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A Look into Manzuri’s Sex Toy Testing Process

Safe Sex Toys

Aren’t we particular about using only safe and tested skin care products, we spend hours reading through all the different types of chemicals and concoctions – Vitamin C to AHAs! The same goes for what we put in our bodies – all the food and drinks are checked for their labels, as we scan through the ingredient list, some of us even keep an eye on the calorie count, amount of saturated fats, or sodium. While it is important to choose what you apply on your body/skin carefully, choosing the safe and right thing to put inside your body is necessary too – even more so! When it comes to food and drinks there are some easy ways to avoid consuming unhealthy, unhygienic, contaminated, and potentially harmful – don’t eat from places that are not hygienic, check the labels to see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, prefer safe, tested, FDA approved or regulated food or restaurants. Now that you have taken care of food and drinks, let us bring your attention to something that you’re likely to miss out on – Safe Sex Toys! It is equally important (or maybe more) to ensure that you choose safe sex toys (since that’s something you put in your body too – sometimes)!

You’d think all sex toys are safe enough to be used intimately, however, that is not the case. The sex toy industry is estimated to be a $30 million industry and is expected to jump to a $50 billion industry by 2026, it’s safe to say that the sex toys business is very big at the moment and is about to get bigger! Despite the reach and extent of the industry, it is not regulated by the FDA or Consumer Safety committee and has little to no safety regulations. This convenient loophole helps toxic and unsafe toys to reach the market.

We at Manzuri, aim to normalize sexual health and well-being through sex education. Wherein, one of the most overlooked aspects is hygiene and safety. Even when it comes to the most basic of needs – menstrual hygiene, less than 20% of women in India use a sanitary napkin. As a sex education startup, we intend to create awareness about the importance of sexual and reproductive health. Every individual has the right to hygiene, menstrual care, and sexual health care which also includes pleasure. Pleasure and sexual health transcend the discriminatory boundaries of body image and genders – it is for every individual. Not only is there a taboo around menstruation and menstrual hygiene, but also around ‘sex’ and ‘pleasure’. To top it all, there’s also the preexisting patriarchy! Only 35% of women in India reported having an orgasm, indicating the wide orgasm gap in India. Through sex education, we aim to uplift the sexual health scenario, empower women, try to make orgasms accessible to everyone, and educate you about all the unsafe practices that harm your sexual and reproductive health.

While we work towards creating an inclusive, gender-neutral, and body-positive space for all individuals, where they can learn to understand, love and care for their bodies and provide you with tools to beat the existing orgasm gap, we also ensure that the products (sex toys) are tested thoroughly before they reach you!

If you are wondering why we are hell-bent on ensuring that sex toys are safe, here’s why!


Why ‘Safe’ sex toys are important?

Stay Safe

Since sex toys are used intimately one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies, they must be safe! You don’t want to end up in a state of panic, or even worse, an emergency room when all you had planned for was pleasure! We all dread horror stories about defective sex toys – cheap dildos causing infections, burning sensations, sex toys disassembling inside the vagina or anus, or a stray wire shocking you to your core (quite literally) – and we definitely don’t want to add on to that! Safe and hygienic sex toys ensure that you enjoy the experience without any issues during or after the use of toys. Clean sex toys will keep UTIs, STIs and any other kind of infection at bay.

We’re sure you would only rely on ‘safe’ sex toys from now on, and we get why! Manzuri is as particular about safety and hygiene as Monica is about cleanliness and order.


Here’s a look into Manzuri’s sex toy testing process:

  • We begin with choosing products made of premium, body-safe material and sourcing them from China (which is the highest rate of sex toys manufacturing), where we have an exclusive vendor who makes sure that all the products are functional and tested.
  • As the products are packed to ship to us, proper sanitation and hygiene are practiced throughout the process. Once packed safely, they are sent to us, and reach us within 20 to 30 days.
  • Once received, we carry out a preliminary warehouse check to ensure that every product is functioning well, is not damaged, is of optimum quality – in terms of material, and mechanics, and meets hygiene standards.
  • If there are any issues with the product, we send it back to the vendor.
  • When you place an order with us, after a lot of decision-making (read our guides on how to choose the right sex toys on our blog section to ease this process), our warehouse manager is sanitized and ready with gloves on to ship your product.
  • Before we ship your product to you, we carry out one final test in the most hygienic way possible to make sure that we send out the right product – safe, tested and hygienic. (we also provide a video of the same if and when requested)
  • We also include a how-to guide for the best user experience, however, if it doesn’t help you, our customer representative would be glad to help you out on your journey to pleasure!
  • And the final step – we pack your product in a discreet way to guard your privacy, without any mention of the product on the label, and send it out for delivery (It’s so discreet that even your nosy neighbours won’t find out what’s in it)!


If you think our part ends once the product is in your hands, it doesn’t! We are diligent about our customers having a safe, pleasure-filled experience. All our customers have access to our post-purchase service – if you find any issues with the product, reach out to us via mail within 24 hours and we will take it back, no questions asked! We try to make sure that the buying process and post-purchase services and assistance are as easy as possible, so that as our customer, you sit back, relax and enjoy your product to its fullest potential.

Here’s what to expect when you receive your order – a brown, discreet box with a label on it (which has your name and address and our name as well), a jute bag to store your product, a thank you card (because we value you so much), a tiny card with a little something about us, our business card, and finally your product – safe and tested!

P.S: Don’t worry if your product is unsealed, it means we opened the product to check its quality and safety!

Whether you are looking for prostate massagers, rabbit vibrators, chastity cages, or anal butt plugs, we have something for everyone! At Manzuri, we have specially curated product lists – queer friendly sex toys, sex toys for women, sex toys for men, and sex toys for couples – all Safe and Tested! Go grab yours now!

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