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How To Buy Sex Toys Online: A Step by Step Guide

Buying Sex Toys Online

We are all pros at online shopping, be it clothes, shoes, accessories, or even groceries and fresh vegetables. We know just the right places that deliver quality products in no time, and our skills have considerably improved, especially since the lockdown – we had to order all items of self-care online. There’s one more item that serves more or less a similar purpose of self-care. However, this product is not ordered as often as the rest but provides a great deal of pleasure! You guessed it right, we are talking about Sex Toys! Not only are they tools of pleasure and sexual empowerment, but they also work to reduce the prominent orgasm gap in India. Sex toys can be used by anyone and everyone, and have a huge audience, which brings us to the next part – how do you grab one using an online platform?

Despite having a market worth billions across the globe, buying sex toys may not be as easy as buying any other product for self-care. Does any of these challenges sound familiar to you- Where do I find adult toys in India? Is the toy safe and non-toxic? There are so many online stores, which one should I choose? Is this online store safe and reliable? Will I be scammed? Will I find a good product under my budget? And the list goes on!

But don’t worry, like always, we have got your back this time as well, to make your process of buying sex toys as safe and splendid as using them would be!

Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide on How to Buy Sex Toys Online:

Step-by-Step Guide

1.    What Are You Looking For?

Before you dip your toes into online sex toy shopping, deciding on what you want will help you narrow down your options and look for a specific type of toy at the right place. Since some online stores only offer a limited variety of toys for penis owners only or vulva owners only, this step can make your shopping experience considerably convenient. Doing your research always comes in handy – whether you are a beginner trying to know as much as you can about the various sex toys and how they work, or you are a pro searching for something new on the market.

You can begin by narrowing down on the user and purpose, such as sex toys for men or penis owners, sex toys for women or vulva owners, queer-friendly sex toys, sex toys for couples, or masturbation toys. (P.S. you can find all of these categories at one place – Manzuri) A few questions can help you decide on what kind of sensations you want to look for:

  • What part/s of your body are you looking to stimulate – anus, vagina, nipples, prostate, clitoris, or penis?

There are various sex toys dedicated to stimulating specific parts of the body in a variety of ways – you can find clitoris suction toys, clitoris vibrators, anal butt plugs, nipple clamps, and a lot of other stuff!

  • What kind of sensations are you looking for?

Are you a sucker for thrusting sensation? Do you prefer vibrating and pulsating toys? Do you want to go completely hands-free and invest a tad bit more in automatic toys? Does auditory and visual stimulation enhance pleasure for you?

  • What kind of stimulation do you want – internal, external, or combined?
  • What is your main purpose – pleasure or orgasms?
  • Are you looking for a compact sex toy for travel purposes or something extravagant to use in the privacy of your home?

That said, it is completely normal if you don’t already know what you are looking for and would like to explore all the options available, and browse through the variety of toys available in the market before you decide on what you want. In that case, you can come back to this step after step number 3!

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2.    Look through Various Online Sex Toy Stores

It should not come as a surprise when you stumble upon a gazillion of sex toy stores online considering how big the sex toy market is at the moment. While this is great – you have a lot of options and a huge variety, it has its downside too. With so many options available,  it’s only natural that you may get confused, misguided, and in unfortunate cases even scammed. That’s when the next step comes in, to ensure that the store is safe and legitimate. But before that, it is advisable to look through a few sites and choose the ones that seem credible and reliable – look at google reviews, the brand’s social media presence, address or contact information, website encryption, and the look and feel of it. You can ask around amongst your friends to get started with a few reliable sex toy stores.

3.    Checklist – Safety and Security

Once you have narrowed down your options, start looking at the store’s safety measures, shipping policy, google reviews, customer service, and return policy. Scan their website to see what safety measures are taken by them, you can look for the following things – Safe Payments, SSL Security, Body Safe Silicone, and 100% Legal.

