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What Are Automatic Male Masturbation Toys?

A man holding a Fleshlight in one hand, wearing a VR headset

Automatic masturbators for men are all the rage right now. But what exactly do these sex toys for men do? And have we moved past traditional male masturbation practices? It’s no secret that since the advent of man, humans have been searching for fresh and inventive methods to enjoy ourselves.

The evolution of sex toys for men over time has a very extensive history, and if anything, that history gives us hope that we’re imaginative people. What other animal would have had the intelligence to fashion a dildo from stone? Us humans, almost 30,000 years ago!

Also, there is no way to verify differently, so it’s likely that those ancient stone age dildos were created for male pleasure.

A man saying “Sure, I’ll take a sex toy.

Where did the demand for automatic male masturbation toys come from?

Although inflatable sex dolls had already been created by 1908, it was considered shameful for a man to own a “fake vagina.” The best male sex toys were decades away from being created…

…and then the internet happened.

The World Wide Web’s increased connectivity altered how we experience sex. Even for sex toys for men in India. On-demand viewing allowed you to see whatever you wanted as well as discover new acts and desires that you perhaps weren’t even aware you enjoyed. And it brought people together. On message boards, these folks would meet and exchange ideas as well as drawings and schematics. The most significant aspect was the full anonymity with which you could order and get your fake vagina, which by this point is known as a “pocket pussy.”

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Modern-day sex toys in India have everything a penis would need to feel O-amazing. The materials and textures are as realistic as they can possibly be. The engineering has been perfected to deliver the most pleasure.  So what does the future hold for male sex objects, particularly these pocket pussies and artificial vaginas? The most recent sex toys of this kind demonstrate full customization as the future trend.

A nice old-fashioned orgasm is something that almost everyone can support, even though most penis-owners these days can’t agree on anything. Fortunately, we live in the golden age of technology, which has revolutionized male sexual wellbeing in ways we have never seen before. Anything can be automatic and/or app-controlled, including dildos, penis rings, and butt plugs. In case you’re intrigued but don’t want to ask, here’s our guide to automatic male masturbators. (Also, yeah, this list is NSFW, as is all of our work, and this is what drives us.)

What Are The Benefits Of Using Automatic Male Masturbation Toys?

In general, using one’s hands to masturbate can be exhausting and detract from the pleasure of coming. Sex toys may excite the body in ways that your hands cannot, with automatic vibrations, thrusting, and sucking sensations, in addition to making getting off quicker, simpler, and less monotonous. In addition, certain sex toys may be used totally hands-free, making it possible for those who might not have full use of their hands to engage in masturbation when they otherwise couldn’t. By synchronizing with an adult, virtual reality, and webcam platforms, high-tech sex devices may also add imagination to masturbation.

In the end, though, if you’ve never used one, you might be left wondering what the point of having an automated sex toy is. After all, your hand is free, and lubrication isn’t particularly pricey whether you’re using high-quality lube or simply body lotion.

A man pumping out lotion which has a bottle that says ‘Real Man’

However, consider what one of our users, who bought and used an automated masturbator from our website, had to say: Asif notes that the typical closed-end form of masturbators might mean you don’t have to deal with as much cleanup difficulty. “A masturbator delivers a new experience similar to how a handjob from a partner feels different than using your own fingers,” he adds. I can’t stress enough how wonderful it is to raise and explore your enjoyment with or without a companion by utilizing sex toys, which many masturbators are shaped with ridges and channels created for pleasure.

How to Select The Right Automatic Male Masturbation Toy For You?

Male masturbators that are hands-free can help you relax and build stronger muscles so you can engage in penetrating sex for longer. With these tools, penis-owners may have fun without straining their wrists and developing penis death grips, which can diminish sensitivity and create chafing. Men’s sex gadgets, such as hands-free masturbators, make it simple for men to enjoy themselves without having to put any effort on their part. These hands-free male sex devices allow the user to relax and have a lifelike sexual experience without putting any pressure on their wrists. It is possible to deliver intense, mind-blowing sexual pleasure without the user doing the stroking strokes himself.

A man closes his eyes in ecstasy as he says ‘Ho-o-oly moly!’

Due to their numerous sophisticated features, automatic masturbators are a fantastic choice for individuals wishing to increase their sex toy use. There are that mimic a real blow job or even stimulate the perineum to induce orgasms without the need for stroking in the user. Or toys that can sync with other suitable toys for partner play or erotic content and camming sites, letting users live out their desires. The most popular sex toys sold to men and penis owners, aside from specialized and bespoke alternatives, are masturbators and prostate massagers. These toys essentially activate the penis and the anus. So which fundamental kinds of toys should be noted for a penis owner looking for the best experience?

Automatic hands-free male masturbators come in a variety of styles, making it simple to find one that matches your needs and gives you the greatest sexual satisfaction.

The Spectrum Of Male Masturbation Toys

Masturbators, such as those made by Fleshlight and Tenga, is the sex toy equivalent of a gym sock and lotion: by adding a little lubrication, penis-owners may enjoy a distinctive feeling while masturbating in place of their hand. Automatic fleshlights and automatic strokers are a wonderful choice for those who seek the appearance and sensation of the human body. A lot of the industry’s most well-known models, celebrities, and influencers have even had their likenesses moulded into customized strokers.

Of course, because we are in the twenty-first century, there is also a high-tech version of this type of toy available—one that does the job for you. Male sex toys have been responsible for pleasurable sex seshes since they became automatic (take it from us and our users).

Want to step it up a notch? The anal vibrator is a more advanced form of the butt plug, similar to how there are low-tech strokers and then automated strokers. Prostate massagers are similar to butt plugs, but they are usually meant to target the prostate or the walnut-like bundle of nerves inside the anal canal for penis owners. Take a moment to picture a toy that vibrates near your prostate. My, how that would blow your socks off, we could only imagine (wink wink).

To finish off…

Yes, we just used a pun in this headline. And yes, to finish off we suggest that you give automated male masturbators a try if you’re a man who takes his sexuality seriously and wants to explore novel sensations in the privacy of your own home. It has several fantastic improvements over the previous versions of static toys, and in our opinion, it will serve as the benchmark for sex-tech in the future.

The greatest of men’s sex toys accessible online are automatic male masturbators. Manzuri offers a carefully curated selection of automatic male masturbators including masturbators with suction cups, automatic masturbator cups, blowjob simulators, automatic masturbators, handsfree masturbators, and automatic strokers.

Sure, there’s no harm in staying the course and trying what you’ve always tried. Your tried-and-true technique might just be your favourite way to masturbate. But what about exploring a little bit? The thing with sexual pleasure is that there are so many different ways to have it, and no matter how experienced you are, new experiences can still be pleasant surprises.

Man sits down on a sofa, switches on the remote and says ‘Welp, time to masturbate.’

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