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Top 10 Rabbit Vibrators in India

A bright pink rabbit vibrator on a grey background

Historically, men have tried to define and control female pleasure and female orgasms (props to patriarchy). But the revolution of sex toys like the rabbit vibrator and dildos have ignited a new wave of liberation and sexual empowerment – think Lust Stories, Veere Di Wedding or even Sex and the City.

We’re glad you are here because this article will take you to the magical world of blended orgasms with the help of rabbit vibrators and our curated list of our Top-10 bestselling, most-loved rabbit vibrators in India.

Almost as popular as a vibrator or a dildo is the reigning supremacy for female pleasure – The Rabbit! Have you heard of a blended orgasm? Not to worry, we’re here to talk heaps about it!

So not many of us are aware of the fireworks created by blended orgasms. Imagine a vaginal orgasm and a clitoral orgasm marrying each other. Yes, we’re not kidding – it’s THAT good! While you may equate it to the ordinary orgasm, don’t forget that blended orgasms combine vaginal and clitoral orgasms and are felt at the same time! Imagine how good penetration and g-spot stimulation feel, and imagine the titillating sensations felt when you stimulate your clitoris. Now, combine the two, and get ready to be teleported to Pleasure Paradise! That my dear readers is what the rabbit vibrator does for you – one of the most versatile sex toys for women! This Sex & the City sex toy is extraordinary – if someone like Charlotte could get addicted to it, imagine how good it must be!

Charlotte, Carrie and Miranda from Sex and the City discussing their preference for the rabbit vibrator over men.

Moreover, rabbit vibrators are a great tool to diminish the prominent orgasm gap! If you have been diligently reading our blogs and following us on Instagram @get_cliterate, you must be well aware that most women don’t reach orgasm by penetration alone, and require clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm! With its versatile design, a rabbit vibrator does both with ease and expertise – giving you another reason to get on ASAP!

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Here are the top 10 Rabbit Vibrators in India that you have to check out!

  1. Pretty Love Alvin Rabbit: Suction Dildo + Vibrator

Pretty Love Alvin Rabbit: Suction Dildo + Vibrator

Orgasm Intensity: 10/10
USP: 7 modes of INTENSE vibrations

Use it as a vibrator for some game-changing clit action, or use it from the back, as a dildo. Why buy two toys, when you can just get everything in one?

Girls just want to have fun, and Alvin knows it.

Don’t break your heart picking between a vibrator and a dildo, invest in this toy and get both for the price of one! With USB charging, say goodbye to late-night hunts for batteries, and get on with the masturbation revolution. Did we mention it’s waterproof? Break out the bubbly in the bathtub, and let the toy change how you think about self-care.

  1. LILO x Manzuri- Heating 10 Modes Rabbit Vibrator

LILO x Manzuri- Heating 10 Modes Rabbit Vibrator

Orgasm Intensity: 10/10
USP: The feeling of oral sex with a tongue stimulant on the clitoris.

Meet our LILO x Manzuri Heating Rabbit Vibrator. This is the one rabbit vibrator online that will make you forget everything else, and give you moments of pure ecstasy. Its ears come in the shape of a tongue to simulate oral sex on your clit. And it’s heated! It’s safe and comfortable and will take care of all your needs. With its shape and design, it’s sure to reach and please your G-spot, whilst simultaneously teasing your clitoris! Sounds like a dream, right?

  1. Bellatrix: the suction rabbit vibrator

Bellatrix: the suction rabbit vibrator

Orgasm Intensity: 10/10
USP: USB charging, 10 suction modes and completely waterproof

The Bellatrix suction rabbit vibrator will make you believe in magic.Equipped with 10 incredible suction and vibration functions, the Bellatrix offers an experience as real as oral pleasure. It’s USB rechargeable and waterproof design makes sure you get both comfort and pleasure! No need to run to the store to pick up batteries anymore!

  1. Sherry- The Mini Rabbit Vibrator with USB 2.0

Sherry- The Mini Rabbit Vibrator with USB 2.0

Orgasm Intensity: 10/10
USP: Sleek and Slender

This handy vibrator will become your BFF for all your trips and tours. With a small tip of 26mm, this rabbit vibrator gets the job done without stretching or stressing your sensitive areas! If you are extra sensitive, or anxious about feeling pain, fret not, pair some lube with this slender vibrator to put all your worries at rest. With nothing to worry about, you can bask in the waves of pleasure created by this magic wand. Moreover, it comes with a soft delicate tickler to tickle your G-spot and 10 vibrations modes to adjust as per your mood. If you are looking for a sleek, gentle, and dreamy toy, grab this now!

  1. Orchid Rabbit- Clitoral & Thrusting Vibrator

Orchid Rabbit- Clitoral & Thrusting Vibrator

Orgasm Intensity: 10/10
USP: It’s thrusting and tongue function

Hop on the joyride of your life with this orchid rabbit thrusting and clitoral vibrator.

