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Manzuri’s Discreet Packaging: Your Pleasure, Our Secret

Discreet Sex Toys Packaging

‘Discreet’ is almost synonymous with vulva owners’ experiences, and issues – be it UTIs, periods, yeast infections, or bras! Vulva owners are expected to remain hush about them! We must have experienced at least one of these – somebody asking us to cover up at the slightest sight of our bra straps, a medical store salesperson wrapping our sanitary pad in layers of newspapers, feeling embarrassed or awkward to mention that we are going to a gynaec, as opposed to any other doctor. While vulva owners struggle to maintain the ‘discreet’ element of all things related to their reproductive system, the stigma also extends to pleasure – sex toys! While moving towards a stigma-free, pleasure-positive society where sex (and by extension sex toys) can be talked about freely and without shame is the long-term mission of Manzuri, we acknowledge that we’re not there yet. In the meantime, our goal is also to make the process of shopping for your tool of sexual liberation as anxiety-free as possible.

The process of buying a sex toy should be as fun and pleasure-filled as the process of using one is! Despite the increasing awareness about sexual health and mental health, there is a prevailing stigma attached to self-pleasure. Many fall prey to the beliefs that label self-pleasure as ‘sinful’ or ‘shameful’. Moreover, people who use sex toys are considered ‘weird’ and ‘obsessed with sex’.

People still feel some embarrassment while placing an order for sex toys, and some amount of self-judgment is persistent among some people, which further stands in the way of their pleasure. However, even when people break free of the shackles created by society, they still have to be discreet about certain things to avoid being shamed. Once we break free from the traditional norms and beliefs, other challenges await us. There are a series of obstacles that may block your way to self-pleasure! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back, let us guide you through them:

As soon as you are all set to buy your pleasure provider aka a sex toy, you may be confused about where to find one, especially in our country, ‘where to buy sex toys in India. Offline sex stores are a rarity, the best bet would be to buy sex toys online, in the privacy of your house, browse through as many as you want, without the fear of being seen and judged by someone, before you decide on the one you want!  When  you are ready to move on to the next step – the selection of toys, many may still be hesitant and may wonder – ‘is it legal?’ ‘If someone finds out, will I be imprisoned?’ ‘Can I take it with me to places, or the airport, on a flight?’ If these thoughts bother you, read – Sex toys and legalities in India – all you need to know!

Now that all your worries about the legalities are put to rest, you will be able to look for the best sex toy for your need. Manzuri provides a variety of sex toys to cater to your needs, we have categories for gender-based sex toys, sex toys for couples, and gender-inclusive sex toys. We have something for everyone! Whether you are looking for sex toys to use with your partner, sex toys for vulva owners or sex toys for penis owners, or sex toys for beginners (read all about it here), we have bestsellers in all categories.

Once you have placed the order and are eagerly waiting for your much-coveted sex toy to arrive, you may face yet another set of worries – what if my neighbors see the package? What if I’m not home and my parents receive it? Will the delivery person know what’s in it? Will they judge me? And so on. Worries and anxieties about your keeping your privacy intact are understandable, especially when it comes to purchasing sex toys in India.

At Manzuri, we take your needs for safety, privacy, and discretion super seriously. We prioritize your protection, privacy, and your pleasure. This is done through discreet packaging, an inconspicuous super secretive packaging style that can defeat even the prying eyes of your nosy neighbors. Rest assured and relax as you wait for your bundle of pleasure to arrive!

To make you feel more at ease, let us walk you through the packaging process and show you the box your sex toy/s will arrive in. Here’s a peek at what goes down behind the scenes, what your package will look like when it arrives and the several measures we take to ensure that your little product of joy is as discreet as possible.


Discreet wrapping to discreet packaging

We start with a plain, inconspicuous unlabelled, and unbranded box.

Discreet Sex Toys Packaging1

What goes inside the box?

  • Our business card: Our relationship isn’t transactional and doesn’t end when the package reaches your doorstep. For any concerns, queries, advice, or feedback that you might have related to your product, you can reach out to us using our business card.
  • A thank you note from us: Every purchase helps us grow and contribute to the sexual liberation movement in India, and further extend the reach and quality of sex education in India. We express our gratitude with a cute little note of thanks.
  • A tiny card with a little something about us: The meaning behind Manzuri’s name and our mission for an added personal touch.
  • A jute bag: It’s sustainable and stylish, we suggest you use it to store your toy, after you clean and dry them (to prolong their life, and for your pleasure). Also, once you have done the cleaning and drying post-use, you can just grab it anytime and it is ready to serve you (helps especially when you want a quick pleasure-filled session when you’re short of time).
  • And finally…your product of joy: Either boxed or, if you buy one of our vibes, bottled in a cylindrical case that reads “body massager” (in case anyone stumbles upon the case/box).


Sex Toys Packaging

What will your final package look like when it arrives?

  • A secure box without any labels. ( so that nobody – the delivery person, your neighbor, or your family members can figure out what’s in it)
  • An inconspicuous white Amazon-style cover. (making it as uninteresting as possible, so that it doesn’t grab anyone’s attention)

Discreet Sex Toys Packaging2

  • A white label on the cover with shipping details like your name and address, as well as ours and your mode of payment. P.S. there is no mention of the product on the labels, so you don’t need to worry about anyone finding out!

Discreet Sex Toys Package

Discreet packaging is all about your safety and comfort. The brain is the biggest sexual organ after all and it’s only when you feel secure and at ease can you truly begin to feel sexy, enjoy and get the best out of your purchase. We grow with your feedback. If you have any further queries or thoughts about how our packaging process can be amended to service, you can write to us at  To find out more about discreet packaging you can look through our Instagram to find a post on it.

Your partner-in-(discrete)pleasure,


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