used it in every way possible, on all the pleasure spots! It also involved a lot of active communication and ongoing consent, they told each other how they liked being pleasured and what they wanted and that led to more pleasure, more orgasms! This was also confirmed by research, wherein 29% of the participants who used a vibrator said that they had no reservations or hesitations about giving directions to their partner in bed.(Read: Sex Talk to Make Your Bed Rock: How to Communicate Actively During Sex.

    And also: Ongoing Consent and Why It Doesn’t Ruin the Mood)

  1. “Building Trust and Intimacy has never been more fun (and pleasurable)”
    Cat woman combo – Manzuri’s premium bondage kit in red
    Since sex is such an intimate act, that itself builds intimacy among partners, as they trust each other with their bodies. Additionally, every new experience builds trust and intimacy! One such experience was noted by Amrai and Tania (not their real names), they were intrigued by BDSM products and roleplay and purchased the BDSM kit along with a strap-on dildo to get the essence of BDSM and roleplay. They took turns and switched roles from the Dom to the Sub and as they engaged in any kind of bondage (blindfolds, handcuffs, etc), and even as they took turns penetrating each other, they were building trust along with anticipation and excitement!We are certain, you too must have noticed how trust and intimacy are connected with sex – haven’t we all felt the need for trust when trying out a fairly frisky position, or something new in bed like anal sex, or blindfolds with a partner? And once we are able to do that activity and build trust it also impacts the intimacy we share! So if you’re looking for a fun way to build intimacy and trust with your new partner or rebuild the same with a long-term partner, you know what to look for – Sex toys online!
  1. “Sex Toys unleash our Creative and Experimental Side”
    This one was vouched by almost all of the couples we spoke to, and we are sure you too will agree – since sex toys add a new variety of sensations and stimulation, they give you a wide area to get creative and experiment with them. And with every new experiment and attempt to seek pleasure you are bound to have moments of failure, success, laughter, fun, maybe a little bit of pain or discomfort, and definitely orgasms!One of our customers was looking for something mild, under a tight budget to add an element of sensuality and enrich their foreplay session, he reached out to us and we suggested the foreplay dice and after using it with his partner, he said – I never knew foreplay could be so much fun, and go beyond the usual kissing and oral sex, this dice definitely contributed to one of the best foreplay we’ve had in a while!
  1. “You get to know your and your partner’s body through a new lens, and in turn, understand it better!”
    As we mentioned earlier, sex toys give you a whole new arena of sensations to play with, in the process you get to know how your body reacts to those sensations. Which in turn helps you understand what doesn’t do much for you, what turns you on like a light switch, and what makes your back arch with pleasure!Rohan and Tarun (again, not their real names) invested in a prostate massager after much research and reading great reviews. (Read: Your go-to Guide on Prostate Massagers) They had never engaged in prostate play before and prostate massager opened gates of pleasure that they never knew of! They got to know their bodies better and could use this knowledge to get the optimum pleasure!
  1. Improved Sex – Better Orgasms
    We know well enough about the powers and magic of sex toys by now, they can do things that humans just cannot, like vibrating and pulsating! Sex toys are designed specifically to provide pleasure and enhance your sex life. It’s quite obvious that they do live up to their claim! Around 75% of women don’t orgasm through penetration alone and require clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm – sex toys, vibrators in particular come in to save the day! Research also indicates that couples who used sex toys in bed reported higher sexual satisfaction than those who didn’t. Moreover, sex toys also help you with confidence issues, performance anxiety, and erectile dysfunction – Read: Sex Toys and Erectile Dysfunction | 5 Toys to Ease Your Ailment!
  1. “Pleasure was never compromised on even during Long Distance”
    A married couple in their mid-30s with 1 kid had recently ordered an app-operated wireless egg along with an automatic male masturbator, and here’s what they had to say – Shirline being a boss lady is usually working long hours, and I (Rohan) have an early morning shift, we barely see each other, and when we do, we are spending time with our daughter. Buying these sex toys allowed us mutual masturbation while sexting, which makes us feel connected. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, there are a variety of sex toys for long-distance couples to keep the sparks alive and suit your needs! Looking for something in the BDSM zone? Try out a chastity cage for men! Love Anal play? Go for a vibrating app-controlled anal plug! Find all of that, and more here!

 Conclusion 100

We don’t think we’ve left any stone unturned, but if you do know of more ways in which sex toys have changed your relationship, we’d love to hear about your experience! We guess you are now charmed by sex toys (who wouldn’t be?) and want to try them out with your partner ASAP (you definitely should!)! So here are the Top 12 Sex Toys for Couples to help you choose from the best, and as for using them with your partner this will certainly be of help – Sex Toys for Couples: From Start to (Grand) Finish!

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