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How to Pick the Best Chastity Cage for Your Penis?

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It’s not often that you hear about chastity cages being spoken in India. Does that mean that chastity devices or even chastity play are taboo topics in our country? I don’t think so. There’s definitely a visibly growing community of sex-positive and kinky individuals that extend support to the newly initiated. But, whether you are super curious about wearing a chastity cage, or are a chastity play pro, we’d like to help.

Before you decide to buy chastity cages here is a guide to picking the best device for your penis (with some extra special deets)!

Do you want to know how to measure your peen as all the measurements online are confusing you? We got you covered. How do I clean chastity cages then, you ask? Look no further. Is it fun? Of course, we’ll elaborate on the how of it. Are there any health risks to using one? You get the drift, we’ve got a comprehensive guide for all of this right here. You can now choose the best chastity cage that will help you embrace your inner sub (or dom, if you’re buying it for your significant other!) in a way that is both safe, exciting, and pleasurable.

What is a chastity cage?

So first things first, what is a chastity cage?

A surprised man saying ‘A chastity belt?’

A chastity cage (a.k.a the penis cage or the cock cage), falls under the category of sex toys for men and penis-owners and is a device worn over the penis and locked in place. The wearer cannot get a full erection, enjoy masturbation, or any sexual activity unless they open the chastity cage with the key or a code (Yes, there are app-controlled chastity cages now! More on this later). Chastity cages are usually used under a kink-based setting, where the key/code would be in the possession of a partner who gets to decide when they can unlock the cage.

Why would one want to use a chastity cage? And who is this for?

While buying adult toys in India is still a no-no for some men and penis-owners, there are an equal number of folks who cannot keep it in their pants (pun intended) with the thought of someone else keeping their penis under lock and key. For some, chastity cages are used in BDSM/kink settings to exert authority over your partner’s ability to have any interaction with their genitals, creating an orgasm denial; for others, it is to create an atmosphere that increases intimacy and trust between each other.

If you’re a couple wanting to try out a dominant-submissive relationship – or have a headstart and are already in one – using a chastity device helps creates an intense bond among you. As the key holder, you can decide when you can free your submissive to enjoy touching themselves or even indulge in oral or penetrative sex. As a wearer, this can help you access a fun, safe space where you can follow your desires of submission by giving in the reins of control to your master (We hear you Total Power Exchange peeps grin wide!).

But how does a penis cage help us, folks who want to use one without these nuances of dominance-submission involved, you ask? Ah well, with the use of a chastity cage, you are cutting off your or your partner’s urge to act on sexual instincts. This will not only in turn increase arousal but there’s a certain value of being granted access to their penis/to having sex with their partner after a period of chastity. Many users report that they saw an increase in their sex drive as well as daily focus by regularly using a chastity cage.

Does the thought of submitting to someone who can control when you have access to your penis tickle you? Then read on to know how to choose the perfect chastity cage for you!

So, how does a chastity cage look? Like… what is the physical structure of one?

< A sketch showing the basic parts of a chastity belt (Sample Sketch) >

The main physical structure of the chastity cage device is made up of:

  • A ring – this goes around your penis and testicles (aka le balls)
  • A cage – attached to the ring and worn over the penis

How to measure your penis for the chastity cage

If you are a first-time user, listen up! This is crucial information for you – always measure your penis before you buy the chastity cage to assess what would be the right size for you.

Worried about how to measure your penis? Fret not, we’ll sort you out.

To measure, you’ll need:

  • A string/fabric piece
  • A ruler or a tape measure (Choose as you find comfortable – we found that both can be a little tricky if they don’t line up properly with your body)

Step #1Get comfy and relaaax. Maybe have a nice, warm shower and sink into your chair. You have to take two measurements: one when your penis is flaccid and the other when it’s erect. Make sure you measure in an environment that is neither hot nor cold.

Step #2 Measure the length and girth of your penis

Step #3Measure the circumference, from underneath your ball sack to over the base of your penis, you can use the string or a piece of cloth to measure the circumference best

Step #4 – Now, repeat the last two steps when your penis is fully erect.

