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Ranking our Favourite Fleshlights and Masturbators in India

Fleshlight Masturbator

Fleshlights top the list when it comes to male masturbators, they have been popular, and rightly so! They are considered one of the best male masturbator toys owing to their durability, intensity, and variety. If you are new to the world of pleasure and sex toys and are not too familiar with fleshlights, let us help you!

What Are Fleshlights and Where to Find Them?

Fleshlights are male masturbation toys that enhance the masturbating experience of penis owners. As the name suggests, they have a discreet appearance and look like ‘flashlights from the outside’ with a realistic, ‘flesh’ like texture on the inside. The inside of the toy is textured to increase pleasure and takes you on a rollercoaster of sensations. They are designed in different types to provide a variety of sensations – from the realistic blowjob to training units, some fleshlights go beyond physical stimulation, and also offer auditory and visual stimulation, making your experience grander, better, and all the more sensational!

If you are already tempted and wondering where to get yourself a fleshlight ASAP, we’ve got your back! While sex toys in India are far from inaccessible, you may have difficulty choosing a reliable store. With an abundance of sex toy stores, both online and offline, you also have a huge range of sex toys for men to choose from. But the question is where to find safe, good-quality toys in the latest varieties. Manzuri offers a collection of sex toys that are queer-friendly, and suitable for couples, men, or women, and rest assured because they are made from body-safe silicone and are tested for safety!

Coming back to Fleshlights, there’s no better time to buy your fleshlight than now! The market is filled with an assortment of fleshlights, and if you are confused about your pick, we have simplified things for you by picking the best ones!

Ranking 10 of our Favourite Fleshlight Masturbators in India:

  1. STU Fleshlight
    Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight
    Orgasm Intensity: 11/10
    Ease of Use: Easy to use, Difficult to hold your orgasms
    USP: Increases Sexual Stamina

    One of our most favourite fleshlight had to top the list! Specifically designed to provide intense sensations, just like that of intercourse, this Stamina Training Unit is the ultimate choice – whether you are looking for a challenge or intense pleasure! It is particularly helpful for those who want to increase their sexual stamina and flaunt their persistent erection in bed. The whirlpool of nodes that add texture to the insides will leave you feeling surreal! With its intense orgasms and powerful sensations, this fleshlight will test your stamina and equip you with improved techniques and enhanced performance.

  2. Mary Jane
    Orgasm Intensity: 10/10
    Ease of Use: Easy to use
    USP: Handsfree!

    While a fleshlight does make your life better, and your masturbation experience top-notch and almost unbeatable, what if we told you that it could be enhanced further? All credits go to the Mary Jane Fleshlight- the world’s foremost hands-free masturbator! It is the perfect antithesis to ‘Great things come from hard work’ since you can enjoy intense pleasure right from the moment you enter ‘Mary Jane’ till you are deep inside. This exclusive fleshlight is textured at the entrance as well as throughout the interior, for maximum sensation. Moreover, it is hands-free! All you need to do is attach the vacuum seal to any flat surface and you are good to go. It can also be rotated, up to an angle of 135 degrees making it more comfortable and convenient to use for anyone and everyone!

  3. Sucker Pro 2
    Orgasm Intensity: 10/10
    Ease of Use: Easy to use
    USP: 2 in one (oral and vaginal experience)

    If you are looking for an experience close to reality, this one’s for you! Want the intensity of a blow job as well as the pleasure of vaginal sex? Get the best of both worlds with Sucker Pro 2. This double-ended toy has a discreet exterior with caps on both ends, just open the one you feel like using (or maybe both simultaneously) and you are good to go! The realistic entrances resemble the lips and anus, making it visually appealing. Like most other fleshlight on this list, this too has a textured interior. The realistic feel of this toy is further amplified with the auditory features of intelligent voice. If you are turned on by auditory stimulation, you have to get this for yourself! This is the best choice if ‘realistic’ is your category.

  4. Double O Heaven
    Double O Heaven Fleshlight
    Orgasm Intensity: 9.5/10
    Ease of Use: Easy to use once you get familiar with the various settings
    USP: 7 different vibration settings

    As the name suggests this fleshlight is built to offer you double the orgasmic bliss and take you to the much-coveted pleasure heaven. It comes in 3 types to choose from (as per your budget and preferences) – Simple, with vibration, and with remote control. This multiskilled toy is close to the real thing, or even better! The realistic vaginal experience makes it visually stimulating while the snug fit of the inner canal will make it a task for you to hold your cum. Furthermore, if you opt for the one with vibrations, you are in for a great experimental experience – with up to 7 different vibration settings, this fleshlight masturbator offers a lot to titillate you with! While there are no questions about its optimum pleasure-providing services, it also has one more service to offer – technique and stamina training! With pleasure so irresistible (and realistic), this makes a great toy to improve your sexual stamina and try out various methods and techniques.

