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What is the best Fleshlight in India?

Fleshlight Go

Most of us equate fleshlights to a category of masturbation toys, let’s clarify that! ‘Fleshlight’ is a brand of masturbation cups or toys (for men), and not a subcategory of it. Due to the popularity of the brand and its product, people equate ‘fleshlights’ to masturbation cups (just like how most of us tend to do with popular brands and products, such as Cadbury and chocolate) Masturbators, as the name suggests are toys that enhance the masturbation experience for penis owners through stimulation and sensory play.

Masturbation toys are one of the most popular sex toys for men also known as the male counterpart to the ‘dildo’, that enhance the masturbating experience of penis owners. ‘Fleshlight’ (the brand) as the name suggests includes toys with a ‘flashlight’-like exterior and a realistic, ‘flesh’ like texture on the inside, making them discreet. The inside of the toy is textured to increase pleasure and takes you on a rollercoaster of sensations. They come in various types of designs to provide a variety of sensations – from the realistic blowjob to stamina training units, some fleshlights as well as masturbation cups go beyond physical stimulation, and also offer auditory and visual stimulation. Masturbation cup and fleshlights are very versatile and are sure to make your experience all the more pleasure filled and ecstatic!

Be it for beginners or for pro users, a fleshlight never fails to satisfy! Despite its popularity and efficiency, fleshlights in India are not easy to find, especially in offline stores and stalls. However, we know just the right place for you to get the best collection of fleshlights – Manzuri! Manzuri is an online sex toy store with a wide range of sex toys for everyone, fleshlights being one of them! This super cool online store is 100% legal, has a wide range of inclusive sex toys for everyone, has sex toys made of body-safe silicone, provides SSL security and safe payment gateways, has a hassle-free return policy, and it provides discreet and express shipping! That was quite a list, need we say more? Manzuri is your reliable and safe, partner-in pleasure!

Coming back to the classic fleshlight, here are the top 5 fleshlights (Masturbator cups) in India that you must check out ASAP!

5. All in Stroker – Masturbator Cup

Made from A-grade silicone (which is 100% body safe), this toy will give you pleasure without any added worries about the safety of the toy! Moreover, it is affordable and beginner friendly. It is designed to make it a great pleasure provider while also being hassle-free! It’s easy-to-clean design will surely help keep infections at bay and sustain its durability! If you are looking for an easy, pleasure-filled experience, go all in for this stroker!

4. Aby Anal Automatic Masturbator

Automatic Anal Masturbator

When talking about the best fleshlights, an anal fleshlight must make it to the list, don’t you agree as well? Aby Anal masturbator gives you multiple sensations at the price of one – it engages your physical, auditory, and visual senses! With an entrance made to mimic real anus visual effects, a textured interior to provide various sensations, also the euphoric thrusting sensations created by the automatic masturbator, and added auditory stimulation, this fleshlight aims to make your experience wholesome!

3. Mary Jane

Mary Jane Fleshlight is the world’s foremost hands-free masturbator! Who said you need to work hard to enjoy the fruit of pleasure? You may have to in real life, but not in the surreal land of pleasure, where you will definitely be transported once you penetrate Mary Jane (the fleshlight, obviously)! This hands-free fleshlight is textured at the entrance as well as throughout the interior, for maximum sensation. Its vacuum seal makes it easy to use, all you need is a flat surface to attach it to, and you are all set for playtime! It can also be rotated, up to an angle of 135 degrees which gives you more space for experimentation and playing around while also making it more comfortable and convenient to use for anyone and everyone!

2. STU Fleshlight

Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight

This one is designed specifically to provide intense sensations, just like that of intercourse, this Stamina Training Unit (STU) is the ultimate choice – be it for a challenge or for intense pleasure! Want to increase your sexual stamina? Do you wish you could have a longer-lasting erection? Do you want to practice edging? The answer is ‘STU Fleshlight’! With multiple nodes that add texture to the insides, this fleshlight will leave you feeling surreal. Its intense orgasms and powerful sensations make up for a perfect test of your stamina!

1. Automatic Thrusting Masturbator Cup #1

Automatic Thrusting Masturbator Cup #1

This one is just the right pick for a hands-free experience, feeling tired, want to use your hands elsewhere, or just want to lay back and relish? This one comes in handy during all these times! What makes it special are the 10 different modes of intensity and stimulation, to help you customise your experience to match your needs and preferences. Its easy-to-use design makes it great for everyone, beginners included, all you need to do is attach the suction cup at a suitable height on the wall and get transported to orgasm heaven!

These were just a few of the many fantastic fleshlights in India, check them out here! Happy Shopping!

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