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What men who use male sex toys know that you don’t

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There is a sizable difference between men and women when it comes to the use of sex toys in India. Women use sex toys at far higher rates than males, according to studies.

However you slice it, the majority of men don’t use sex toys when masturbating, and study shows that they might be losing out. Yes, all you guys who are nodding no, we see your hands. There may be something to be gained from increased pleasure and contentment, for instance, since the majority of men who are questioned about the impact of using sex toys on their sexual life indicate good outcomes.

This is at least in part due to the fact that sex toys are a type of sexual novelty since they let us do new things and feel various feelings. That’s not all, though.

Using sex gadgets that guys are familiar with has a lot of benefits (and you probably might know, or not know). Team Manzuri spills the beans, read on!

What are the benefits of men using sex toys?

Sex toys are great for you and your partner in addition to being enjoyable and satisfying. Consider how a male sex toy might enhance your life and your relationship before you dismiss the concept.

  1. Enhance Your Physical Health
    Masturbation is beneficial to your health, and using sex toys will only enhance it. Using your hand is perfectly OK, although it may grow monotonous. Sex toys will increase your enjoyment of masturbation and boost your orgasms, which will ultimately benefit your physical health.

Enhance Your Physical Health

The fact that masturbating can lower the risk of prostate cancer is perhaps one of the most important advantages of the activity that most people are unaware of. Additionally, masturbation can strengthen your mental health, cardiovascular systems, and immunological health!

  1. Boost Your Sexual Health
    Your sexual health can also be improved by masturbating using sex toys. Before doing something with a mate that you may not be equipped for, sex toys can assist you in discovering what feels nice on your body while also boosting your confidence.For persons who desire to enhance their sexual performance, male sex toys are frequently used. There are several gadgets for guys that can maintain an erection firm or even postpone ejaculation for folks who have trouble keeping aroused or premature ejaculation.
  1. Not just for solo acts: sex toys are best for partnered play!
    Sex toys may liven up anyone’s bedroom since they increase both partners’ pleasure during sexual activity in a variety of sex positions.If you’re trying out new methods to get pleasure, playing with toys with your partner may be extremely personal. There are several sex toys available in an entire section on Manzuri, especially for couples to use together! Visit the couple sex toys section here.
  1. Go the extra mile
    When a couple is in a long-distance relationship, using sex toys is an exciting method for them to become close. During phone sex, you may use any sex toy, but there are also cutting-edge gadgets called teledildonics that you can operate from a distance, using an app on your phone!

Go the extra mile

What kind of sex toys do men generally use?

Male sex toys come in a wide range, but aside from the fleshlight, most people aren’t familiar with any of them. The fleshlight is fairly common, although its only use is for jerking off.

Other sex toys can make you feel wonderful in various ways and can be employed during sex to make your companion feel so good as well.

Masturbation Sleeve
Any item that mimics a vagina, mouth, or anus for you to insert your penis into is a masturbation sleeve. Male masturbator sleeves include fleshlights, pocket pussies, and strokers. Although they are made for solo play, sex sleeves are unquestionably more pleasant than your hand.

Penis Ring / Cock Ring
A cock ring, which is often worn around the base of the penis, is a hands-free device that slows blood flow to postpone ejaculation. Additionally, erections are reported to get bigger and the feelings to get stronger while using cock rings. Cock rings are frequently used by men with erectile dysfunction to help them perform normally during sexual activity.

Some cock rings vibrate, which makes them enjoyable for solitary and cooperative play. Vibrating cock rings can make your female partner’s clitoris more active during sexual contact. Even when they are not encircling a penis, they can still function as vibrators.

Butt Plug / Anal Plug
Anyone can use butt plugs, which are anal sex toys, to plug the anus. Depending on personal desire, butt plugs are available in a broad range of sizes and forms. A few even pulsate for added enjoyment. These objects remain in place during penetrating intercourse and apply pressure to the g-spot for women and p-spot for men.

Prostate Stimulator
A wand that is intended to reach and massage the prostate gland is known as a prostate stimulator or prostate massager. Some massagers also pulse while vibrating. Not only can a prostate massage offer you mind-blowing orgasms, but it may also have a number of positive effects on your health.

For individuals with penises who haven’t experienced butt play, prostate stimulators could be scary. With an open and objective mind, however, sexually active males can improve their sex life with these toys, otherwise, we wouldn’t be selling so many of these sex toys for men online in India!


Penis Extender / Penis Sleeve
In essence, a penis extender, also known as a penis sleeve, is essentially a covering that goes over the penis to lengthen and enlarge it – almost like a wearable dildo. These devices may be used to make your partner’s experience more enjoyable and to help you continue having sex longer. For added pleasure, some penis sleeves feature additional textures or even vibrate.

Teledildonics are sex gadgets that function when used remotely, as we already explained. These include fleshlights and vibrators that can be connected to your partner’s device via the internet and managed from a distance. These are ideal for partners who appreciate the danger of using discreet toys in public and for long-distance relationships.

Above anything else!
Given that sex toys may be expensive, it’s important to consider the sensations you enjoy and are intrigued about. Start small, is the finest advice we can provide. Start small, perhaps with a vibrating cock ring, rather than investing in this large sex-machine. Something that doesn’t feel too daunting or dangerous will help you get used to the idea of changing up your masturbation practice or including a novelty product.

Before making a purchase, perform a small bit of research. The majority of reputable websites that sell sex toys online have excellent customer service teams who are knowledgeable and can give you recommendations if you’re just starting out.

To wrap up…

Did you know that there is research demonstrating the potential for some of these devices to assist men in overcoming specific sexual challenges? Masturbation sleeves, for instance, have been used successfully as a therapy for both premature ejaculation and delayed climax, possibly because they might assist men in improving their ejaculatory control with practice. These kinds of findings might contribute to the understanding of why men who are using sex toys typically report greater overall sexual functioning.

Where even do you start for males who may be considering utilizing sex toys for the first time? The search may appear fairly overwhelming due to the countless possibilities available. There are many factors to take into account, so visit Manzuri’s sex toy section and all of our other blogs to choose what is ideal for you. (Read our blogs here!)

Just keep in mind that using sex toys is completely acceptable and that males who do so tend to be more sexually pleased.

Male masturbation and sex toys can enhance your sexual life, give it a try today!

Male masturbation and sex toys can enhance your sexual life

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