  5. Fleshlight GO 
    Orgasm Intensity: 9.5/10
    Ease of Use: Easy to use
    USP: Intense orgasms, realistic interiors

    This classic fleshlight will have you coming (pun intended) over and over again. With the classic design of a ‘flashlight’ and a realistic ‘flesh’ like vaginal entrance, this toy is both – discreet and visually appealing! Its intense internal sensations serve multiple purposes – just plain pleasure, performance improvement, trying out new techniques, training to last longer and getting past anxieties related to intercourse.

  6. Fleshlight Go New
    Orgasm Intensity: 9.5/10
    Ease of Use: Easy to use
    USP: Intense orgasms, realistic interiors

    This new and improved version does everything that the previous one does, and more – better sensations, more intense orgasms, and improved quality! If a slightly higher budget is not an issue, opt for this upgraded version!

  7. Ice Lady Transparent Fleshlight
    Ice Lady Transparent Fleshlight
    Orgasm Intensity: 9.5/10
    Ease of Use: Easy to use
    USP: Transparent sleeve

    Although fleshlights may be popularly known for being male masturbation toys, they also make great toys to be used with your partner! Our ice lady transparent fleshlight is just the right pick for occasions like these! If your partner, or you get turned on by watching you(rself) in action, look no more because this transparent fleshlight makes your erection look bigger and better! You get the extra pleasure of a fleshlight, while also getting the visual pleasure of looking at your dick having the time of its life!

  8. Fleshlight Flight
    Male Masturbator Fleshlight Flight
    Orgasm Intensity: 9/10
    Ease of Use: Easy to use
    USP: Cool, discreet exterior

    Designed like a can of juice, this toy will surely get your juices flowing and how! The exterior may seem like the coolest part of the toy, but wait till you get inside the realistic, fleshy interiors. Wait there’s more, the realistic entrance molded like a vulva appeals to your visual senses. Using this fleshlight is like taking a ‘flight’ to orgasm heaven – it comes with various vibration and suction settings.

  9. Kayden Kross Masturbator Fleshlight
    Kayden Kross Masturbator Fleshlight
    Orgasm Intensity: 9/10
    Ease of Use: Easy to use
    USP: Molded from Kayden Kross’ own vagina

    Despite the unrealistic portrayals in porn films, most of us do have a favourite pornstar. You may have wondered what it feels like to be inside them, and guess what there is a way to find out! Be it Angela White, Tori Black, or Kayden Kross, we have a fleshlight molded after their very own real-life vaginas. The one that we are talking about now is created from Krayden Kross herself, and captures every bit of detail from her vulva, down to her clitoris – moreover, the super skin material will make it hard for you to believe it is a toy. The inner sleeve mimics Krayden Kross’s actual vagina and provides a stimulating massage to your erection with its lined and ribbed interiors. Its design is such that it also creates a blowjob-like suction that you can strengthen or weaken by adjusting the base of the toy.

  10. Love Tunnel Mini – Double Sided Fleshlight Masturbation Toy
    Orgasm Intensity: 9/10
    Ease of Use: Easy to use
    USP: Double the pleasure (Blowjob + Anal Sex)

    Have you always been a fan of anal sex and fantasize about it every time you masturbate? Are you also mind blown when receiving an intense blowjob? Now imagine having one, or better yet, both of these experiences every time you feel like indulging in some self-pleasure! It seems like a fantasy, doesn’t it? Love tunnel mini is your portal to the world of your dreams – this double-sided fleshlight offers you the dual experience of anal sex or a blow job, all you need to do is switch the sides to switch the experience! Like this wasn’t enough to tempt you, this toy is made in a way that allows you to enjoy it without working too hard for it. Made with a stand and a hinge, the Love tunnel mini rotates up to 150 degrees and can be inclined to match your favourite position. It lets you have the best experience, with minimum use of hands!
    *Special Mention*
    Aby Anal Automatic Masturbator
    Automatic Anal Masturbator
    Orgasm Intensity: 10/10
    Ease of Use: Easy to use
    USP: Automatic Thrusting + Auditory Stimulation

    How could we write a blog about our favourite fleshlights and not include this anal fleshlight? This automatic masturbator will do all the work and give you a good feel of all the sensations it creates! It engages your physical, auditory, and visual senses all at one! With an entrance made to mimic a real anus, the textured insides, euphoric thrusting sensations, and auditory stimulation, make it one of the best anal fleshlight that gives you intense pleasure!

Now that you have a whole list of the best fleshlights on the market, there is just one more thing you need to know – How to use your Fleshlight for Maximum Pleasure, and once you are done going through that, what are you waiting for? Go on, and explore the indulgent world of pleasure and sensations!