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Are men using sex toys? Yes – here’s why

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With sex, pleasure and masturbation being a taboo topic in India, sex toys in India don’t fall far from it! With the rapid developments in technology, sex toys are made to deliver utmost pleasure in all kinds of ways, and the increasing acceptance of oneself has enabled people to love their bodies, accept their desires and urges, and ditch the guilt when it comes to pleasure! The sex toy market is a clear indicator of the same – currently booming, adult toys in India are becoming more popular by the day! What’s the first image or word that pops up in your mind when you hear ‘sex toy’? We’re guessing it’s mostly a dildo or a vibrator (toys popular among vulva-owners). Admittedly, there’s a fair share of variety for female users, as well as great interest and response from their end. You may wonder ‘Do men use sex toys too?’ – you already know the answer is yes, but read on to know more about it!

Are men using sex toys?

We did some digging online, through various statistics and asked around, here’s what we found – while most cities do have female buyers overpowering the male, men are not too far behind when it comes to purchasing and using sex toys. As per a survey, of all buyers of sex toys online, 65% are men. Moreover, the increasing collection of male sex toys online indicates that there is a rather significant customer base to cater to! Another survey also indicated similar figures, with close to 60% of men buying and using sex toys.

That’s just the big picture, however, on a smaller scale, we asked our male friends about how comfortable they are with the idea of using a sex toy, if they own one already, and what are the reasons why they don’t own one yet. We found that most men were comfortable with the idea of using sex toys, and said they would love to try them out. The ones who did own sex toys were already having a gala time (read more about that in the next section), while there were multiple reasons for not owning one – they didn’t know where to hide their toys, they were still confused about which was the suitable toy for them, they haven’t found a trusted seller yet, or they are unsure about the legalities and some were just hesitant to try them out! If you too have these doubts and questions, we have a solution for each one of them in our blog section!


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Why are men using sex toys? 

The simpler, obvious and short answer is ‘pleasure’! Most of the men we spoke to use sex toys simply to enhance their pleasure and improve the masturbation experience. That’s not all, there are multiple reasons that motivate men to use sex toys – not having a sexual partner, mutual masturbation with a partner, to experience different sensations, to satisfy their desires and fantasies, or for heightened stimulation. Those who are exploring their sexuality and sexual preferences, try out various sex toys to find out what they like and what they don’t. Moreover, the increasing availability of sex toys in India and easy access to sex toys for men online makes it simpler for men to get one and try it out!

If you still haven’t found your reason to try out sex toys, or you are just in need of a nudge to cross the fence and overcome the hesitation, we hear you and that’s what we have the next section for!

Here’s why men must use sex toys

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You may have fallen prey to the many myths about sex toys, but now is the time to free yourself from those shackles and go on the liberating, empowering and pleasurable journey of using sex toys! Here are some reasons why men must use sex toys! 

  • Sex toys are capable of creating sensations that the human body just cannot, like vibrating, pulsating, thrusting, temperature play and many more! 
  • Using sex toys helps men, or anyone for that matter, to understand their bodies better.
  • Sex toys are specifically designed to push the right buttons and hit the sweet spots, when you use one, pleasure is guaranteed! 
  • Sex toys for men such as the prostate massager stimulate pleasure spots that are not easily accessible by yourself. 
  • Using sex toys helps men to build confidence and self-esteem when it comes to sexual activities. 
  • Specific sex toys help men overcome or cope better with erectile dysfunction.
  • Stamina-training sex toys help men last longer in bed and are a good way to practice edging! 
  • Sex toys such as cock rings make the erection harder and last longer.
  • Using sex toys has been linked to an overall improvement in health! 
  • Since sex toys and orgasms are synonymous, sex toys help you reap the benefits of orgasms – better mental health, improved brain function and memory capabilities, better sexual health, improved sleep quality and younger-looking skin just being a few of them!

We’re sure you’ve found enough reasons to use sex toys!

What are the sex toys men use, and why?

With all kinds of sex toys in the market, some are specially designed for penis owners! Here are the different sex toys used by men, what they (the sex toys) do, and why men prefer using them. Read on and you may find reasons to use them yourself!

Fleshlights and Masturbators

Fleshlight Go

Fleshlights and male masturbation toys enhance the masturbating experience of penis owners. They usually have a discreet appearance and look like ‘flashlights’, cups, or cans and come with a variety of textures, stimulation types and vibration settings on the inside to take you for a ride! They come in various types and settings to cater to your needs – Fleshlight STU (Stamina training units), anal, oral, and vaginal openings, auditory stimulation, temperature play, automatic masturbator and toys based on pornstars. 

Why do men use them? 

  • Helps with erectile dysfunction
  • To have an experience close to the real thing 
  • A huge step up from your basic manual override
  • Heightened stimulation
  • Hands-Free experience
  • Practice positions and edging

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Cock Rings

Ejaculation Delayer Beaded Cock Ring Set

Cock rings are (as the name suggests) rings that are to be worn around the penis. They are usually made of silicone but some can be made of steel as well. Cock rings are known to make your erection last longer, some come with extensions for added pleasure for both partners during penetrative sex, and some come with inbuilt vibrators (like Lovense ….) to make your cock rock!

Why do men use them? 

  • Longer lasting erection = extended pleasure
  • Increased blood flow to the penis = extra sensitivity and sensations
  • Delayed and intensified orgasms
  • Better sex with their partner
  • Extra stimulation for both parties (due to the textures and beads)
  • Confidence booster

Penis Sleeves

C*** Extension Penis Sleeve – with Vibration

Penis sleeves or extensions add extra length, girth and texture to your penis, some even come with vibration settings and internal and external textures for both, the wearer and the person being penetrated! 

Why do men use them? 

  • Added length/girth/ texture
  • Extra stimulation 
  • Enhance masturbation with the textures and vibrations
  • Bring extra stimulation to bed during sex and penetration

Prostate Massagers

Manzuri Prostate Massager #2

Prostate massagers are usually meant for penetrating the anus to stimulate the prostate gland which lies between the bladder and the penis, just in front of the rectum. While the prostate gland is usually accessed through the anus, you can try massaging the perineum as well to light stimulate it. As per research, the prostate is attached to a collection of nerves (almost as many as a clitoris), which induces intense sexual pleasure when stimulated.

Why do men use them? 

  • The prostate is known as the ‘male G-spot’
  • It can help with erectile dysfunction
  • It is a whole new kind of pleasure
  • More orgasms

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Chastity Cages

Manzuri Chastity Cage Device #6

Chastity cages, also known as ‘cock cages’ or ‘penis cages’ are used to regulate, control, and lock the penis in order to deny it pleasure and orgasms. While this may sound quite opposing to the idea that we advocate ‘everyone should embrace and accept pleasure’, this toy is actually in line with our thoughts! Orgasm denial can be a huge turn-on and build up a sensational climax and heightened pleasure! 

Why do men use them? 

  • Means of power play with a partner
  • Pleases the masochist within
  • Increases sensitivity and pleasure
  • More satisfying climax

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Now that you know all about sex toys for men, it’s always the right time to get one(why stop at one though?) for yourself! Explore the best sex toys in India here!