This USB rechargeable rabbit vibrator is equipped with automatic heating and thrusting function. Pick between its incredible 10 settings. Prefer oral sex? The clitoral tongue area of this vibrator offers the very best of oral stimulation.

  1. The Dancing Thrusting Vibrator

The Dancing Thrusting Vibrator

Orgasm Intensity: 11/10
USP: Speed and intensity to match your every mood and need

This is the one vibrator that will make you forget everything else, and give you moments of pure ecstasy. It’s safe and comfortable and will take care of all your needs. With its 10 incredible vibration modes, shape and design, it’s sure to reach and please your G-spot, whilst simultaneously teasing your clitoris! Sounds like a dream, right?
That’s not all. It has a silent design, so you can have some fun anywhere, anytime without the constant worry of someone hearing you. It is also waterproof, so you can have fun in the shower, in the bathtub, or you can even take it to the beach! It also takes care of every girl’s nightmare of the vibrator running out of power at a crucial moment- It is USB chargeable like all premium vibrators should be.You can match the speed and intensity of this vibrator according to your mood and need. It can’t get any better than this!

  1. Sakura Rabbit Vibrator

Sakura Rabbit Vibrator

Orgasm Intensity: 10/10
USP:  Versatile – Titillate all your pleasure zones

This versatile player will make you forget everything else as you experience all that it has to offer. Experiment with it and try it out on all your sweet spots – stimulate your nipples and clitoris with its bunny ears, or sit back for some deep g-spot play. The comfortable shape and silent design add to its appeal! This all-rounder is great for solo play and can also be used with your partner to spice things up. More so, it is waterproof and runs on batteries, meaning unlimited, and uninterrupted orgasms!

  1. Sherry: The Mini Rabbit Vibrator with USB 1.0

Sherry- The Mini Rabbit Vibrator with USB 2.0

Orgasm Intensity: 10/10
USP: It’s tiny, but mighty tools

Do not be fooled by the simple look of Sherry. It is a handy vibrator that comes with a soft delicate tickler and 10 different vibration modes. Equipped with Intermittent and consistent vibration modes, it allows Sherry to get the job done with little hassle.With a tip dimension of 26mm, users can use it without the worry of overstretching sensitive areas unnecessarily. With peace of mind, you are one step nearer to achieving your most desired outcome.

  1. Love Rabbit Silicone Vibrator

Love Rabbit Silicone Vibrator

Orgasm Intensity: 11/10
USP: Battery-operated, Silent Design, and Waterproof

This one is packed with all the perks that make your experience seamless and pleasure-filled. Like all other Manzuri products, this too is safe and tested. (Read: A Look into Manzuri’s Sex Toy Testing Process) As for its efficiency as a pleasure provider, let us put all your doubts to rest. With its shape and design, you don’t have to question its ability to find your G-spot, or even your clitoris for that matter. Moreover, it is discreet and has a silent design – making pleasure accessible to you anytime and anywhere, without worrying about the noise it would create. Talking about access to pleasure ‘anywhere’, we mean it literally – want to spice up your shower, play in the bathtub or want to take it in the pool? We say go ahead because this rabbit vibrator is waterproof! And, when we said ‘anytime’ we meant – you don’t have to worry about charging it in the middle of a session, or wait till it’s charged, this one is battery operated, all you need to do is keep a couple of batteries handy, and there’s nothing that could possibly come between your pleasure and this rabbit vibrator!

  1. Happy Bunny Rabbit Silicone Vibrator [With USB]

Happy Bunny Rabbit Silicone Vibrator [With USB]

Orgasm Intensity: 12/10
USP: USB charging rabbit vibrator, Waterproof, Silent

There we have it: Our best and our best! Don’t mistake it’s cute and bunny-like appearance for just another pretty object, this toy will amaze you with its abilities! With a shape designed for comfort and a safe design, you don’t have to think twice before placing an order. The penis-like end will reach your G-spot while the bunny ears simultaneously tickle and stimulate your clitoris. With its variety of speed and vibrations, you can adjust it as per your needs – feeling frisky? Try maximum intensity! Are you in the mood to relax? Try medium intensity with low speed! You can relax in your bathtub, or have an adventure at the beach – solo or with your partner/s, this rabbit vibrator won’t restrict you! It’s waterproof, silent, and has a USB charging port. You can now have fun without any hassles!

We think you are now ready to make your pick, and we trust you’ll make the right one! If you have never purchased a vibrator before, this list will surely help narrow down your choices, and if you want to explore a wider range of rabbit vibrators, here it is! For more assistance, read Vibrator: The Ultimate Guide To Buying Your First! After you’ve placed your order, and are waiting for your blissful bunny to arrive, fantasising about all the bliss that awaits, we suggest you save some time to read up on How To Take Care of Your Sex Toys? In case you are worried about being a beginner and have no clue as to how to use a vibrator for maximum pleasure, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Read How to Use a Vibrator for the First Time. It’s time to bid farewell to the old masturbation routines and open the gates to experience blended orgasms like never before! Happy Shopping!

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