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What is a sex toy? Who can use them?

All about Sex Toys

Let’s be real: Fingers, mouths, and genitals can only do so much, while the best sex toys can take care of pretty much everything else. So, what exactly are they and why should you use them as an adult? (I mean, aren’t ‘toys’ the choice of equipment for toddlers?)

Sex toys are a clutch way to up the ante in the bedroom and heighten intimacy whether you’re by yourself or with your S.O. These are equipment that comes in handy to satiate sexual desires and fantasies. And unlike the old proverb that keeps telling us otherwise, one size does NOT fit all. The design of the equipment caters to the requirements of the individual, ranging from various shapes, sizes, and strengths to its use. So if you are wondering who can use sex toys, the short answer is every adult who wishes to use one can use one! Here’s a list of ways to use a sex toy and a list of needs and people it can satisfy:


1.   Sex Toys for Beginners

Are you keen to try out sex toys but are overwhelmed with a series of questions- are they made for you? How to pick the right one? Where to buy them? Can you even find sex toys in India? Is it legal? And what not! Fret not, we have answers to all your questions! Sex toys are available in a huge variety, performing different functions. If there is a body part that you love stimulating, you look for a toy that does that! For instance, if you like anal play, you know where to look – the anal butt plug category, if vaginal penetration is your thing, search for dildos, look for a prostate massager if you want to experience a deeper orgasm triggered by the p-spot. While researching and spending some time to know what you like will definitely help you choose the right toy, we’d suggest you experiment and play with different sensations – you might be surprised how your body responds to them!

There is a market of sex toys just waiting to be explored by you (online as well as offline)! If you prefer to browse through sex toys in the privacy and comfort of your home and want your toy to arrive within a week in a discreet package, you can check out the range of sex toys at Manzuri! As for the legality, sex toys are not banned by general law, neither is sex toys specifically labeled as ‘illegal’ by law. (Read: Sex toys and legalities in India – all you need to know)


2.   Sex Toys for Women

If you belong to the 75% category of women who don’t orgasm through penetration alone and are in serious need of clit stim, there’s a variety of toys that deliver that and more! Heard of blended orgasms but never experienced them? Rabbit vibrators are made just for that! Sex toys are available to cater to the multiple needs of their female users/ vulva owners. If you like clitoral stimulation, Vibrators are your go-to! However, don’t get confused by the different types of vibrators, they are made to cater to different needs (Here’s a guide to buying your first Vibrator). If you enjoy deep vaginal penetration and G-spot stimulation, you choose from the various sizes and shapes of dildos.


3.   Sex Toys for Men

It’s a misconception that sex toys are made just for women! Although sex toys for men may not be popular or common, they too have a wide range to choose from. The toys cater to various needs and provide all sorts of stimulation. Cock rings enhance sexual pleasure and lead to a harder erection, to have all sorts of experiences – vaginal sex, anal sex, or blow jobs – buy fleshlights, they are the closest you can get to the real experience! (Read this guide on how to use  a Fleshlight for maximum pleasure) Exploring your P-spot and stimulating your prostate with vibrations of multiple intensities in a safe and pleasurable way is only possible with prostate massagers. BDSM, edging, orgasm control, orgasm denial, or bondage – do these words excite you? If yes, it’s a sign that you must try out chastity devices to experience all that and more!


4. Gender-Inclusive Sex Toys

At Manzuri, we aim to propagate body positivity and sexual health, we believe every individual has the right to pleasure, regardless of their race, class, caste, body type, and gender. Just like us, even sex toys don’t discriminate! We have a specially curated section of queer-friendly sex toys, check it out to find all toys that titillate all your erogenous zones in one place – from anal plugs and strap-on dildos to bondage toys and blindfolds!


5.   Sex toys for Couples

Sex toys are a great way to masturbate – we agree! But they are not limited to just that! Sex toys can be a great way to add some spice to your relationship, or to enhance your and your partner’s pleasure in bed! As per research, using sex toys with your partner is likely to increase your satisfaction with the relationship and your sex life. No matter how good your partner is, sex toys bring to the table what the human body just cannot – such as vibrating and pulsating. That said, sex toys are not to be viewed as a replacement for your partner, but as a tool to elevate your pleasure! There are various ways in which you can use sex toys with your partners, such as mutual masturbation, missionary with bondage toys, or anal play with butt plugs. (Read: Best Sex Toys for Couples)


6.   Sex toys for Erogenous zones (besides the genitalia)

One of the most stimulated pleasure zones is the genitalia, and even though it can be very pleasurable to play with it, there are other erogenous zones all across our body that can create equally intense arousal (if not more). Who said erogenous zones should only be stimulated in passing, during foreplay, they can be the main act itself! And guess what? There are toys for that too! If you are turned on by bondage – handcuffs, mouth gags, blindfolds, and bondage toys will further enhance your senses by blocking one! Nipples are other erogenous zones, stimulating just the nipples can even make some people orgasm, nipple clamps are great for moderate to intense nipple play. While talking about erogenous zones, we must make a mention of the anus! Anal butt plugs will treat you to a plethora of sensations!

As mentioned earlier, sex toys can be used by any adult who wishes to use them – regardless of their age, sex, gender, race, body type, etc. So go on, grab your toys and get ready for a wild, pleasure-filled ride!

Now, before you get down to business, it is recommended to apply lubrication in order to enhance the pleasure and safety of the toys. One thing that should be stressed is the need to maintain hygiene. You must, at all times, no matter in which situation, need to clean them constantly. Dirty sex toys can lead to STI transmissions, and even if you only use them on yourself, it can also lead to yeast infections, UTIs, and bacterial vaginosis. And we @Manzuri want to ensure that sex toys bring you orgasms and not cause a trip down the doctor’s office. There’re quite a few ways that you can disinfect your prized possession (because let’s be honest, it cost you a fortune and it guarantees an assured return on your investment). You can just submerge the toy in boiling water or you could wash it with fragrance-free soap and water. Additionally, you can also invest in anti-bacterial adult toy cleaners. Just a word of caution if your sex toys consist of electrical components, avoid cleaning them with water, instead, use a wet cloth.

There is a lot of ambiguity and taboos around the use of sex toys and that is something that we @Manzuri are thriving to eliminate constantly through your help. Yes, you, the one reading this.

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