Moreover, the packaging can be an important dealbreaker too, especially if you are living with your parents and are usually not at home – you wouldn’t want your parents taking your parcel with sex toys written over it, would you? A discreet packaging maintains your privacy and keeps trouble at bay (considering the taboos around sex and pleasure in our society) Manzuri checks all these boxes while also providing express delivery, making it one of the few reliable and safe online sex toy stores!

Some sex toy stores may not allow a return or exchange in case of a faulty product – that is just a waste of your money. It’s best to opt for stores that will return or exchange your product and also provide customer service and assistance to resolve any of your queries. You can return your faulty product within 24 hours of receiving it (hassle-free) when buying from Manzuri. Manzuri also provides customer assistance to help you out with your toy and for any other queries. Now you know where to look when you want to shop for sex toys the next time!

4.    Budget

We understand the struggle of finding the right toy under the right budget – it can be a bit of a task! While inexpensive sex toys are available on the market, they are usually not safe for use, especially products labeled as ‘novelty’ can seem cheap and good to use, but we warn you – stay as far away from them as possible (more on that in the next section)!

Sex toys are usually shipped from international markets and the buying and shipping costs are accompanied by high taxes, making the product all the more expensive. So, as far as the budget is concerned, we suggest you keep it slightly flexible because the best things will come at a good price. A good, durable sex toy would be worth one or two of your gel manicures. Moreover, sex toys may seem expensive, but they serve you as many times as you want, day or night, and have a shelf life of about 5 years and more if taken care of properly. taking care of your sexual needs is self-care, and self-care is key to well-being, so go on, splurge on that toy! Find quality sex toys at Manzuri ranging from an affordable range starting at Rs. 299 to luxury items going above Rs. 10,000.

5.    Consider the material

Since sex toys are intimately used, it is very important to consider the materials they are made from, you don’t want to insert toxic substances up your body, or end up with a case of severe rash on your genitals. Thus, the chemical makeup, porosity, and material must be considered before you make the purchase!

Some toys are made with chemicals that are unsafe for our bodies and may cause rashes, itching, burning, and skin damage. Most nexpensive toys are made of plastic and rubber and contain a chemical called phthalates, which is linked to serious health concerns such as male infertility, neurodevelopmental issues, and even diabetes. While you must look for a ‘phthalate-free’ label on your toy, that alone does not ensure its safety. The product may be free of phthalates but may still contain other harmful chemicals. Some harmful chemicals to look out for are – Timethytin chloride, Phenol, Carbon disulfide, Toluene, and Admium.

The porosity of the sex toy determines how likely is it to be a home to bacteria and germs. Porous sex toys can carry germs and become breeding grounds for bacteria, and are not the easiest to sanitize – we suggest you use a condom and thoroughly clean the toy after use. Non-porous materials usually make the best toys since they are easy to clean and are less likely to transmit any infections.

You must also check if the product is waterproof, water-resistant, or neither. Also ensure that the sex toy is made of non-toxic, body-safe materials. Some of the best materials include body-safe silicone, stainless steel, borosilicate glass, and lucite. And some of the materials you should avoid at all costs are jelly, rubber, PVC, and vinyl.

6.    Read the description

Now that you have finalized your product/s and are all set to place an order for them, go through the description for more information on them – whether they operate on batteries or chargers, what kind of batteries are compatible with them, and more about the material to figure out what kind of lubes go best with it.

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7.    Final Steps

After checking the description and finalizing the product, go ahead and place the order, and make sure the payment is secured. This final step may seem the easiest but can be one of the toughest – waiting for your sex toy to arrive. As you wait for your pleasure provider to reach your doorsteps, and think of all the ways in which you can use it, we suggest you check out our blog section to get more ideas for experimentation!

And once your toy has succeeded in serving you the pleasure you deserve, it’s your turn to return the service – clean your toys properly to maintain good hygiene and make them last long (pun unintended). If you are not sure about how to clean them safely without damaging them, read How to Take Care of You Sex Toys!

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