Pro Tip (because we love you): To get a snug fit, you’ll want the ring of the chastity cage to fit the measurement you took as closely as you can, and the cage itself to be a half or a quarter-inch shorter than the measurement you took. As for the cage diameter, you’ll want it to fit the measurement you took exactly or  – if you’re looking for tighter imprisonment – is a tad bit smaller.

A cat sitting across a man’s lap with the words ‘Catstity belt’ on the top of the image

It’s super important to look at each brand or company’s size guide for the best choices to make before the final purchase.

Types of chastity cages

Gone are the days when there was a one-size-fits-all male chastity cage that comes in one shape, size, and colour (Fun fact: chastity cages were first patented in 1870 to contain the penises of buff men while they posed for Renaissance paintings) Cages come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and materials now, so you can buy a chastity cage that is not just super comfortable for you, but also suits your aesthetic.

The primary materials used to make chastity cages are:

  1. Leather Chastity Cages
    Pros: Soft and flexible
    Cons: Cannot be exposed to any liquids, and hence can’t be worn for long periods (keeping staining in mind) or in the shower
  2. Plastic Chastity Cages
    Pros: Lightweight and comfortable for longer use
    Pros: Lightweight and comfortable for longer use
    Cons: Restricts air permeability in your body
  3. Metal Chastity Cages
    Pros: Securely locked up preventing any sexual activity
    Cons: Needs you to maintain the key (a spare key is ideal) as it is hard to remove in case of accidental locking
  4. Silicone Chastity Cages
    Pros: Comfortably aligns in shape with your penis
    Cons: Needs water-based lubricant for comfortable wear to prevent chafing
    The other kinds of chastity cages that one can experiment with are:

The other kinds of chastity cages that one can experiment with are:

< Images/sketches of different types of chastity belts to be featured with the descriptions>

  • Open-Ended Male Chastity Cages – Featuring a slightly open end, this cage exposes the head of the penis allowing for (some) stimulation as well as easy peeing
  • Ring-Type Steel Chastity Cages – These are created with steel rings or a cage that you can slip your penis into. The design allows for breathability and provides a sweat-free experience.
  • Partially Closed Male Chastity Cages – The cage is mostly closed off, except for an opening at the bottom for urination, and sometimes features some gaps for ventilation.
  • Completely Closed Male Chastity Devices – Only if you are serious and can handle wearing this type of penis bondage device – this covers the entire penis, without even an opening for urination (you cannot pee until your dominant decides that you can!).
  • Electro Stimulation Penis Cages – Complete with remote control, this kind of chastity device supplies tiny streams of electric shock to the wearer.
  • Internet-Connected Chastity Devices – Control when and how your partner needs to be locked up using an app – No more physical keys to having long-distance control! Though we did hear that someone once hacked into some internet-connected chastity devices and held them for ransom.

A meme on how hackers are happy with an app-controlled chastity belt

Do’s and Don’ts with chastity cages


  • Take a measurement when your penis is fully erect and again when it’s flaccid. Sizes differ for showers and growers, obviously.
  • Try wearing the chastity cage during the day while paying attention to any changes such as discoloration, loss of sensation or bad odour.
  • You will have to plan your outfits a little differently to accommodate one that fits the chastity cage – look at the best garment options that can provide you with a comfortable wear time and don’t interfere with the penis cage
  • Start slow! Begin by wearing it for as little time as possible and then slowly get accustomed to the feeling of a chastity cage
  • Clean chastity cages by washing them with warm water and soap – or with a toy cleaner – as per the instructions of the manufacturer


  • You shouldn’t be experiencing pain or discomfort when wearing a chastity cage – it is not normal
  • Also, pro–tip: wear the tightest underwear possible to nicely contain the cage in your underwear and prevent rattling while walking
  • Not communicating about your needs and desires with your partner/keyholder
  • Do not try to put a device on dry always use a lot of lube!
  • You may want to shave excess pubic hair before using the device to prevent getting caught in it

Most importantly, and SUPER importantly…

…when wearing a chastity cage, or acting as the keyholder for one, it is important to abide by the most crucial BDSM cultural rule – SSSC: Safe, Sane, Sober, Consensual. We hope that this article will help you make an informed choice about whether to try a male chastity device when dipping your toes into the BDSM waters.

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments! Maybe we have left something more out that you want to know.

Here’s to chastity – life will never be the same. Enjoy! 🙂

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