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What is your experience with a Lovense toy?

Lovense Sex Tech for Everyone

Everyone deserves the best sexual experiences, and while you may rely on others to give you that, we’d suggest you take the matter into your own hands! Why wait for someone to give you the best sex of your life when you have sex toys with high technology, and the best designs? We’re talking about Lovense products – one of the best sex toy brands, working towards providing a wholesome experience! All Lovense toys are made with body-safe silicone and ABS, and are safe and tested. They are easy to clean, convenient to charge, and most of them are waterproof (because why keep the fun out of the shower?)!

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If you need a peek into the world of premium pleasure, here’s what your experience would be like with the Lovense toys!

●    Prostate Massager

Prostate massages can open doors to new sensations and enhance the way you feel sexual pleasure! LOVENSE Edge 2 smart Prostate Massager comes with two motors perfectly placed at each end of the flexible massager and will find your p-spot with minimum effort. Its comfortable, quiet, and waterproof design makes it ideal for wearing (at home, or in public), and its battery life lasts for about 1.7 hours, much longer than you will! To make things extra exciting and adventurous, this toy can be operated on your smartphone through the Lovense App, wherein you can create vibration patterns while you are having the best pleasure experience!

●    G-spot Vibrator

What better to tease and please your partner than with an App controlled g-spot vibrator? LOVENSE Hyphy G Spot Vibrator is a blessing in disguise that comes with distinct attachments for targeted stimulation! Along with finding your g-spot and targeting it with intense stimulation, this toy doesn’t stop there. The u-shape attachment hugs your clitoris, while the tongue attachment will give you a sensation that matches oral sex! The ultra-strong circle attachment will send waves of pleasure across your body! Experience all kinds of pleasure for the price of one!

●    Wireless Vibrating Egg/ Wearable Lingerie Vibrator

The Lovense Lush 2, Lush 3, and Quake Dolce are smart vibrators and wireless eggs, and can be controlled via an app! Be it your vulva, g-spot or clitoris that needs stimulation, these wireless eggs are ready to serve you! The new and improved Lovense lush 3 is updated with magnetic charging and the best wireless connectivity possible! For an unending pleasure experience, get your hands on the lush 3 in India at Manzuri!

Who knew technology could advance so much that you could have an orgasm while you’re on your movie date? Lovense Ferri wearable lingerie vibrator makes your date nights all the more exciting and takes your foreplay to the next level with discreet clitoral stimulation and an app-controlled feature!

●    Male masturbator/ Masturbation Sleeve

For all the penis owners out there, why settle for DIY toys or always rely on your hand when you can have something a lot better? Who said men don’t have premium options when it comes to sex toys? Lovense brings to you a luxury experience with its promising toys!

LOVENSE Max 2 automatic Male Masturbator provides 360-degree contractions and is redesigned with an inbuilt vibrator to further intensify your pleasure! LOVENSE Calor Heating Male Masturbator will give you a one-of-a-kind experience! With its heating and depth control feature and squeezable grip, you’re sure to become a sucker for this one! Both these male masturbators sync with LOVENSE Nora/Calor/another Max 2 and react to each other’s movement, (you need to try this out with your partner ASAP)!

LOVENSE Masturbation Sleeve for Max 2 with its vagina-shaped opening and flesh-like, textured interiors will give the feels very similar to the real thing. It comes with a remote control to adjust the vibration settings and experience pleasure like never before!

●    Penis Ring

With a compact and discreet design, Lovense Gush remote control vibrating penis ring provides strong vibrations for quite a long time (up to 2 hours)! Moreover, it can also be used hands-free and can also be controlled via an app! Whether you’re using it solo or with a partner, get ready to have a mind-blowing experience!

●    Vibrating Anal Plug

Do you know what makes up one of the best anal toys? Flared base, body-safe material, waterproof design, easy removal, convenient charging, and added stimulation/ vibrations! We know a toy that ticks all these boxes and yet has more to offer – Lovense Hush 2 Vibrating Anal plug! This one can be controlled via an app and offers customization when it comes to creating vibrating patterns! Now create pleasure at your fingertips (quite literally), or your partner’s!

●    Rabbit and Wand Vibrators

The rabbit vibrator and wand massager will remain timeless, however, they can always be modified to cater to your needs, and make them durable and premium! After years of research and development, Lovense created Nora with Bluetooth to connect to your phone as well as manual control in the form of buttons! This one is sure to rock your world with the blended orgasm that you are going to have! That’s not all, LOVENSE Domi 2 Wand Massager is yet another classic that has been revamped with Bluetooth and app-controlled features, perfect for long-distance relationships, while also retaining the classic feature – its compact design and rounded head to apply pressure!

Explore the Lovense collection and more at Manzuri now! Happy Shopping!